A break in your regularly scheduled programming

Ok, so I need to have a rant. All weekend, I kept hearing the news of that record breaking baby born at 16 lbs 1 oz. (See here). That’s almost how much Emily weighs now, at 7 months. It seemed like the media was all  “Oh my gosh! Look at this amazing big baby! It breaks the records! How cool!” But after I looked into it, my guess was correct – the mom had gestational diabetes. As someone who had gestational diabetes, I was made fully aware of all the potential risks to the baby – getting too big, increased possibility of needing a C-section, problems regulating their blood sugar after being born therefore necessitating a stay in the NICU, and worst of all, albeit rarely and in highly uncontrolled diabetes, stillbirth. Now, I know I don’t know for sure, but it certainly seems to me that this woman could not possibly have been watching her blood sugar. Her baby had the first 3 of those 4 risks. She’s lucky she didn’t have the 4th.

I checked my blood sugar 4 times a day, reported them to a nurse once a week, who reported them to a doctor to see if any changes needed to be made in my diet or medication. I was vigilant about checking carb numbers – I even had an Android app to check restaurant foods. I stuck to the diet.  I had 2 3rd trimester ultrasounds to check her size. And Emily was not large, nor did she have any health issues whatsoever. My doctors commended me for how well I kept it under control. Sure, I missed sugar, but it’s short term, and with the end goal of a healthy baby! It’s a no-brainer. If this woman wasn’t controlling her intake, she’s stupid. Again, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe she did follow the diet to a T and take medication if she needed it. In that case, the doctors should have considered an earlier induction/scheduled C-section. Though I suppose too much earlier may have increased the risk of immature lungs. I don’t know. I just think they needed to keep a better eye on his size and make sure the diabetes didn’t lead to a huge baby. His weight should have been easy to estimate on an ultrasound – within a pound either way. 16 pounds is not a healthy weight for a newborn. And the baby, last I checked, was in the NICU for help regulating sugar levels.  His body was used to having to produce enough insulin to regulate the high levels of sugar his mom ate, so he now probably makes too much for just his body and has low blood sugar.

Again (again), I know I don’t know the circumstances, but I just can’t see how this could be any other situation than mom not controlling her blood sugar and doctors not doing enough to either encourage her to control it or do something themselves to make sure this kid was born healthy. The size and health issues probably could have, and should have, been prevented. Ugh, I’m just upset that the media is treating this as a funny/lighthearted news story.



I need to have a rant. Why is it that minivans seem to render their drivers inept? (this does not apply to our friends J+M – at least it better not!) Here’s a list of the things I’ve noticed that bother me about minivan drivers (and yes, I know some of them apply to more than just minivan drivers, but every single one seems to apply to every minivan driver.):

1. If the speed limit is 45, you should be driving somewhere around that. Not 25.

2. Curves (slight curves, not full turns which require blinkers) in the road are not scary. You do not need to brake and go 10 mph.

3. Speaking of blinkers, I was not aware that minivans were produced without turning signals. Perhaps you should stick your arm out the window to signal if that’s the case.

4. If you are turning onto a main road from a side road, it is generally not advisable to pull out directly in front of an oncoming car.

5. Similarly, if you are turning onto an even bigger main road (4 lanes) from a shopping center, with you trying to cross 2 lanes to make a left, do not pull out and stop in the middle of the road in front of oncoming traffic.

6. Those lines on the road? They’re there for a reason. Try to stay between them.

7. Those pretty green, yellow, and red lights? Are also there for a reason! Green means go. And more importantly, red means stop. Red doesn’t mean “I think I’ll go now, even though the light has been red for 5 seconds, 2 other cars have gone through it ahead of me, and the cars are now starting to come from the other direction because their light is now green.”

8. Those half spots at the local Publix? Do not fit your car! I’m not even sure they’re supposed to be spots. Maybe they’re for motorcycles (there are a lot of those around thanks to the big Harley dealer), but they’re not long enough or wide enough for your minivan. A hint would be the fact that your big ass car is sticking out into the aisle and is over the spot line. Don’t squeeze in next to my car, leaving me with 5″ of clearance to get into my car (I’ve got really long doors on my Celica!). Or maybe just leave a can opener next time so I can get in.

9. Really do not leave your cart sitting behind my car while you load up your car. Especially if I’m trying to leave. But even if I’m not there, you shouldn’t invade other people’s car space with those pointy carts. Keep it in your own zone. If I find your cart touching my car (<shudder>), I reserve the right to give you stink eye and possibly mutter under my breath that you’re about to lose a testicle or a boob (whichever is appropriate).

I’d also like to add that if given a choice, I won’t park next to a minivan (or dented cars, but for a different reason – basically if you don’t care enough to fix your car, you probably won’t care about getting one more dent while you rail your door into my car. If you just can’t afford to fix it, you can’t afford to fix mine either, so you probably won’t leave a note. Anyway…). This picture will show you what I see in my head every time I consider parking next to a minivan:

minivan nightmare

So, in this picture, there are 5 kids getting out of the minivan. My car is the smaller one. All 5 kids are puking, carrying sticky lollipops, and have sticky hands. My car is now covered in all 3.<shudder>

Now then, I do not mean to say that I’m a perfect driver. I know I’m not. If minivan drivers are idiots, I’m the asshole tailgating them, speeding past them, cutting them off, and flipping them the bird. I’m a bit of an aggressive driver (unless I’m in an unfamiliar area or the weather is bad – then I’m much safer). Chris hates it. Whatever. I wouldn’t need to occassionally be an ass if other drivers paid attention to what’s going on around them. So wake up, put down the phone, and drive. For the record, I realize I’ll need to drive more carefully when I have kids (which, despite the horrific picture above, I do very much want!). I will. But I vow to never become a “minivan driver” as described above. If I do, shoot me.

