Month 4-5!

Well, this was an exciting month! We had a couple of firsts:

– She started rolling well front to back early this month.

– We also noticed that if we position her just so (so that her hands are in front of her on top of her feet), she’ll sit on her own for maybe 10 seconds or so. Not long, but it’s a start! Chris says she looks like a gorilla when she does it, haha.

– At the start of the month, at her 4 month appointment (which I completely forgot to list weights and all for – she was 13 lbs 10 oz and 24 inches, both 50th percentile), her doctor gave us permission to start solids. So, we started with a little rice cereal in her bottle, just to get her used to the taste. She didn’t seem to notice. The first time I tried to spoon feed her, about a week later, she was like, “What the heck are you sticking in my mouth?” and didn’t know what to do with it, so it was dribbling out a lot. By mid-month, I made it a bit less runny and that seemed to help. She seemed a bit unsure of the texture, but she ate it! From a spoon! In the third week, she tried oatmeal cereal and in the final week, she tried barley cereal. I think she liked the rice cereal the best. As of 5 months, she was getting 1 tbsp of cereal once a day, plus how ever many bottles of breastmilk she wants (I don’t really keep track or schedule it. I just feed her when she’s hungry).

– I think I just forgot to mention this last month, but she discovered her feet before 4 months and was loving them this month. Still hadn’t made their way to her mouth, but she loved holding them and kicking them and folding herself up like a pretzel.

– Chris’s brother came to visit, which I think confused Emily a bit. They look a lot alike, so she must’ve been thinking, “Hmm, why do I have 2 daddies? One that’s furry and one that’s not.” But she definitely liked him and the visit went well. We even took her to her first real restaurant! She was awesome!! She spent the first half quietly staring at everything. I think she liked having so many people to look at. And then she got tired and fell asleep. No crying! I was soo happy! And I got to eat yummy crab legs!

I’ve also discovered that she seems to get a bit bored at home. We spend the morning going around between her various baby activities at home, like the exersaucer, jungle mat, and other floor toys so she can practice rolling. Then, most days, she’ll take a nap. We’re still working on napping in her crib instead of the swing. It’s about 50/50 now. And then in the afternoon, we go out. We unfortunately don’t have a zoo or aquarium anywhere nearby (if we did, I’d buy yearly passes and be there ALL THE TIME), so we just go to the mall or Target to walk around, or do whatever other errands we need to do. We’ve also been to the library. When she’s a little older, we’ll go to the playground nearby and we’re hoping over the summer to introduce her to the pool, too. Anyone know of an infant floaty for babies as young as 6 months? We have 2 – one says 9 mo + and the other says 1-3 years…

Since we didn’t have a 5 month appointment, I just weighed her myself and she was 15 lbs! She’s now in size 2 diapers (on their way to getting snug) and is kinda between size 3 mo and 6 mo clothing (she fits in some of each, but some 3 mo are tight and some 6 mo are baggy).

As far as sleep goes, she goes to bed between 6:30 and 7 pm. Chris and I both go up and we have a little changing routine, where he does the diaper and “baby hat” (as he changes her from her day clothing, he leaves it on top of her head like a hat) and I do lotion (since visiting the dermatologist, her skin is soo much better). Then I go and sit in the rocker and Chris blasts her off from the changing table and flies her over to me, where I rock her for 5-10 minutes before putting her in the crib. She goes to sleep so much better these days. And as of 5 months, was still getting up once or twice a night to eat.

Baby hat!

Easter was…interesting. Chris unfortunately got food poisoning the night before (we think) so spent the night sick and the day in bed. I did show Emily her Easter basket and dress her up in her Easter outfit, but we didn’t do Easter dinner till the following weekend (a yummy lamb soup Chris made in the crock pot along with some broccoli casserole I made!).

The Easter Bunny came to visit! The first one is Emily's, the second is Chris's (minus a World of Warcraft book I'd already taken out for him) and the third is mine (minus the shirt I'd already taken out).

That same weekend, we also got together with the neighbors and they grilled for us. It was a good time! Emily stayed up way past her bedtime, but she did well. She only got fussy during dinner. And their little son, Sam, was so cute! He kept bringing things over for Emily. And when we put her on a blanket during dinner (after she was getting fussy), he wanted to get down from his highchair and sit next to her. It’s nice to have a nice couple next door who have a 1.5 year old and a little girl on the way!

And as usual here are her monthly shots (totally didn’t notice that her bow got all wonky in that second shot, haha):

Doing her best T-rex impression


Month 3-4!

Bah, time is getting away from me again! Ok, so month 3-4, Emily’s personality started to really show. She started making lots of new noises, including what Chris likes to call her “demon baby” sounds – squeals followed by almost growls. They’re pretty funny. She also starting spitting bubbles a lot, I guess for fun, and we saw the starts of a laugh – just a small “heh” kind of sound. Very cute. She’ll also smile at us or herself in the mirror. I’ve read they don’t know it’s themselves until much later though – they just like looking at faces this early on. Still cute, though!

