Picture Timeline – Month 2-3

Almost caught up! So, month 2-3, we were really getting into a routine and I was getting the hang of things. She slept pretty well – still getting up twice a night most nights, but by the end of the month, she had a few nights where she slept straight till about 6 am. Awesome!

Funny sleep positions!

She would occasionally roll to her side to sleep

Still loved sleeping on daddy!

Do you see these eyelashes?!

No doctor’s appointment during this month, but I weighed her and she was about 12.5 lbs. We also took a few more outings this month to stores – pretty much anyplace I didn’t need a shopping cart since I didn’t want to push both a shopping cart and a stroller or take up the whole shopping cart with her carseat. I’ve gotten several comments on how quiet and alert she is when we go out! She’s such a good girl! She loves car rides and being pushed in her stroller. I save food trips for Saturdays – Saturdays have become “Mommy Decompresses Day”. I go out by myself and do whatever errands need to be done. It’s actually pretty relaxing and Chris gets bonding time with Emily! And then on Sundays Chris cooks for me – omelets in the morning and crock pot dinners! What a sweet hubby!

Also, I forgot to mention in the last post, but near the end of month 1-2, Chris had to go up to Chicago for business for a week, so my mom came to stay with me. I wasn’t quite ready to be on my own yet, so I was so happy and grateful she offered to come help. It was nice to have not only her help with Emily, but her company! I wish we could see our families more often. Right around when Emily hit 3 months, Chris had to go back up to Chicago for part 2 of his training program and this time, I decided to brave it on my own. It actually wasn’t too bad. She was pretty good all week and she’s in bed by 7, so the evenings were pretty quiet. A little lonely – I missed my Cripper! – but at least I could relax a bit. I only had one extra feeding a night to take on, but man, that extra feeding around 4 or 5 am is a doozy. I could barely keep my eyes open during it. I’m so grateful Chris takes that feeding time normally. A lot of times, I’m still awake if she gets up at 12-2 am, so those aren’t too hard on me. Anyway, I was so happy to have Chris back at the end of the week! I really missed him.

In playtime, Emily still loved books during months 2-3, and I got a bunch of used Disney storybooks from Amazon to indoctrinate her! I also played her a few videos I found on YouTube of Disney songs, haha. She still loved Monkey and the play mat and had become a pro at holding her head up. Still didnt really love tummy time though.

In addition to batting at things, she discovered her hands could open and hold things like Monkey, though I still had to guide her hands onto them (she figured out how to hold her hands together on her own though). She also LOVED sucking on her hands – well, not so much sucking as licking them. It was kinda funny. And noisy! But it irritates her hands, so when she’s up, I try to give her the pacifier anytime she starts to do that. Mostly she loved staring at her hands intensely.

Drooling started up a bit and she started making more sounds – still the “hoo” sound from month 1-2, but she added in b sounds and g sounds. I also swear she was starting to work on “Monkey” – it sounded a bit like “unka” and maybe it was just a coincidence, but she would typically say it while looking at Monkey!


She loves watching daddy make silly faces! She always has huge smiles for him when he gets home from work.

And of course we had more cute outfits!


First Valentine's Day! There's a big heart on the butt!

She's got some attitude in this shot! A glimpse into our future?


I love her in hats! πŸ™‚

Miscellaneous foot shot!


Still don't know whose feet she has. Her toes are too similar in length to be mine and too long to be his.

And here’s her 3 month shots:


I love this shot of her. She's so cute!

I do not love this shot of me (what's up with my crazy eyes?! Not to mention the bad hair.), but this was the best I got. Emily looks cute!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nicki
    Mar 29, 2011 @ 20:26:14

    I have the most adorable niece ever! These posts honestly make my day πŸ™‚ I love looking at all the pictures and seeing how much she’s changing. I wish I could experience it first hand; maybe sometime in the near future.. I can’t wait to see her (and of course you guys) again!


  2. Molly
    Apr 14, 2011 @ 14:24:25

    Glad everything is going well! Let me know when you’ll be in NJ, I’d love to meet her!


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