A break in your regularly scheduled programming

Ok, so I need to have a rant. All weekend, I kept hearing the news of that record breaking baby born at 16 lbs 1 oz. (See here). That’s almost how much Emily weighs now, at 7 months. It seemed like the media was all  “Oh my gosh! Look at this amazing big baby! It breaks the records! How cool!” But after I looked into it, my guess was correct – the mom had gestational diabetes. As someone who had gestational diabetes, I was made fully aware of all the potential risks to the baby – getting too big, increased possibility of needing a C-section, problems regulating their blood sugar after being born therefore necessitating a stay in the NICU, and worst of all, albeit rarely and in highly uncontrolled diabetes, stillbirth. Now, I know I don’t know for sure, but it certainly seems to me that this woman could not possibly have been watching her blood sugar. Her baby had the first 3 of those 4 risks. She’s lucky she didn’t have the 4th.

I checked my blood sugar 4 times a day, reported them to a nurse once a week, who reported them to a doctor to see if any changes needed to be made in my diet or medication. I was vigilant about checking carb numbers – I even had an Android app to check restaurant foods. I stuck to the diet.  I had 2 3rd trimester ultrasounds to check her size. And Emily was not large, nor did she have any health issues whatsoever. My doctors commended me for how well I kept it under control. Sure, I missed sugar, but it’s short term, and with the end goal of a healthy baby! It’s a no-brainer. If this woman wasn’t controlling her intake, she’s stupid. Again, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe she did follow the diet to a T and take medication if she needed it. In that case, the doctors should have considered an earlier induction/scheduled C-section. Though I suppose too much earlier may have increased the risk of immature lungs. I don’t know. I just think they needed to keep a better eye on his size and make sure the diabetes didn’t lead to a huge baby. His weight should have been easy to estimate on an ultrasound – within a pound either way. 16 pounds is not a healthy weight for a newborn. And the baby, last I checked, was in the NICU for help regulating sugar levels.  His body was used to having to produce enough insulin to regulate the high levels of sugar his mom ate, so he now probably makes too much for just his body and has low blood sugar.

Again (again), I know I don’t know the circumstances, but I just can’t see how this could be any other situation than mom not controlling her blood sugar and doctors not doing enough to either encourage her to control it or do something themselves to make sure this kid was born healthy. The size and health issues probably could have, and should have, been prevented. Ugh, I’m just upset that the media is treating this as a funny/lighthearted news story.



I need to have a rant. Why is it that minivans seem to render their drivers inept? (this does not apply to our friends J+M – at least it better not!) Here’s a list of the things I’ve noticed that bother me about minivan drivers (and yes, I know some of them apply to more than just minivan drivers, but every single one seems to apply to every minivan driver.):

1. If the speed limit is 45, you should be driving somewhere around that. Not 25.

2. Curves (slight curves, not full turns which require blinkers) in the road are not scary. You do not need to brake and go 10 mph.

3. Speaking of blinkers, I was not aware that minivans were produced without turning signals. Perhaps you should stick your arm out the window to signal if that’s the case.

4. If you are turning onto a main road from a side road, it is generally not advisable to pull out directly in front of an oncoming car.

5. Similarly, if you are turning onto an even bigger main road (4 lanes) from a shopping center, with you trying to cross 2 lanes to make a left, do not pull out and stop in the middle of the road in front of oncoming traffic.

6. Those lines on the road? They’re there for a reason. Try to stay between them.

7. Those pretty green, yellow, and red lights? Are also there for a reason! Green means go. And more importantly, red means stop. Red doesn’t mean “I think I’ll go now, even though the light has been red for 5 seconds, 2 other cars have gone through it ahead of me, and the cars are now starting to come from the other direction because their light is now green.”

8. Those half spots at the local Publix? Do not fit your car! I’m not even sure they’re supposed to be spots. Maybe they’re for motorcycles (there are a lot of those around thanks to the big Harley dealer), but they’re not long enough or wide enough for your minivan. A hint would be the fact that your big ass car is sticking out into the aisle and is over the spot line. Don’t squeeze in next to my car, leaving me with 5″ of clearance to get into my car (I’ve got really long doors on my Celica!). Or maybe just leave a can opener next time so I can get in.

9. Really do not leave your cart sitting behind my car while you load up your car. Especially if I’m trying to leave. But even if I’m not there, you shouldn’t invade other people’s car space with those pointy carts. Keep it in your own zone. If I find your cart touching my car (<shudder>), I reserve the right to give you stink eye and possibly mutter under my breath that you’re about to lose a testicle or a boob (whichever is appropriate).

