10 months!

Still behind…trying to catch up! So, month 9-10 was much better than the previous month! Emily had her first hotel stay!

Chris had to go to Atlanta for business training and we decided that Emily and I would tag along.

This is where the baby goes, right?

We stayed at a swanky hotel. Actually, I felt a bit out of place in my jeans and t-shirt around all these business types and apparently even a few celebrities – Craig T. Nelson and one of the Jersey Shore guys (if you can call the Jersey Shore guys celebrities) were 2 that the concierge would tell us about. My oblivious self apparently completely missed Craig T. Nelson and some country music guy saying Emily was cute while we were checking in. Anyway, it was a nice hotel. Chris had 3 full days of training and 2 half days, so we had some dinners together, but while he was off training, Emily and I would chill in the hotel room and walk around the surrounding area. I had some great meals at the Flying Biscuit, but mostly just got takeout from Subway and stuff. Each night, I’d grab a pastry from the hotel shop for breakfast the next day. Almost everyday, we’d walk to the park and I’d push Emily on the swings. It was her first time on the swings and she loved it!

First time on the swings!

Back the next day!

And back at home

We stayed the weekend after Chris’s training was done and we visited the aquarium and the zoo! Both were great. I love animals, so I was so excited to introduce Emily to them. I’m not sure what Emily thought of everything, but she definitely was tracking the animals with her eyes, so I think she was at least somewhat interested. She seemed to like the penguins. I really wish we had an aquarium or zoo closer than 2 hours away. I’d be there all the time with Emily.

Looking at some fish

With daddy

The nights were interesting. The first night we tried putting Emily in the mini crib the hotel provided for us, but it was a long night with lots of crying. I felt terrible, not only for Emily, but for any neighbors we might have had. Luckily, we only shared a wall with one other room. The other was the elevator. The rest of the nights, we let Emily sleep in bed with us. She was up pretty late some nights. She slept better (and took up a surprising amount of space for a baby), but I think we slept a bit lightly, since we’d wake up whenever she’d make a peep or a movement. She was between us, so there wasn’t much worry of her rolling off the bed, but I wanted to make sure the covers didn’t creep up. I ended up with a crick in my neck by the end of the week. Overall, though, I’d consider Emily’s first hotel stay pretty good. I certainly plan to have us tag along to any future training trips.

Emily enjoying being up at night with mama and daddy.

And playing with the remote. She's been doing that lip thing lately - I think she's playing with her teeth.

While we were in Atlanta, Emily seemed to have a development spurt. She started pulling up to stand a lot and started true crawling. She was all over the place in the hotel room.

This was about all the mini crib was useful for.

Emily "helping" us pack

Back at home with one of her favorite toys.

In the pack n' play at home, peeking at us.

She even steps with assistance!

Emily in her portable high chair.

She’s still eating stage 2 foods, but we started trying some stage 3s. She also started feeding herself snacks. She loves the Gerber Graduates Lil Crunchies and Puffs. It was kind of funny watching her discover them. The first few times, I’d put part of a Lil Crunchy in her mouth and she’d make a face like, “Ick, what is this in my mouth!?”, move it around a little, sometimes spit it out, sometimes let it soften and eat it. After a few days, she was picking them up, going to great efforts to get them into her mouth, and happily eating them.

Eating mini raviolis

And her beloved Lil Crunchies

Here’s a few miscellaneous shots from the month:

How cute are those shoes!?!

Hanging out with some pals.

With her gigantic new Minnie doll that Gramma and Papou gave her! I couldn't get a picture of it, but she likes to grab Minnie's nose.

Asleep with daddy.

And as usual, monthly pics:

emily closeup

Different outfit since this was the night before. She wasn't terribly cooperative that night.

Not content to sit for pictures!


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