9 months!

Well, month 8-9 was an interesting one. Started off with a bang – a very high fever. The first night, it was about 101, so I gave her some baby Tylenol and hoped it would go back down, but it hadn’t by the morning. I took her to the doctor that day and the doctor couldn’t find anything that looked wrong, so he ordered a urine test to check for a UTI. That was fun. They basically taped a plastic bag to her and I would return when it contained something. Naturally, as soon as I got home, I noticed there was enough for a sample, plus her temp had gone up to almost 103, so back to the doctor we went. Since her temp was up and we were back anyway, the doctor ordered a blood test too to check for an infection. When we got home, I started to feel really sick too. Once I was throwing up, I called Chris home and he took over while I went to lay down. The doctor called while I was napping to let us know Emily had a UTI and that we could go pick up an antibiotic he called in for us. Emily sort of gagged on it, but took it that first night. We were up every few hours giving Emily tylenol (her temperature was up and down) and just holding her. I felt so helpless, she just seemed so uncomfortable, weakly crying and shivering a little. She seemed to be able to rest a bit while we held her though. The next day, Emily projectile vomited directly after I gave her her dose of antibiotic and threw up a little again later after her next dose, so I emailed the doctor to figure out what to do. By the next morning, he called me and said we should take her to the hospital since she wasn’t keeping anything down and her temperature wasn’t really improving. So, off we went. Emily had another urine sample taken via catheter (less likely to be contaminated than the bag) and was hooked up to an IV with fluids and periodically antibiotics. That was so sad/scary to see. I know it was helping, but no mom wants to see her baby hooked up to an IV.  So, then we just sat around while nurses came in and out taking temperatures (peaked at 103.6 I think) and taking her wet diapers to weigh her output to compare with our reported input values. Emily slept a lot. But not at night. That night was awful. Emily didn’t seem to want to sleep. Her temperature was a bit better but she cried a lot and Chris and I hadn’t slept much in the past couple days, so we were exhausted. Finally, the night nurse came and took her to check on her IV placement and came back with her bundled in a blanket, completely passed out. She slept like a log for a few hours and Chris and I tried to squeeze onto the twin bed to get some sleep too. Not that I slept much. I kept getting up to make sure Emily was still breathing – I don’t think it was really a concern, just a neurotic mama worry. The next day, Emily seemed so much better. She was much more alert and wanted to play and smile. Her temp had also stayed under 100 since around midnight. We still had to wait on the urine culture, though. Finally around midday they told us it was clear and that the first one at the doctor’s office was most likely contaminated. They said Emily most likely just had a nasty virus (which would account for my brief sickness as well), but since her temp was finally normal and she was eating pretty well and wetting normally, we were discharged! Yay! A day or 2 later, she was completely back to normal. That was a really stressful and exhausting few days. But I’m so thankful she’s ok. Makes me so nervous for future illnesses though.

Anyway, in better and more normal news, in terms of activity in month 8-9 once she got better, Emily was army crawling well, surprising us with her speed and would stand if we propped against her toy table by the end of the month.

She was also sitting well enough for us to try her out in a high chair at restaurants and in shopping carts (Walmart, Babies R Us, and our grocery store were fine, but Target’s cart seat is too wide front to back and she seems to slide).

We also started her on stage 2 foods twice a day since that’s what they gave us at the hospital to try feeding her and she didn’t complain. So, she was trying all sorts of new combos of pureed foods and liking a good deal of them. Thanks to her illness, her weight dipped a bit, but ended up around 17 lbs 2 oz. (20th percentile). Her height was 27.5 inches (50th percentile). The doctor just wanted us to try increasing her food intake to 3 meals of solids per day and 4-5 bottles of milk. She’s was also getting her first tooth! I tried to get a picture of it, but I just couldn’t hold her mouth open comfortably and take the picture, but I think it’ll show up in later pictures!

My parents also came for another visit, which was great, as usual. Chris and I even had a date night for the first time since Emily was born! We went to the Melting Pot. It was really nice to have a date with Chris. I kind of wish we could do that more often, but I’m still weird about babysitters.

And here are some other miscellaneous pictures from month 8-9:

Emily playing with her shadow

And playing with her little toy fridge

Playing with her pacifier clip

Mall trip!

Almost crawling!

A new variation of "babyhat" - "baby flower"!

Sitting with daddy!

And of course, her monthly pictures:

(sorry for the blurry/werid angle - I couldn't find the little piece that connects my camera to my tripod, so I improvised. Poorly...)

And our outtake of the month, eating Mickey's foot.


8 months!

Oh, I’m so far behind! Emily’s now almost 11 months old, so this (and the next couple) post will be quite outdated, but I do want to write it up anyway, for memory’s sake and all.  I don’t have a whole lot to write about for month 7-8, since I wrote about the trip to NJ in the last post and that was the only big event of the month (spanned over her 7 month birthday into month 7-8). For the rest of the month, we pretty much just chilled and kept up the routine.

Emily got good at sitting on her own:

She also started to just pull herself forward on her belly in an army crawl (I’m sorry for how dark the video is, my phone takes terrible video inside):

Her new-found steady vantage point and semi-mobility gave rise to more curiosity in exploring. This made the cat very wary:

Kitteh thinks "Oh no! The tiny human kitten is coming for me!"

And she started showing signs of being interested in pulling up, though hadn’t quite started yet:

And for fun, here’s another video of Emily in her doorway jumper:

Not much changed in terms of eating – Emily was still eating stage 1 foods, still loving fruits and hating green veggies (but eating them mixed with fruit). Though, if I recall correctly, I think her digestive system was kinda off, I guess due to new solids – for a few weeks she had a cycle of mild constipation, poo nuggets, poosplotion. But it got better. We didn’t have a doctor’s appointment for 8 months, but I weighed her around 8 months and I think she was around 17 lbs (though as the next few months went on, I started noticing a pretty good difference between the doctor’s scale and my “weigh with her and without her” weighing method at home, so I really don’t think any of my home weights for her are accurate). Still in 6 month clothing and size 3 diapers.

And now, a bunch more pictures.

Chomping on a bottle cap

And chomping on a teething ring

Checking herself out in the mirror

And checking her email

A morning picture

Relaxing with daddy

And finally, her monthly pictures:

This is a blurry shot of her "super scrunchy baby face" as we call it. Don't know why she does it, but we think it's funny.