I’d also like to add that if given a choice, I won’t park next to a minivan (or dented cars, but for a different reason – basically if you don’t care enough to fix your car, you probably won’t care about getting one more dent while you rail your door into my car. If you just can’t afford to fix it, you can’t afford to fix mine either, so you probably won’t leave a note. Anyway…). This picture will show you what I see in my head every time I consider parking next to a minivan:

minivan nightmare

So, in this picture, there are 5 kids getting out of the minivan. My car is the smaller one. All 5 kids are puking, carrying sticky lollipops, and have sticky hands. My car is now covered in all 3.<shudder>

Now then, I do not mean to say that I’m a perfect driver. I know I’m not. If minivan drivers are idiots, I’m the asshole tailgating them, speeding past them, cutting them off, and flipping them the bird. I’m a bit of an aggressive driver (unless I’m in an unfamiliar area or the weather is bad – then I’m much safer). Chris hates it. Whatever. I wouldn’t need to occassionally be an ass if other drivers paid attention to what’s going on around them. So wake up, put down the phone, and drive. For the record, I realize I’ll need to drive more carefully when I have kids (which, despite the horrific picture above, I do very much want!). I will. But I vow to never become a “minivan driver” as described above. If I do, shoot me.

That’s it. Rant over.

Spoilerific Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince review

Just a quick break in our regularly scheduled programming (I know I have one more day of vacation still to blog, I’m slow):

Ok, just to warn you, there will be spoilers, so if you don’t want to know what happens (because you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t read the books by now), stop reading now! Really, if you have any interest in the books or the movies and haven’t gotten around to either, I don’t want to spoil it, because there’s nothing worse than spoilers (I wore earplugs on my 2-plane trip up to NJ for a wedding the weekend book 7 came out – I might not have been able to lock myself in my house like I wanted, but I wasn’t going to let the end get spoiled!). Read the books, though! (and then see the movies for fun)




Ok, for those still with me, for the most part, I really enjoyed the movie. I found myself laughing at some bits and almost crying (though I’ll get to why it didn’t quite cry in a few moments) near the end. The story was fairly clear (even though the scenes jumped around a bit quickly), even to Chris, who doesn’t read the books – he only had a few questions after the movie. Overall, the movie was fun to watch and the acting was better than in previous movies. Some of the new characters were pretty well cast – Professor Slughorn was great and Lavender was pretty good. Also, a few things surprised me as being good that I didn’t expect to like at all. First, Michael Gambon. I’ve hated his portrayal of Dumbedore since he started in movie 3. He was too harsh and too insane. Not grandfatherly or slightly bumbly or caring enough. I was concerned that we’d get to this movie and I wouldn’t care at all about him dying because he wasn’t the Dumbledore I know from the books. I’d already had a crisis of faith in him with the final book’s revelations (and particularly after Snape’s comment about Dumbledore raising Harry “like a pig for slaughter”), but I’ve come to terms with his character and didn’t want Michael Gambon’s failure to read the books to ruin it again (for the record, if you take a movie role based on a book, read the damn book. It’s your job to get the character right.). However, he got it closer to right this time around. He toned it down a bit and seemed more caring. So that turned out ok. Second, Helen McCrory as Narcissa. Don’t get me wrong, the hair is BAD. It’s completely wrong. But I thought she had the personality pretty good. And her scene was short enough that she didn’t have a chance to ruin it by doing something out of character.

Also, when I originally read that the movie makers had decided to put a rather large focus on the teen relationships blooming, I got very nervous. To me, this is a dark book about Tom Riddle (Voldemort) and about several people struggling with their alignment, so I didn’t want to see a bunch of fluff when there should be substance. But, really, I didn’t mind it so much. I thought there was a good balance of happy and not so happy. Plus, with the book mostly being free of action (till the end), I guess I can understand why they’d want to emphasize the funny bits to make up for the relative slowness of all the background information and building up to the last book that book/movie 6 is.

