30 weeks!

This week has been pretty full of classes.

We took our infant CPR and safety class last Thursday night, where we learned the steps of regular CPR on an infant, modified choking CPR, and some regular choking instructions, plus a bunch of safety and childproofing info for the home. Unfortunately, the class was overbooked so we didn’t actually get a breather dummy; we just got regular dolls. They were fine for the chest compressions and choking stuff, but we kinda had to just mimic the breathing part since our doll didn’t have a protective plastic bit in it’s mouth or a chest that actually rises when you breathe into the mouth. But I still think we got all the info we needed.

Friday morning, we went to my diabetes self-management class where we learned what gestational diabetes is and it’s potential effects if not managed, specifically when to test, and meal plan components/schedules and specific ideas for foods to eat. Turns out I was testing at some of the wrong times – I’m supposed to test first thing in the morning (I had that right) and 1 hour after each meal (I was testing at 2 hrs – apparently the booklet that comes with my meter is geared more towards type 2 diabetes). I was also looking for the wrong values. Gestational diabetes has some pretty strict values compared to type 2 diabetes, so I’m now looking for under 100 first thing in the morning and under 130 at 1 hr (I had thought under 110 first thing and then under 140 at 2 hrs). I have to report my values to the dietitian every Monday. So far, it’s going pretty well. I’ve had 1 morning result at 101, which is considered a tad high for resting glucose, but they don’t make any changes to your plan till you get 3 high morning results and the rest of my mornings have been under 100. I was feeling a bit nauseous that morning and I had gotten up earlier than normal 2 days in a row (with poor sleep the nights before) and my dietitian suggested that bodily stresses can raise your blood glucose, which may have been why that resting glucose reading was a bit high, but I’m more concerned with not getting high results at all than knowing why it happened – there’s nothing I can do about feeling nauseous or having to get up early. As for after meal results, they’ve also all been good except for 1 rogue result after breakfast at 152, which really freaked me out. Turns out the milk I chose to drink with that meal (1%) was too low fat and lowfat milk often causes your blood sugar to rise more. I’m supposed to choose either whole milk (blech, I’m used to skim – anything higher than 1% feels like I should be chewing the milk) or a special Calorie Counter brand “dairy beverage” which tastes awful. When my dietitian calls today to schedule my follow up meeting, I’m going to ask if the yogurt on the list (Dannon Light and Fit – I’m not sure why lowfat yogurt is ok while lowfat milk isn’t) is considered a valid milk substitute, because that’s all I can handle. I’m not sure what else the yogurt would be classified as, so I’m hoping it will be ok, though I think the list might have mentioned adding in an additional fat to make up for the low fat content of the yogurt. I’m just nervous to eat it in the morning since pregnancy hormones affect insulin most in the mornings because they’re highest in the morning, which is probably an additional reason I had that high reading. Overall, though, I feel like I’m eating a good deal more than I was before – and it’s different stuff. Whereas before I ate a lot of pastas and other carbs, I’m now eating more protein and fat (of course there’s plenty of veggies and some fruit, too). For some reason I’m encouraged to slather everything in butter or cheese and have bacon with every meal if I want. I’m not used to it. Honestly, it’s not terribly easy – I feel like I’m on an hourly schedule of eat, test, eat, test and I’m nearly always full, which kind of takes the enjoyment out of food. The dietitian did mention that if I’m really full, I can skip a snack here or there, but the meal plan is technically classified as 2000 calories, so I’m trying to eat as much as possible, especially given that my weight has been an issue. Oh well, I guess it’s only another 9 weeks or so. (Just enough time to probably miss out on the rest of the pumpkin spice latte season, Halloween candy, and Thanksgiving. <cry>)

And then, finally, on Saturday morning, we had an intro to breastfeeding class. I had already watched some videos online, so some of it was stuff I already saw, but we did learn a good amount of helpful info. I’m also glad to hear that the breastfeeding consultants visit you everyday that you’re in the hospital after giving birth and then you have a follow up with them after you leave to see how things are going. I really do hope it goes well for us. I’m a bit nervous that I’ll have trouble. I don’t have any reason to assume I will though. I just hear such mixed things in all the blogs I read. Some people are champs right from the start and they talk about how wonderful the bonding is and how great they feel to be supplying their babies with the best nutrition possible. And some people complain about pain and cracked nipples and bleeding and engorgement and supply issues and mastitis and all sorts of other bad things.

