35 weeks!

Not a whole lot to report this week. We had another non-stress test at our weekly OB appointment and baby did well again, so that was good and pretty uneventful. I also had the routine group B strep test, to see if I’ll need antibiotics before babet comes so she doesn’t get exposed to it (if I have it) when she’s born. I also got to meet Dr. Sharawy finally and I really liked him. He was definitely very knowledgeable, answering all of my questions and, from what it sounded like, teaching one of the nurses something baby-related out in the hall. He was also really nice. I’m always a bit more iffy about the male doctors, but he’s super nice and I felt totally comfortable with him. After looking at my blood sugar result sheet (which I forgot last time), he commended me on my great results and said I was clearly doing a good job managing it, which made me feel good, especially considering how frustrating the whole thing has been. He also comforted me when I mentioned being a bit on edge this week about Chris being out of town for business. So, I like that he’s a good mix of straightforward smart answers and comforting. I can kind of understand why he’s been so busy – I think it’s because he’s popular and really spends time with his patients. So, I kinda hope he’ll be on call when babet decides to come. Or, if I end up having to schedule an induction, maybe I can request a time he’s on. Of course, there’s quite a few doctors at this practice, but even if someone else is on call, I’ve liked everyone else so far. I think there’s only one doctor we’d be less enthusiastic about – not unhappy, just a little less enthusiastic. So, I’ve got another appointment next week with another non-stress test, but I couldn’t schedule the last doctor I haven’t yet met until the appointment after that, if I make it to then. Hopefully I’ll get to meet her.

As I mentioned, I’ve been a little down about Chris being away this week. I know the doctors have told me it would be pretty unlikely for me to go into labor this week and that Chris would be on his way home right away if I did, but I’m still a bit nervous and a little lonely. I miss him. Monday I felt decent, Tuesday I felt like crap all day (really tired and achey all day, plus I slept weird and my hip/back hurt a bit for the first half of the day, so I just wanted to vegetate all day), and Wednesday and today I’ve felt better again. I actually went to Target yesterday to get a few things I needed and did a little bit of cleaning in preparation for family visiting next week. I still have a few more things to do around the house though over the next few days.  I can’t wait till Chris gets home though.

How Far Along: 35 weeks! (though I suppose you may have noticed I write these posts at the end of my gestational weeks, so technically I’m always a week later than the post says)
Baby’s Size:
Babet is the size of a honeydew and probably weighs about 5.25 lbs. Perhaps just a bit bigger if babet is still 55th percentile. I can’t believe how big that sounds to me, considering how tiny she (and all babies) started out. And how big that feels…
Maternity Clothes: Of course. Been wearing the belly support sling the past few days, too.
Best Moment this week:
Meeting my new favorite doctor! We also bought our TSO tickets. I really hope we get to go.
Yup. Much more of the large rolling movements that I can see from the outside and feel very distinctly, especially on my right side. I even recorded a video of it on my phone! I’m not sure if I’ll post that or not though…I’m not sure people want to see my bare belly, lol. Though it’s from my point of view, so I guess it’s not so bad as straight on.
Food Craving: Sugar. I miss sugar. I’ve been building a list of things to get after babet arrives!
What I miss: Sugar.

Bah. With Chris gone, I’ve commandeered both of his pillows, thus bringing my pillow fort count up to 4 (one of which is body sized and U-shaped), but I’m still pretty uncomfortable. Getting up is hard and once I’m up for the day, I’m still pretty exhausted after only a few hours up.
Belly Button: Still an innie. It seems to definitely keep getting shallower, but it’s putting up a fight! It doesn’t want to go out! It seems to be shaped differently this week, but I can’t tell if it’s just because it’s moving further outward or if babet has dropped. It just looks like it’s being pulled downward a bit.
What I am looking forward to: Chris coming home tomorrow and his family coming to visit next week!


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