However, when I consider what had to be cut out to make it so balanced, I start to get a bit “grr” again. Now some bits, I understand being cut out. For example, the first scene of the book with the meeting between the Minister of Magic and England’s Prime Minister was interesting, but I can see how showing a few short scenes of turmoil affecting the muggles explains well enough that muggles are now being affected by the Dark Lord’s business. Also, cutting out Dumbledore’s funeral. I was originally really upset to hear it had been cut, but I thought the scene around the body was pretty good and showed emotion, so even though they cut out a few good bits specific to the funeral, it wasn’t as bad as I expected. A bit more annoying, was cutting most of the battle at Hogwarts at the end and the use of the rest of the Felix Felices to keep the gang (Harry’s friends and the members of the Order, who were barely mentioned or seen in the movie apart from the trio) alive. I can understand why it was cut – we’ll basically have a repeat in the final movie – but it made it seem a bit stupid that the Death Eaters had to show up just to watch Draco try to kill Dumbledore and then all run off together. Why did 4 people (several of which hadn’t even been introduced, like Fenrir Greyback) need to show up to do that? Why even have the vanishing cabinet? I guess to flesh out Draco’s role more (who’s performance was better than I expected). But really? I would’ve preferred more time for explaining why Voldemort is the way he is or delving into Snape more, both of which I think are the worst of what was sacrificed.

I’m willing to consider that perhaps the fact that Snape is one of my favorite characters is probably the main reason I’m so upset at how Snape’s role is perpetually lessened (way too many scenes cut) and sometimes cheapened (he’s not comic relief batting people on heads with books. He’s an unpleasant, harsh guy who holds a grudge. That’s not so say he isn’t overall a good guy. Perhaps if they hadn’t made Snape’s memories in movie 5 so jumbled and quick, it would be more clear that he’s a complex guy worth rethinking.). But yet again, Snape’s scenes were cut down to a few, despite him being the title character (never even an explanation of why he’s called the half blood prince). We lost the entire sub-plot of Snape acting as professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts, where he actually was trying to teach Harry non-verbal spells. Because of this, later on, during the final face off between Harry and Snape, the line “Blocked again and again and again until you learn to keep your mouth shut and your mind closed, Potter!” is also left out. I always found that line interesting because it seems that even though he doesn’t like Harry and they’re in the midst of a wand fight, he’s still trying to teach him to be a better wizard. Even worse though, they cut the line “DON’T CALL ME COWARD” with the look of intense pain on Snape’s face during the same scene. It was just so poignant in the book because Harry had just said “Kill me like you killed him, you coward”, so the fact that Snape got angry and looked pained made it possible to argue that he felt terrible for having to kill Dumbledore (but it was part of Dumbledore’s plan) and that it did take a great act of courage to do it. We needed to see Snape, who is typically cold and emotionally withdrawn, show that loss of control of his emotions. It was a powerful scene in the book, but the scene in the movie is just lame. He reveals that he’s the half blood prince, tells Bellatrix to leave Harry for the Dark Lord, and off he goes. For anyone just watching the movies, there’s been absolutely no hints that Snape’s not a bad guy. Those people probably just think Dumbledore was stupid to trust him and that Snape thought it was easy to kill Dumbledore. <sigh> The books fleshed the character out so much better. There were plenty of subtle hints that made you question his alignment. I downright felt for him, wanted to see him redeemed and happy.

Another scene I found a bit lacking was the tower scene. Harry wasn’t immobilized by Dumbledore to prevent him from interfering and getting himself hurt. He just stood downstairs and watched. Snape walks by and says “shhh” and Harry just lets him go up. There’s a reason that didn’t happen in the book. It’s stupid. Harry would never just let Dumbledore get killed if there was anything he could do about it. At least they left in Dumbledore’s pleading “Severus…please.” which was a highly debated line in the Snape alignment question.

Yet another minor complaint was the cave scene. It was pretty cool looking and the effects were great, but the emotion wasn’t there. It was a painful scene to read, with Dumbledore suffering and Harry forcing himself to convince Dumbledore to drink more of the potion. The chapter’s ending line was really touching to me – after Harry tells Dumbledore not to worry, that he’d get him back to Hogwarts to get help, Dumbledore replies “I am not worried, Harry. I am with you.”  But no. Not in the movie. It was rushed, both Harry’s actions and Dumbledore’s suffering. It was hard to hear Dumbledore mumbling about it being his fault. I just didn’t feel what I felt when I read the scene in the book.

