31 weeks!

Well, this was a pretty uneventful week, so this’ll probably be shorter this time.

The gestational diabetes diet is going mostly fine. I’m not particularly enjoying it, since I can’t help but think “Hey, I’m pregnant. I should get to indulge in lots of stuff!” and I can’t help but notice things I really miss, especially now that my appetite is finally back, but overall, I do think I’m eating healthily, so that’s certainly a good thing. I’ve definitely noticed a trend with my blood glucose readings – I’m doing just fine after lunch and dinner, but I’m having a little trouble with resting glucose and breakfast. I talked to the dietitian today and she mentioned 2 things: 1. Higher pregnancy hormones in the morning make your body more insulin resistant in the morning, hence my occasionally high breakfast results (they’re never ridiculously high – the limit is 130 and my results tend to range from 125 to 135.) However, it’s only rising about 30 points from my resting glucose levels, which isn’t abnormal in itself, so if my resting glucose were closer to 85 like they’d like them to be ideally, my after breakfast results would likely be fine, just like after lunch and dinner. So, 2. My resting glucose seems to be the biggest issue and that would possibly be a problem with me not producing enough insulin overnight. Again, it’s not ridiculously high. The limit is 100 and my results usually range from 95-103. So basically, my dietitian is going to forward my results over to the doctor who makes the decisions on what to do next and give me a call back in the next few days. Since there’s not a whole lot I can do about resting glucose (I’ve tried getting up earlier and eating a snack really late at night, which are pretty much the only non-medication suggestions the dietitian had), she thinks they might suggest medication, but we didn’t go into what kind of medication (I know there’s insulin shots or some sort of pills) or if there are different doses. But again, since everything is so borderline, she’s not entirely sure if that’s what will be recommended. Really, the most important thing is to lower that resting glucose level just a bit so that my blood glucose is good on its own (through diet?) the rest of the day, so I’m not sure what they do for that. We’ll see. It does make me a bit nervous to hear that I may have to start medication – I’m sure they wouldn’t prescribe it if it weren’t safe for the baby (and PLEASE DON’T tell me horror stories of rare side effects or anything if you know them – I’m avoiding google for that exact reason. I REALLY don’t need to worry more about it or have any doubt about doing what is most likely in babet’s best interest.), and I realize it’s important to keep the excess glucose away from the baby, so I’m trying to just trust that whatever is prescribed for me to do/take, will just help. And again, it’s only another 8 weeks or so (since I’m writing this post on my week count changeover day – technically, I’m 32 weeks today), so it’s not forever.

We also attended the first (of 3) of our childbirth preparation classes last night. I liked this class the most of the classes we’ve taken so far. The teacher is really friendly and funny, we’re learning a lot of stuff, and there’s no clear bias or judgment about what we “should” do. So far, we’ve talked about some basic anatomy stuff, signs of labor (and had the hubbies get up in front of the class with bellies and read off situations for us to determine the proper course of action for – that was pretty cute), watched a video that showed us the stages of labor and a natural birth (ow), and started talking about relaxation techniques like breathing, body positions, visualization, and massage. Of course, once I’m actually in labor, I’m sure a lot of this will go right out the window as I just won’t think of it when I’m in pain and of course, there will be things we learn that won’t be applicable due to my most likely chosen method of delivery, but I’m hoping we can remember and use some of it. Or my chosen method of delivery could completely go out the window due to unforeseen circumstances and I could get to use a different set of things we learned. I’m trying to stay as flexible as possible. I intend to deliver with some sort of pain medication, probably an epidural, because I’m a wuss and I know I can’t handle the pain, but I know things happen sometimes and the plan has to be changed. I just want to get the baby here safely, however that turns out to be. I could be moving too fast to have an epidural and have to do it naturally. Or, the GD could make the baby get big too fast in the coming weeks and I could need an early induction or a C-section (though again, that didn’t appear to be a concern at all at the last ultrasound, 6 weeks ago). Or, my low-lying placenta could become problematic and I could need a C-section (so far, the doctors think I shouldn’t). Again, I just want to get babet here safely.

How Far Along: 31 weeks!
Baby’s Size:
Babet is the size of 4 navel oranges and weighs about 3.3 pounds!
Maternity Clothes:
Of course.
Best Moment this week:
Well, this was mostly a frustrating week, but last night’s childbirth class was fun.
Yup. Still a little acrobat.
Food Craving: Candy. And pumpkin spiced anything. And I can’t have any of it. 😡
What I miss: Not looking at sugar and carbs on nutrition labels.

Bah. Still hard to get comfortable and still feel like a boat trying to right itself after capsizing when I try to turn over.
Belly Button: Still firmly an innie. It does seem a bit shallower, but still holding out hope that it’ll stay in!
What I am looking forward to: I really can’t wait to see the nursery come together. Still waiting on the furniture and hopefully, Chris is lining up a painter today – someone he knows about through a guy at work. I am getting a bit anxious about it all though – it’s getting kinda close!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marcie
    Oct 20, 2010 @ 21:08:35

    I didn’t have GD but had Twin to Twin Transfer Syndrome, where Alex got more nutrients than Zach. The result was similar (in our case) to GD because Alex ended up half a pound bigger than Zach when they were born. There’s been zero lasting effects and both boys are very healthy. (Unless you call Alex stuffing his face with food while Zach takes nice, cute bites an effect! :P)

    Great job sticking with the low sugar diet! I was not pleased when I had to give up the milkshakes and rootbeer, but it’s only temporary. There’s always the “recovery diet” and possibly the “breast feeding diet” where you can slip them back in! How else are you supposed to get an extra 1k cal a day??


  2. chii-wey
    Oct 25, 2010 @ 20:36:07

    see u guys soon!


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