Month 5-6!

Wow, 6 months old. I can’t believe my baby is already half a year old. There are some tough days that I know I’ve felt like time was going by slowly, but when I look at her now, I can’t believe how big she’s gotten so quickly and how quickly she’s learning. And she’s such fun now. Her personality is really coming out. She squeals, “talks” (mostly abwahbwah, habu, and mamamama, but lots of other noises), and she laughs (or rather cackles, it’s a fantastic laugh!).

She’s also learning so much these days. She figured out rolling both ways well early in the month. This lead to some issues in her crib since she likes rolling so much, but when she’s tired she gets a bit lazy and gets stuck on her tummy, so we have to go in and rescue her or she gets upset. I’ve fixed this by laying her down near the side of her crib – she only rolls to her right so far, so this works for now. Maybe by the time she’s rolling both directions, she’ll be better at it, even when tired, and will be able to get herself back to a comfy position. She’s also doing really well with sitting. She can balance on her hands in a tripod position pretty well, unless she lunges forward for a toy or looks too far to one side, and she can even balance for a short time without her hands. She can also stand with us just holding her hands!

Emily mid-roll to play with one of her latest favorite toys. She loves to play with the crinkle leaves and find the little bug on the middle one.

"I've finally discovered sucking my thumb!"

As far as playing, she is passing toys from hand to hand, still holding on really well and shoving everything in her mouth. She’s even figuring out how to use her thumb and pointer to pick at small things like buttons on our shirts. She’s figuring out how to work lots of toys, although some are as simple as banging or crinkling (her favorite right now). She finally loves tummy time and can spend quite a while playing with the various toys strewn about our incredibly messy house. A toy store has barfed in here. Though she spends longer playing on her belly, she still gets bored if we stay at home all day, so we’re still going out at least half the days in the week. Chris and I also take her out on weekends. A recent favorite outing is to walk around the mall and get lunch and DQ Blizzards. She still does well in real restaurants, too, though.


"I like when daddy makes me fly! If he noms my belly, I laugh!"

"My foam piece!"

"My favorite time of day is when daddy comes home!"

She’s been hit and miss with people though. I think she’s had some stranger anxiety for the past month or so. People will be so nice, smiling at her and saying hi and telling her she’s adorable and she’ll get a frowny face (I’m probably terrible for thinking so, but I think her frowny face is adorable) and start crying. And the weird thing is, it’s mostly (maybe only) been women she cries at. Men, she turns on the charm, smiling away. Kids she seems ok with. She’ll stare and sometimes smile at other kids.

She’s also eaten lots of new foods. We started real “solids” this month – pureed fruits and veggies. So far, we haven’t seen any allergies, but we’re definitely seeing preferences. So far, she loves all of the fruits (peaches are perhaps a bit sour), she’s ok with carrots and squash, and she hates green beans and peas with a fiery passion. She makes her ick face (shakes her head with her eyes squeezed shut in kind of a shudder) and gags. We keep trying though. Today I mixed the peaches and the peas (wow, did that smell and taste awful to me!) and she seemed much better with it. This month, we’ll be increasing to 2-3 feedings of solids per day! Still on Stage 1 foods though. I tried making my own food for her, since it’s much cheaper than prepackaged baby food, but the cheap hand food mill I bought doesn’t quite puree the food enough (certainly no large chunks, just more texture than she’s used to) so she gagged on the apples I made. I do have a mini food processor, but something seems to be wrong with it and it won’t turn on. Oh well, we’ll try again when she’s on stage 2 foods.

"I can hold my own bottle now! I just usually choose not to!"

She’s also pretty much big enough for her next stroller. I can still use the snap and go, and I do, but she seems comfortable in her forward facing stroller as well, so I think we’ll start mixing it up. Though I still use the Bjorn or Ergo for things like food shopping trips so I can push the cart. I love using them because Emily seems comfortable and I can use both hands. And every once in a while, Emily will just look up at me and as soon as I make eye contact with her, she gives me the cutest smile.

We also had a visit from Chris’s parents this month (and we finally know what to have Emily call them! Nana and Granddaddy!). As usual, it was great having them visit. Emily showed off all her new skills and got to spend lots of quality time with her grandparents. We went out a few times, Chris made his famous spanish stew, the guys grilled, and Emily got lots of walks around the neighborhood! It was so cute, she got so excited to get in her stroller. Also, thanks to Chris’s dad, the blossom decal is finally up in Emily’s room and it looks AMAZING!! I love it so much. We just have to hang her name letters and then I’ll snap a picture and post it!

Almost asleep

Also, this month had my first Mother’s Day! It was a great day. We went to lunch the day before (Emily did wonderfully, as usual!), and the day of, we just hung out. Chris was wonderful that day – even more helpful than usual (and he’s always really helpful to begin with!). The next week, he had to travel for business again, but the week after he returned, he took Friday off, sent me to the spa for an AMAZING day of pampering, and had a daddy-daughter day with Emily. I felt so great after all that pampering. My muscles were loose after an 1.5 hr massage (honestly, the best I’ve ever had – she did amazing things to my neck and shoulders and that pesky spot in my middle back hasn’t bothered me since!), my hands and feet were beautified, the skin on my body and face was smooth and soft, and my hair was cut and really shiny! It was a beyond great Mother’s Day present. Speaking of gifts, I also got my Valentine’s Day present from Chris – a ring with Emily’s birthstone! I love it! Chris is so sweet. It was also our 4 year anniversary on June 2. We didn’t really do anything to celebrate, but I’m so thankful for another year with the best husband in the world. I’m such a lucky girl. I love you, Chris.

Last week, Emily had her 6 month well baby check up and shots. It went as expected. Same set of shots, so she didn’t really have any reaction other than taking a 2 hour nap (!) and sleeping well that night. And the doctor thinks she looks good. She was doing everything on the 6 month behavior questionnaire, except for pushing up on her hands and knees in a crawling position, so she’s hitting her milestones just fine. It also seems she had a bit of a growth spurt this month in terms of height. She was 26.5 inches tall, which was 75th percentile! But only 15.5 lbs, which is 30th percentile. The doctor wasn’t concerned about her weight though. One of the nurses said that as they get more active (and she’s been a rolling fiend lately), they might slow weight growth a bit temporarily. I did ask about her tiny, tiny feet to the doctor (she still fits in size NB/0 to 1s, whereas the charts suggest 2-3 for her age), but he’s not concerned. Next visit is 9 months!

Adorable tiny feet!

And of course, here are her 6 month pictures!

"I'm even wearing shoes!"

(Camera's battery died after 3 shots on the first day, hence the different outfit)

(Picture of her with me to be added to this post soon, I have to find my camera’s tripod connector.)