This makes me scared for the 2 scenes I thought were the most emotional in the final book – Harry’s walk through the forest and Snape’s memories (and partly his death – I was a bit disappointed in the actual method of death and the lack of oomph leading up to it, but the eyes bit was touching.). I’m just worried that a) Dan Radcliffe can’t pull off the emotion and b) they’ll continue to reduce Snape’s role in the movies. I bawled during those scenes in the book, but so far I haven’t cried much in the movies. I cried after Cedric died mostly because of the music and because of Harry’s parents talking to him and I started to cry both when Sirius died and when Dumbledore died, but was quickly distracted. With Sirius, it was just action and stuff going on that distracted me. With Dumbledore it was my anger at how the following Snape scene was handled. I got a bit teary again when Harry went back to the castle and everyone was looking at Dumbledore.

My main complaint however, and I think most valid, was the lack of memories regarding Voldemort’s family. Yes, we got the memories from when Dumbledore first met him and when Voldemort asked Slughorn about horcruxes, but without seeing the memories of Voldemort’s family, his motivation goes out the window. In the movie, it seems as though we’re asked to believe that Voldemort is bad because…well, he just is, ok!? In the books, we see that Voldemort was born into a family without love (his mom used love potions to trick his dad into marrying her and then when she thought he might just love her on his own and stopped using the potions, he left her), wasn’t raised with any love (his mom died after giving birth and he went to an orphanage where he tortured other kids), and he eventually killed his remaining family to make horcruxes. I think all that is rather important. And I thought the memories should’ve made the cut.

What to cut instead, so that we don’t end up with a 10 hour movie (hey, I’d watch it) – how about the manufactured Burrow attack scene? It wasn’t in the book and I didn’t see a reason for it to be in the movie, yet it took up like 10 minutes. How about just a little bit of the teens kissing all over the castle? Or the scene in the beginning with Harry flirting with the muggle waitress, also not in the book?

<sigh> I don’t know. I mean, I did enjoy it and I fully intend to buy it when it comes out on DVD and watch it a bunch more. I think I just need to go to these movies expecting less. They can’t be perfect transcriptions of the books or they’d be hours and hours long (again, I’d go see it, but I’m not everyone. I’m a bit crazy.). I need to just appreciate it for what it is. But really, read the book. It’s better.


Ok, I’ve officially had it with snow. According to people who have lived in this area for a long time, it has never snowed here in March. And yet, we got a few inches over the weekend. At first it was kind of pretty, but around 8 pm, our power went out. And stayed out until around noon the next day, at which point we noticed that our bedroom had gotten down to a chilly 49 degrees. Which we had to sleep in the night before. Ugh, it was awful. Falling asleep wasn’t too bad, but I woke up around 5 am, I think, freezing. We both had on our warmest clothes (I think Chris also slept in his slippers) and the two of us, plus Buffy, huddled close all night. Also, Chris and I had been running a dungeon in World of Warcraft when the power went out, which was kind of annoying to have been interrupted (it was reset the next day when we got back on, with the two of us deposited at the entrance).

But that’s not all! The roads aren’t salted or cleared here, presumably because the state of South Carolina probably owns one snowplow, so despite some guy driving back and forth on our street Sunday night in an effort to clear out the snow, the roads were really icy on Monday, so Chris decided to stay home. He later found out quite a lot of people from his work did the same. By Tuesday, the roads were fine, since the temperatures were back up, and on my way out to go grocery shopping, I noticed the state of our front garden. <sigh> It was bad. We had a few flowers coming up prior to the storm, which are now dead, but the worst was the big bushes. We have 4 large bushes in our front garden which are pretty much the only consistent growth up there (we have some things that grow and have to be cut back seasonally also) and the only things that make it look like we are purposely trying to grow anything up there. Only one was completely undamaged. The two largest hedges in the back row were nearly flattened with the weight of the snow and the more fragile bush between the two hedges had a sizeable back branch crack. I brushed off the snow and today the hedges look slightly better, so maybe they just need a few days to regain their shape (I hope), but I think I still need to cut off any broken branches, which may make them look holey or sparse. Does anyone have any tips on how to tend to them? I’ve read mixed things ranging from waiting to see if it fixes itself  to completely pruning branches back (but only certain hedges and bushes can have this done because some won’t grow back at all if you prune them back too much apparently. And I don’t know what we have. All I know is that the bush that isn’t damaged is an azalea, which doesn’t help.). As a side note, should evergreen hedges be brownish on the inside layers or is that a sign of something wrong with them?

An intial review of Wrath of the Lich King

Ok, so just a warning here – this post may be a bit confusing for anyone who doesn’t play WoW (and a tad spoilerific for those who do play, but I’m only level 74, so it’s not anything you wouldn’t learn fairly quickly in playing), so I don’t really mind if you skip this one if you don’t play WoW. On the other hand, I invite you to read on if you want to see the crazy inner-workings of a WoW player!

