Picture timeline – month 0 to 1

Ok, so I’ve decided the task of writing entries for everything that has happened in the past 3 months is just too daunting to me, so I’m going to make a few picture posts instead. With a few words here and there. This post is month 1!

For the first month, she did a lot of this:

Froggy Emily

Snuggly Emily

Funny position

And although those pictures show her sleeping in her swing and pack n play, she mostly slept here:

Reindeer buttBear butt

Everyone pile on

Everyone pile on!

No worries, he's just imitating her. No risk of her falling!

Daddy was Emily’s favorite spot to sleep. No one got much sleep that first month. The first week, we set up camp in the living room, with one of us sleeping while the other tended to Emily. By week 2, we had moved upstairs and we both slept at night, but since Emilly would only sleep on his chest, Chris slept very lightly and so was really tired. I tried to have her sleep on my chest, but I guess I must smell like milk because she would just bounce her head around on my chest, get frustrated, and cry.

Though once in a while, I got lucky:


The first week was tough. Emily was having trouble latching, which led to both of us being really frustrated, so I started pumping exclusively by week 3, which I’m still doing. It works out for us. My supply seems fine and we’re both happy. I found out this week though, that our insurance only pays $5 of the hospital pump rental fee, so I just returned it and have bought my own. No sense in wasting $60 a month for something I can’t keep. My Pump In Style Advanced seems to work just as well as the hospital grade one (just a tad louder), so I’m happy!

My parents came to stay with us for the first week, which was so helpful. I was really sad to see them go, though. I was still pretty overwhelmed at that point, but it was almost Christmas, so Chris started to use up his vacation time. Chris only had 3 days of vacation and 2 days of holiday, so we tried to space it out and have him talk half days the week after Christmas. My mood seemed to start stabilizing around Christmas. I was happier and starting to feel a bit more comfortable in my new role as mommy. Christmas was nice, although Emily slept through all of it. Most of the presents under the tree were for her, though!

Christmastuckered out

And every once in a while she’d actually wake up!

Almost blue steel? Zoolander would be proud.

Suspicious baby!

And here’s her 1 month shot (I’ll do this shot each month):

1 month!

(Gotta start her early on the Disney! You may have noticed a new ticker at the top of my page – Chris’s mom convinced us that it’s never too early to take her, so we and both of our families are going to Disney World for her first birthday! 😀 )


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christopher
    Mar 14, 2011 @ 22:42:55

    I won’t spoil it for any readers, but going back and looking at these pictures it is amazing to me how much she’s changed in just three month’s time.


  2. Kathleen
    Mar 18, 2011 @ 09:21:18

    CUTE!!! See, you get to go back to Disney soon after all! Love Emily’s almost Zoolander face. You must have programmed it into her. 🙂


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