7 months!

(I’m going to just start naming the posts her most recent month – it still includes info and pictures from the previous month up to the month in the title, even if I’m writing it late.)

Well, Emily is 7 months old now (by the time I get this posted, more like 7.5) and she had an exciting month! This month was her first plane trip! It actually went pretty well. We went up to NJ for my dad’s surprise 60th birthday party. On the way up, we had to leave kinda late because Chris still had to work that day. We hoped she would sleep some on the flight, but she only took a short nap in the airport and another during landing. Overall though, she was great! She only fussed 2 or 3 times for maybe 30 seconds each time. It was super handy having the TVs in the seats for her to look at, but to ride JetBlue, we had to fly into JFK. We thought it was much closer to my parents’ house than it was, so we didn’t get in till like 1 am. With everything to see, though, Emily was not ready to go to bed once we arrived and still got up at 7 am the next morning.

On the plane!

I’m surprised at how well she did the whole weekend though. She adjusted to sleeping in the pack n’ play my parents got with minimal fussing and she was great with all the new people she met. Once we were at the party, she was swarmed with people and she was totally fine. I expected her to freak out, but nope. Just stared at everyone, unblinking. I don’t know how she goes so long without blinking!

She also had her first pool experience! Actually, at home, we got a tiny blow up pool that we let her try out before we went up to NJ and she loved it:

My parents have a real pool though, so we brought her little shaded floaty and took her in. She seemed a bit unsure at first, but quickly relaxed. She was so cute, lounging in her floaty.

The flight back was earlier, but it went pretty well also. A tad more fussy, but we still weren’t “those parents” with the baby screaming the whole flight. We were able to calm her down pretty easily. That night, though, whew, she did not want to go to bed. I think she was just tired and overstimulated from the weekend. So, overall, the trip was great and both our families were so happy to get to see Emily.

Emily with gramma! (Grandma? I'm not sure of the spelling my mom wants.)

Emily with papou!

This month also had Chris’s first Father’s Day. It’s been so wonderful watching him as a dad. He’s so great with Emily and it’s so obvious how much he loves her. And when he gets back from work and she first sees him, her eyes just light up. Chris, you’re an amazing daddy and I knew you would be. On Father’s Day, Emily got him a 3DS, which he loves, and we went out to dinner at what we thought was a hibachi place, but was just a Japanese grill (he still enjoyed it!).

As far as monthly stuff, no doctor’s appointment till 9 months, but I weighed her and she was about 16.5 lbs, but I don’t know her height. She’s in 6 month clothing and size 3 diapers. We were previously using Huggies, but since size 3 changes from Little Snugglers to Little Movers, I decided to try a small pack of Little Movers, Pampers Crusiers, and Target brand diapers – surprisingly Target brand won! They fit well and were cheapest! The Little Movers were ok, but a bit snugger and more expensive, even with Amazon’s Subscribe and Save and Amazon Prime. Pampers were just awful. They need to rework that design. Whatever they put into the “drymax” smells terrible as soon as it’s wet. Like chemical terrible. I thought something had leaked in the house and was walking around trying to sniff it out, only to find it coming from my daughter! Don’t buy them! Anyway, moving on. Emily’s feet are still petite, but perhaps a bit bigger.

Emily with daddy on the 4th of July - no fireworks for us yet (I hope she'll be ok at Disney!)

And with me

She’s sitting pretty well on her own, but still topples occasionally. She’s also discovered rotating on her belly, so now she’s getting around by rolling and rotating. She’s currently enjoying cloth books, paper (I don’t know why, she just loves to tear at magazines and wave paper around!), links, and teething rings with different shape/color beads. She also seems to like when I sing to her. I need to learn some new songs. I pretty much sing the same few songs every time. ABC, Twinkle Twinkle, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Jingle Bells, Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire, and O Holy Night. Apparently all I know are Christmas songs, haha. She’s also got some toys that play classical music and I play Disney songs for her pretty often.

Emily sitting! (Also see the toy explosion and Buffy's cardboard box, lol, what a mess. And what does she play with? An edge of the mat.)

As far as food, she’s tried all of the stage 1 foods now, including different brands and a pear puree that I made. Still not a fan of the green veggies, but combo purees are a hit, so we still get them in. By the way, have you ever tried baby food? The fruits are pretty good, the veggies are meh, and Emily’s favorites, the combos, are awful. I don’t know why she likes them! Blech.We’ve also pretty much retired the snap n’ go stroller and are exclusively using the black Chicco Liteway. I think Emily likes being able to look around more. She does sometimes like to sit in rather unladylike positions though, holding one or both feet up in the air. Silly girl. I’m still carrying her in the Bjorn on grocery trips, but I’m looking forward to using the shopping cart seat cover once she’s sitting a bit more steadily!

And here’s her 7 month shots!


A break in your regularly scheduled programming

Ok, so I need to have a rant. All weekend, I kept hearing the news of that record breaking baby born at 16 lbs 1 oz. (See here). That’s almost how much Emily weighs now, at 7 months. It seemed like the media was all  “Oh my gosh! Look at this amazing big baby! It breaks the records! How cool!” But after I looked into it, my guess was correct – the mom had gestational diabetes. As someone who had gestational diabetes, I was made fully aware of all the potential risks to the baby – getting too big, increased possibility of needing a C-section, problems regulating their blood sugar after being born therefore necessitating a stay in the NICU, and worst of all, albeit rarely and in highly uncontrolled diabetes, stillbirth. Now, I know I don’t know for sure, but it certainly seems to me that this woman could not possibly have been watching her blood sugar. Her baby had the first 3 of those 4 risks. She’s lucky she didn’t have the 4th.

I checked my blood sugar 4 times a day, reported them to a nurse once a week, who reported them to a doctor to see if any changes needed to be made in my diet or medication. I was vigilant about checking carb numbers – I even had an Android app to check restaurant foods. I stuck to the diet.  I had 2 3rd trimester ultrasounds to check her size. And Emily was not large, nor did she have any health issues whatsoever. My doctors commended me for how well I kept it under control. Sure, I missed sugar, but it’s short term, and with the end goal of a healthy baby! It’s a no-brainer. If this woman wasn’t controlling her intake, she’s stupid. Again, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe she did follow the diet to a T and take medication if she needed it. In that case, the doctors should have considered an earlier induction/scheduled C-section. Though I suppose too much earlier may have increased the risk of immature lungs. I don’t know. I just think they needed to keep a better eye on his size and make sure the diabetes didn’t lead to a huge baby. His weight should have been easy to estimate on an ultrasound – within a pound either way. 16 pounds is not a healthy weight for a newborn. And the baby, last I checked, was in the NICU for help regulating sugar levels.  His body was used to having to produce enough insulin to regulate the high levels of sugar his mom ate, so he now probably makes too much for just his body and has low blood sugar.

Again (again), I know I don’t know the circumstances, but I just can’t see how this could be any other situation than mom not controlling her blood sugar and doctors not doing enough to either encourage her to control it or do something themselves to make sure this kid was born healthy. The size and health issues probably could have, and should have, been prevented. Ugh, I’m just upset that the media is treating this as a funny/lighthearted news story.