New Content

I love having new content to play – the game was getting kind of stale with our guild running Karazhan (a 10-man raid dungeon, for those who don’t play) every week and there not being much else to do but grind reputation and badges for gear that I’m already replacing. I actually took a break from the game because I was kind of bored with it, but I’m really glad to be back because it’s a really fun game and we’ve met some really nice people through it.

We’ve only played 2 of the new zones so far, but they’ve been really fun. We started out in Howling Fjord (HF), which I much preferred – it’s very pretty, has a good variety of quest activities that flow well, introduces some interesting storylines, and has nice music. After reaching level 72, we went over to Borean Tundra (BT), which felt a bit more scattered and routine. Both had very interesting parts though – Coldarra and the Temple City of En’Kilah in BT and Gjalerbron in HF.

Howling Fjord - lots of green, trees, high cliffs.

Borean Tundra - not as much to look at here. There are also some very snowy areas.

Borean Tundra - not as much to look at here. There are also some very snowy areas.

The new dungeons have been pretty cool too! We’ve done Utgarde Keep (in HF) and The Nexus (in BT) so far. Interestingly, my opinions here are completely opposite of my opinions on the zones themselves. I thought Nexus was really pretty and quite varied in fight styles for each boss, which made it fun, whereas Utgarde Keep was pretty much tank and spank the whole way through and not quite as cool looking.

Utgarde Keep - this is actually probably the most interesting looking part of the dungeon (theres also an external area that has sweeping views). Mostly its a fairly standard keep.

Utgarde Keep - this is actually probably the most interesting looking part of the dungeon (there's also an external area that has sweeping views). Mostly it's a fairly standard keep.

The Nexus - full of pretty, icy blue colors.

The Nexus - full of pretty, icy blue colors.

Gear Upgrades

So, I was all epic-ed out before this expansion came out, so I haven’t really gotten too many gear upgrades yet for my main character. Which I’m torn on – part of me wants new shiny gear and part of me is incredibly depressed to give up epic quality gear for greens (for those who don’t play, epic gear is harder to get and may take lots of time to get what you want whereas greens you get from any quest you do – easy to get). I am a bit disappointed that most of the quest reward gear seems to all look the same so far – I like to look a bit unique. I guess I’ll just have to wait till I start getting epics again to look unique.

Anyway, I’ve replaced a few pieces of gear so far with quest rewards and I’ll soon be replacing my boots through a leatherworking recipe. I’m really glad to see that leatherworking is finally useful! I picked up leatherworking as a profession at level 10 or so and pretty much never used what I made and most of it didn’t sell on the auction house either, unless it was a rarer item. But finally, I’m making a killing on the auction house (I even made a customer for life who special ordered an entire set of gear from me and plans to contact me for future upgrades!) and I’m already getting recipes for items I can use myself! Woot! Most of the recipes that provide actual upgrades are at least rare items (a step down from epic, but a step up from green), so that’s not too bad – and they’re easy enough to make. I just need to get the materials to make them, which I get from skinning enemies that I kill anyway (and some that I didn’t kill myself – there seem to be lots of bodies laying around for me to skin. Where’d all the skinners go this expansion?).

New Class

They also introduced a new class of character to play, the Death Knight, which is really fun. I don’t typically like melee classes, but I’m having a lot of fun with my Death Knight. I think it may be because she has a pet and I like the variety of skills she has, whereas my tries at Warriors and Paladins felt more restricted and routine. It also is nice that Death Knights start off at level 55 (you need to have at least one other character who’s at least level 55 to make a Death Knight and you only get one per account), which lets you skip a good chunk of leveling and a good chunk of quests you’ve done 8 million times before if you have more than one alt.

Adarys, my Death Knight. Also, her death charger and her ghoul.

Adarys, my Death Knight. Also, her death charger and her ghoul. She is meant to be scary looking, but under that helmet, she's kinda cute.