Anyway, as for us, we’re doing pretty well. Babet is still moving around like a little acrobat in there, still most wildly at night, but she kicks me often during the day too. I still have no idea how she’s positioned. I think she’s supposed to be head down now based on the BabyCenter emails, but I can’t tell. I never noticed a big change in how I felt things were positioned. I occasionally get a little lump just to the left of my belly button, but I don’t know if it’s a butt, feet, or a head. At the same time, I get a bit of a lump on my right side, which is why I’m so confused. It would almost seem that she’s sideways, but I’m pretty sure that can’t be the case at this point. I feel kicks and punches all over – one minute they’re way down in my pelvis, the next they’re making the middle of my belly jump, and sometimes when I roll out of bed, my ribs feel crowded on the right, but I don’t know whether it’s by feet or a head. I’m also still feeling pretty good – my energy is pretty good and I’m not terribly achey or anything. Just still finding it hard to get to sleep at night because it’s hard to get comfortable.

Chris has been really busy at work, managing a project, so he’s been working some long hours for the past week and a half. I feel so bad for him – he basically gets home, we eat dinner, and then he’s out. He’s so tired. But it sounds like the project is going really well, so I’m proud of him. 🙂 It also makes me feel bad to ask him to do anything around the house on the weekends – he deserves to relax. We’ve officially given up on the border though – the steamer was working better and Chris did manage to get some of the border off, but it was taking a long time and he was concerned about the state of the wall it was leaving behind it (and we didn’t know what to do to fix it before painting), so we’re going to leave it to a professional. We have chosen the color though! It’s called Sandy Beach (though it’s pinker than you’d think of a beach) – we decided Jasmine Flower was practically white and Toast was too gray-brown. The brand makes a zero-VOC paint base, so I think I’ll go and pick that up in our color. No word yet on the nursery furniture, but I think it was supposed to leave the manufacturer this past weekend, so depending on when they make a delivery to USA Baby, hopefully I’ll get a call in the next 2 weeks! And then I just have to schedule a delivery to here. So, I’m hoping we can get the painter in and done by then.

How Far Along: 30 weeks! Though not a month number, it’s still exciting!
Baby’s Size: Baby is the
size of a head of cabbage (regular cabbage this time) and weighs almost 3 lbs!
Maternity Clothes:
Best Moment this week:
Feeling a little more prepared by the classes.
Yup. Still a little acrobat.
Food Craving: Ugh, nothing. Too much food.
What I miss: Not looking at sugar and carbs on nutrition labels.

Belly Button: Still firmly an innie. It does seem a bit shallower, but still holding out hope that it’ll stay in!
What I am looking forward to: Getting a call that the nursery furniture is in!


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  1. Marcie
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 22:06:57

    The hospital lactation consultants are “supposed” to check on you everyday. If they get a surge of deliveries, though, it can be waaay less than that. Just be sure that your nurse understands that you need to see one and push for it if you need to. I had to pretty much lay down the law and demand one because my boys weren’t eating and were crying from hunger.

    The biggest thing I can say about breast feeding is to just do your best – whatever that is. There’s no gold star for being able to do it, and tons of babies turned out just fine on formula. In fact, if our boys had been on formula, they would have never been anemic. They seem to get just as many colds as every other baby, too.

    You might want to check to see if your hospital offers a lactation class, just in case. I know here St. Francis has one every Thursday for free. You just show up and there’s tons of support. I have a lot of friends that used it and got positive results.

    I think the bonding thing during breast feeding is an urban legend. I felt the same warm fuzzies just holding them close. As they got older (and had teeth), meal times weren’t much fun.

    I haven’t forgotten about the lamp, fyi. It’s looking like I won’t really be able to get it done until after Halloween, even though I’ve already acquired all the supplies. Jim’s been offered a promotion but it requires a move to a tiny town New York. We’re flying up there this week, then we have to make decisions next week, etc. We’re leaning towards taking it unless the town is just awful or something, so there might be a move in our near future. But you WILL have it before the baby gets here!!!!


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