That’s it. Rant over.

A hypothetical situation and a rant

*Cowritten with my evil mastermind hubby of doom, Chris (he requested this title for himself)

Ok, so this situation is going to seem somewhat weird at first, but stay with me for a moment. Also, I love both dogs and cats, so this is not about preferring one over the other – this post isn’t really about dogs and cats.

So, imagine you have a dog and you have a cat. You’ve had the cat for years and you feel quite a bond with it. It is, of course, a cat, and in being a cat, certain personality quirks it has are inherent, such as independence and possibly a bit of an air of arrogance. You just got the dog, but it’s cute and it seems to love you already.

Now, imagine you’ve come across the tennis ball of all tennis balls. The tennis ball that once belonged to Serena Williams. A great prize, indeed, by all accounts a legendary find. One that you may never get again. You decide that one of your pets deserves this ball (for the sake of this argument, you cannot keep the ball for yourself). Do you give it to the cat or the dog?

On the one hand, the cat has been loyal to you for years. The cat may even enjoy having the ball as part of it’s collection of prized possessions, which also includes 2 golden catnip mice. These golden catnip mice are extremely rare; only a fraction of all the cats in the world have one, let alone 2 of these mice. The cat will rarely, if ever, use the ball, however, so giving the ball to the cat is simply a show of appreciation to the cat. The dog will be quite sad to see that you’ve given the ball to the cat, and even more sad when the cat never uses it. The dog may question your love for him.

On the other hand, you can give the ball to the dog. The dog will use that ball everyday and get soo much joy out of it. The dog will be so thankful to you and will love you even more than he did before. The cat may be a bit pissed that you didn’t give him a gift, too, feeling that you are overlooking his loyalty and dedication to your ongoing companionship. On the other hand, the cat does have those golden catnip mice.

Now then, I have put forth this silly hypothetical situation in order to explain a World of Warcraft story that I read about a week ago, since I’m pretty sure most of the few people who read this blog don’t play WoW. You can read the “official” post about it here. Basically, an extremely rare ranged weapon made for hunters (yet technically minimally usable by a few other types of players) dropped off a boss fight. The group leader gave the weapon to a rogue (the cat from above) in the presence of two hunters (the dogs from above) who didn’t have it yet. The reasoning given was exactly that given above – the hunters were relatively new to the group, so the leader gave the weapon to his loyal cat, who will use this extremely rare, highly coveted ranged weapon of extreme rarity extremely rarely.

To further explain to non-WoW players, a rogue is a close combat class, meaning it does hand-to-hand combat almost exclusively. Typical weapons include small pointy objects like daggers, swords, and humming the theme to “It’s a Small World”. The only time a rogue might use a ranged weapon is to get the attention of an enemy so it comes closer, at which point the bow will be put away in favor of some sort of close combat weapon. The rogue doesn’t even have skills that allow it to use a ranged weapon well over the course of an entire fight. The only practical benefit this weapon has for a rogue are a few stats that are attached to it (stats which could be found elsewhere). A hunter, on the other hand, uses ranged weapons almost exclusively, so this extremely rare, highly coveted ranged weapon is a perfect fit for a hunter. It, in fact, is currently the best weapon in the game for a hunter. A hunter will get a huge benefit from using this, since he uses it all the time as his primary means of damage! Giving the ranged weapon to a hunter is not only good for the hunter, but good for the whole group of friends he fights alongside since having the best weapon in the game will mean he’s doing more damage to help the group.

Giving this ranged weapon to the rogue solely to reward his loyalty to the group is pretty stupid. He has already been rewarded with 2 other equally extremely rare weapons which were actually made for rogues (like those golden catnip mice). At this point, accepting the hunter weapon is not only an act of greed (to possibly be the first in all the people who play this game to have 3 extremely rare weapons), but it is a slap in the face to those hunters in the group. That rogue should be ashamed of himself. This probably seems a bit over the top to anyone reading who doesn’t play World of Warcraft, but as someone who plays a hunter, I feel quite passionately about this.

It just doesn’t make sense to give the ball to the cat in this case.

And I’m mad

So apparently, Warner Brothers has decided to postpone the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince from November 21 of this year to July 17th of next year. What the hell, Warner Brothers?

They’re apparently blaming the postponement mainly on “repercussions of the writers’ strike, which impacted the readiness of scripts for other films“. So because the writers decided to strike for so long, there aren’t enough movies that will be ready during the highet profit time of the year, the summer. Warner Brothers decided the best option was to use Harry Potter to fill the gap. Forget about keeping fans happy and releasing the movie when they say they will. I will refrain from saying angry things about the writers. I’m just mad. I want my movie.