It was also pretty fun being evil. Which is why I’m actually disappointed that the Death Knights leave Arthas, the Lich King (and big bad guy of the expansion) and join the Knights of the Ebon Blade at the end of the starting zone. I suppose that was something I should have easily predicted.  I mean, it makes sense logically, that we couldn’t stay evil, because it would make gameplay difficult since there are only 2 factions in the game (Alliance and Horde) and staying evil would put you in a third unable to communicate and group with pretty much anyone other than Death Knights, but I dunno. It was fun. I kinda wanted to stay with Arthas. And I somehow missed the whole shift in the story. One minute, we were fighting all the people at Light’s Hope Chapel with lots of scourge help and Arthas showed up and tried to kill Tirion Fordring, and then he failed for some reason I didn’t understand and disappeared and the next thing I know, Tirion was telling me I was part of his little group now! And then I was sent to Stormwind where NPC’s threw rotten fruit at me! While Chris was bowing in front of King Varian Wrynn, asking for acceptance, I wanted to slaughter the whole city! Chris had to explain to me what happened. Apparently Arthas knowingly sent us to our death for his own purposes, but I felt my Death Knight was serving her master with loyalty and it was like 1000 to 300 in our favor and I didn’t die, so I don’t see why I should be mad at Arthas.

Which brings me to my next point. What’s going to happen with Arthas? Chris thinks he’s pure evil and too fused with Ner’Zhul, an extremely powerful evil spirit, and there may be some plot twists but we’ll eventually need to kill him. He thinks Arthas was always power-hungry and that he has completely lost his mind (and he did kill his father, which is one of the things I can’t explain in my own theory), so there’s no way we could do anything but destroy him. I, on the other hand, hope we’ll redeem him somehow and I want Arthas to want that in the story. I think there must be something in him that isn’t completely taken over by Ner’Zhul that will allow him to realize the error of his ways – I think the majority of the bad things he did, he did under Ner’Zhul’s control. Perhaps it’s just my weird fondness for bad guys (I want to save them and make them better!), but I just feel it would be anti-climactic and boring for us to just go to him and kill him. I mean, yes, we’re level 80 by the time we face him, so we’re supposed to be all strong and heroic, but he’s like an epic bad guy. It just doesn’t seem right that 10 people could just walk up and kill him after he’s been such a huge bad force in the world all this time. In this expansion, Blizzard made it so that even casual players who don’t have lots of time and huge guilds can experience ALL of the story, but unfortunately, I think an epic bad guy SHOULD require a huge collective effort – I’m talking a small army, like 75-100 people, not 10! 10 casual players walzing in and killing an epic bad guy just seems cheap. I’M IN a casual guild! And I’d rather listen to a real raiding guild’s experience than go in and have the pity-experience.

Arthas, before and after his corruption by NerZhul

Arthas, before and after his corruption by Ner'Zhul

Arthas in his armor and with Frostmourne, his sword.

Arthas in his armor and with Frostmourne, his sword.

Boy, this has gotten quite ranty, hasn’t it? I don’t mean to make it sound like I don’t approve of the expansion. On the contrary, I love it. It’s been loads of fun so far. Chris and I are up to level 75, which seems faster than the last expansion, but maybe we’ve just been playing more. There’s already lots of level 80’s on our server, but I’m not really interested in rushing there myself – I want to enjoy all the new stuff.

So, overall, I really do like the expansion so far – the story is great so far (I’m much more involved than in the past), the zones look great, the music is nice, and really, I’m just having fun with all the quests and stuff. So, 2 thumbs up from me!


Who is this skunk-haired, harsh, old-looking woman (on the right) in this recent picture from the next Harry Potter movie? Certainly not Narcissa Malfoy!! Narcissa Malfoy has long blonde hair (clearly stated on pg. 22 of HBP)! Good Lord, WB, what are you doing to this movie?? Focusing too much time on the fluff parts of the book (the silly relationships), limiting the actual memories of Tom Riddle to 3, cutting out characters left and right, etc.  I understand the need to cut some subplots out of the movies (though cut out any more Snape and I’ll seriously be angry) – no one but the hard core fans would sit through an 8 hour movie. And honestly, I’m super psyched that they’re splitting the last book into 2 movies so they don’t have to cut too much out. But is it too much to ask that they at least get the details correct?

And I’m mad

So apparently, Warner Brothers has decided to postpone the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince from November 21 of this year to July 17th of next year. What the hell, Warner Brothers?

They’re apparently blaming the postponement mainly on “repercussions of the writers’ strike, which impacted the readiness of scripts for other films“. So because the writers decided to strike for so long, there aren’t enough movies that will be ready during the highet profit time of the year, the summer. Warner Brothers decided the best option was to use Harry Potter to fill the gap. Forget about keeping fans happy and releasing the movie when they say they will. I will refrain from saying angry things about the writers. I’m just mad. I want my movie.