32 weeks!!

8 months. Wow. Silly pregnancy timing, though – one would think there’s only a month left because you’re always told pregnancy is 9 months, but no. I’ve actually got about 8 weeks left, assuming I go to the full 40 week term (why don’t they just say 10 months!?). But still, 8 months is pretty pregnant. I’m almost there!

8 months

Geez, this is like, the worst picture. Sorry for the darkness. I didn't realize it was on the wrong setting till after I sat down and looked at the shots I had. And then I was too lazy to retake it.

So, in gestational diabetes news this week, my morning levels have continued to be just slightly high, so I was referred to a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist for an ultrasound followed by an appointment with the Diabetes Center’s main office, both located downtown. I hate driving in cities. I always get lost. Which is why I’m glad it’s been reiterated to me that I should be totally fine giving birth at my local branch of the hospital (they only make you go downtown if you’re really high risk. Or I guess, unless you choose that hospital in the first place just because you like it or live closer or whatever.). Anyway, the ultrasound went great! All her structures looked perfect and she’s actually measuring at the 55th percentile now! So, she’s no longer small (if you remember, about 7 weeks ago, she was measuring at the 22nd percentile)! I was so glad to hear that her size isn’t an issue on either side – the main point of today’s ultrasound was to check to make sure she wasn’t getting too big due to GD (which I really wasn’t concerned about since she was small before), but I also wanted to make sure she hadn’t slipped off the spectrum of normal on the small end. So, yay! I guess all the food I’m eating on the GD diet actually helped her. Plus, they checked the location of my placenta, and both the tech and the doctor confirmed that it has moved up, which is another good thing, since if it had moved down, I would have definitely needed a C-section due to the birth canal being blocked. But it looks good, so I’m still on target for a vaginal birth. She’s also head down and facing my back, which was cool to find out. They said she could still switch it up a few times before birth, but it’s nice to actually know how she’s positioned now so I can picture her better. Finally, babet kept her legs firmly clamped together, so we couldn’t get one more confirmation of gender, but oh well. I just keep telling myself that first tech was 100% certain, so don’t worry about it. Again, it’s not that I’d be disappointed with a boy at all – it’s just that I’ve bought soo much girl stuff! Some of which would probably not be returnable by the time she’s born. No more thought of that, though. Everything will work out. But basically, everything looked good and they said that I probably won’t need to come to their office again – I’ll probably just get one more ultrasound at my OB’s office, closer to birth, to check on her size again.

33 w ultrasound

33 week ultrasound! Top is a profile, with babet sucking her thumb (we actually saw the sucking motion!). Middle is apparently a foot up near the top left, where you can barely see the label "foot". Bottom is her right leg. ...the top one is the only one I can really make out much.

So, based on the facts that babet is perfectly normally sized and that my levels aren’t too crazy, the doctor decided not to put me on insulin, which is kind of more their “more serious case scenario” solution, but instead put me on the lowest dose of Glyburide. It’s just a pill I take once a day, at bedtime, to ideally fix my resting glucose level. With that fixed, the rest of the day should take care of itself with the diet. I’m happy with the course of treatment. I’m glad it’s basically the most conservative, lowest dose plan they could put me on. And they again reassured me that babet will be fine with the medication. Really the only thing I have to look out for in myself is signs of low blood sugar, but being on the lowest dose shouldn’t put me at much risk of that. And if it happens, I just drink a glass of milk. Any milk I want! Haha, that seems like a silly thing to punctuate with a “!” but on the diet, I’m supposed to drink whole milk (blech), so I’m happy to have more options if my blood sugar gets low. So, we’ll see how this affects my levels and adjust as needed, but I’m hopeful it will work as is.

I also had my last monthly OB appointment yesterday before switching to biweekly. I was supposed to meet Dr. Sharawy, but he was busy, so we just met with a nurse practitioner. She was perfectly nice and answered my questions just fine, but this is the second time I was supposed to meet Dr. Sharawy and didn’t. The first time I didn’t care – I met another doctor I hadn’t yet met, so it was all equal in my head, but a nurse practitioner isn’t going to deliver my baby – I need to meet ALL the doctors before I give birth! And there’s still 3 I haven’t met and only a few appointments left (my next one in 2 weeks is with one of those 3, luckily), so limited time! It’s kind of frustrating. I’ve heard nothing but good things about him, and I have sort of met him twice in passing (once on my way out of the office, we had a quick conversation about the icky glucose drink and once in the elevator on the maternity tour) and he was very nice both times, but I’d really like to officially meet him.  I just want to have met everyone before I show up to have the baby, because I’m sure that with my luck, the doctor on call will be the one I haven’t met. I know it’s not a huge problem – some people go to small practices and get to know one doctor intimately and then give birth while that doctor happens to be on vacation, which I imagine  is an even bigger letdown since they’ve gotten to know someone so well. I’ve got a pretty good chance of at least having met my doctor, with all the ones I’ve met so far. And they’ve all been nice. Overall, I know whoever I get will be perfectly able to do what needs to be done to get babet here safely. I’d just rather have met them first, so I don’t feel like a complete tool, pooping on the floor in front of them in my efforts to give birth.

In non-doctor news, we had a surprise baby shower this past weekend, courtesy of Chris’s coworkers! It was so sweet! We were expecting to meet up with our friend, Alex, and her daughter, at the Melting Pot for dinner and when we got there, we were led to a room full of people who yelled surprise! 😀 It was quite a surprise. Neither of us had any idea. It was really nice of them. We had a fantastic dinner, good conversation, and some gifts for babet! I’m so appreciative of everything! Thanks guys!

How Far Along: 32 weeks! 8 months!!
Baby’s Size:
Babet is the size of a jicama (what the heck is a jicama? it looks like a potato?) and weighs about 3.75 pounds!
Maternity Clothes:
Of course.
Best Moment this week:
The surprise baby shower! Though hearing good news about babet was really great, too!
Yup. Still a little acrobat.
Food Craving: Sweet things. I did indulge in the dessert at the Melting Pot. I couldn’t resist. But, it was a one-time thing, so it’s ok.
What I miss: Sleeping comfortably.

Getting more and more difficult to get comfortable. I added a pillow to the fort for extra support behind my back, which helps some, but turning over or getting out of bed are still huge efforts. Also, babet likes to position what I think now is her butt right in my side when I lay down, which feels like I’m laying on a rock, so I have to switch to my other side. Then my hips start to hurt. And I have to turn again. It’s an endless cycle of discomfort. And sometimes when I try to get up, her butt or her feet or whatever is highest seem to get stuck on the right side of my ribs, which feels super weird.
Belly Button: Still firmly an innie. It does seem a bit shallower, but still holding out hope that it’ll stay in! I’m actually pretty surprised it’s still in.
What I am looking forward to: We’re seeing some friends from Greenville this weekend! And then there’s Halloween! I don’t get any candy (<pout>) or our ritual Halloween night beer and chick drinks (Chris still gets his chick drinks, though. 🙂 ), but I still like seeing the kids in their costumes!



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