Her energy is also way up. She loves to sit upright – she’d actually do little baby crunches, pulling her head forward, to try to pull herself up if you lay her down in your arms. She also loves to stand with support. She definitely pushes down with her legs, and if she had any balance, might actually stand on her own, her legs are so strong. She looks so proud when she does it! Speaking of her strong legs, she’s also discovered kicking. She’s a kicking maniac during diaper changes, stomping her little feet and practicing her aim for mama’s boobs. Ouch. I guess they are kind of a large target. She also kind of kicks off with her legs when I pick her up from the swing or carseat, which is kind of helpful actually!

She’s also discovered that her hands are for more than just examining intently – they hold things! Between 3 and 4 months, she started holding toys and her clothing during diaper changes (or just playing with her top when she’s just sitting there), and pulls her pacifier out (bah! Leave it in!). With her stronger neck muscles and affinity for “standing,” we decided to try out the exersaucer, which she was not so sure about at first, but came to enjoy. She was still pretty unsteady (I’d have to stuff a blanket behind her to keep her more steady), but she seemed to like to look at things and bang on things, while gripping some of the things that stand upright to keep herself steady. We also tried out the doorway jumper, but she just wasn’t ready for it. She also rolled front to back once a few days before hitting 4 months, but only once. I think I scared her with my enthusiastic response! Whoops! 🙂

While going out, we started trying out the BabyBjorn. I like it pretty well with her facing in – she seems comfortable (enough to fall asleep even) and it’s actually fairly comfortable for me too. Facing out though, eh. We took her to Ikea and I loved how much attention she got while facing out (she had an adorable purple bear-eared hat on and she’s pretty cute all on her own, though I might be a bit biased), but I’ve discovered I really can’t leave her facing out very long because it seems to cut off the circulation in her legs. So, I think we’ll stick with facing in, at least until I can find something that allows her to face out without the circulation issue. I’ve tried the Moby Wrap (despite claiming I never would) and perhaps it just takes more practice, but it seemed to kind of loosen while I wore it. Not dramatically, such that there was any falling hazard, but it just seemed that she ended up lower than where I started her out. Too bad, because it seemed ok forward facing.

Speaking of Ikea, that was our first outing where a meal was involved. It went fairly well, but I kinda felt like I had to eat really quickly so I could tend to Emily. Being a longer outing, it was also the first time we fed and changed her while we were out and we had no problems. It was a good day out, but man, Emily was a fuss bucket when we got home (and the next day, too, oddly) and we were beat.

In less fun news, it apppears our little Emlets has eczema and cradle cap. This runs into month 4-5, but it kind of arose in month 3, so I’ll write about it here. I’ve tried all sorts of baby soaps, shampoos, and lotions, none of which really helped. Around 3 months, the doctor suggested a particular lotion and 2-3 days of hydrocortizone and it helped, but then it came back. Just before 4 months, we tried a mild steroid cream on her knee pits because they were really irritated and that helped a lot and stayed clear a good amount of time with just the regular lotion afterwards, but I really want to avoid using that as much as possible, since steroid creams aren’t terribly good to use often, especially with babies. So, as of now, her body is mostly under control, but gets irritated after baths. Her face and head are a different story. Her left cheek is super irritated. It has been for almost a month. We’ve got an appointment with a dermatologist tomorrow to try to figure out what to do next. Nothing seems to help it. I’m really hoping he’s got some ideas. I just feel so bad for her. I’m sure it’s uncomfortable. And I know my feelings are not nearly as important as her health, but it makes me self conscious. I worry that people see that and her cradle cap (which might also be eczema – it acts a lot like her cheek, red and oozy and occasionally crusty) and think I’m a bad mom, who’s not doing anything to help it. But I’ve tried so many different things! And I’ve tried leaving it alone! I’ve taken her repeatedly to the doctor! And now we’re going to see a dermatologist! But I can’t just blurt that out to everyone I see. Especially if I’m imagining that people even think that, haha. But really, I just want her skin to clear up, so she can be happy and healthy. And I’m a tad worried about scarring, so hopefully this doctor visit will provide some ideas to get this cleared up quickly.

*Update: Since I’m so slow in uploading pictures for this entry, we’ve now been to the dermatologist. He prescribed some new gels/oils to try and took a swab for staph (came back negative) – we’ve been using the lotions since Thursday and her head is completely cleared up and her cheek is on it’s way! Yay!! We have a follow-up appointment next week and I’m hoping both will look good then. Apart from the prescribed stuff, I’m just supposed to keep her slathered in Vaseline. Slippery baby!

And of course, here’s her monthly shots (forgot her headband at first, which you can see on my arm in the third shot, lol)