29 weeks!

Well, I finally have an update on the glucose test. Basically, I came back right at the cusp of what they consider gestational diabetes – of the 3 hourly draws, 1 was elevated and 1 was borderline. So, they consider me to have gestational diabetes now, but I suppose it could be a lot worse than it is. The OB called in a prescription for blood glucose testing supplies for me to test my blood 4X a day for the rest of the pregnancy (the gestational diabetes should go away once babet is born) and I have to take a 2.5 hour class on Friday. I thought I was supposed to start testing right away, and so I did – once in the morning and then 2 hours after each meal. So far, my results have been good – the booklet that came with the supplies says pre-meal should be under 110 (I’ve only had one rogue morning test slightly higher than that) and 2 hours after meals should be under 140 and I haven’t seen anything over 124. So, I guess that’s good! However, I called up the OB just to make sure I was testing at the times they wanted me to test at (their instructions on the prescription label just said 4X per day, whereas the booklet seemed to suggest 6X a day – just before and 2 hours after every meal, so I had just guessed that a baseline morning and the after meal testings were the most important if I had to pick only 4) and they just told me to stop testing until I take the class and get the “official instructions”. So, whatever. I hate to lose a week of testing because, assuming I was using the right schedule of testing, it really helped me to know how specific meals affected my blood sugar and I hate to lose a week of, basically, control. I’ll still watch my diet of course, but still, knowing exact numbers would allow me to customize my meals much better than just saying “NO SUGAR NO CARBS” because obviously I need some carbs. I’d also think that a week’s worth of results might have helped the class instructor give me more customized instructions, but I guess they don’t really do that.  On the other hand, I can also understand the OB wanting me to get all the info I need before I start.

On the upside, again assuming I was testing at the right times, I seem to be doing well managing my blood sugar by diet alone, which the nurse suggested would probably be the case for me, being right on the cusp of GD. And, based on that ultrasound I had about 3.5 weeks ago, I don’t seem to be experiencing the main concern that a lot of GD babies have – becoming too large. But again, I may end up having at least one more ultrasound before babet arrives to make sure that she’s well sized (not too big due to GD or too small due to my lack of weight gain), so I’ll be glad to just keep tabs on her size. But I don’t go in for another 3 weeks, so nothing till at least then (grumble, grumble). So, overall, I’m not terribly worried about this. When I first got the call Friday morning, I freaked out and cried on the phone to Chris, but ultimately, it’s a manageable thing (which, based on what I’ve seen so far, assuming correct, doesn’t seem to be hard for me to manage), I don’t seem to be having the main concern of an overly large baby, and I only have to deal with it for about 11 weeks. I will absolutely do whatever it takes to make sure it’s under control and that babet arrives here safely and that’s all there is to it.

We also toured our hospital’s maternity ward this week. We were both really impressed. The hospital is quite new – built in 2004, so everything is nice and updated. The surgery room (for C-sections) and nursery looked good, but what I liked the best were the rooms. Each patient gets a private room, which is quite big and equipped with a private bathroom with a jacuzzi tub, entertainment things like a DVD player and TV, and everything medically necessary for a normal delivery (plus emergency supplies). I was happy to hear that you give birth in the room and that your baby is cleaned up and examined right there next to you – they don’t whisk her away to a separate part of the hospital. They also encourage you to keep the baby in the room with you as long as you want, or of course they’ll take your baby to the nursery if you need some good rest alone. They also had a cool baby lojack thing where the baby gets a wristband that sets off alarms if taken past certain points in the hallways to prevent baby theft (though the hospital mentioned that it’s pretty much only ever gone off because of parents who weren’t paying attention). It seemed like a really nice place to give birth and I’m feeling really good about it.

Not much else to report. We had a yard sale on Saturday, which really helped clean out part of our garage. We very quickly sold all of the bulky items we had and anything we didn’t sell, we took up to Goodwill and donated, so half of our garage is in a much better state now. We pretty much just have to continue breaking down the pile of empty boxes for recycling and that should be most of what I wanted to clean out. No further work on the nursery yet, but our neighbors dropped off their steamer for us to give the ugly border removal one more attempt, so hopefully Chris’ll try that this weekend.

How Far Along: 29 weeks!
Baby’s Size: Baby is the
size of a butternut squash and weighs 2 1/2  lbs!
Maternity Clothes:
Yup. And finally found a jacket today! Which I think may still work after pregnancy as well!
Best Moment this week:
Seeing our awesome maternity ward!
Yup. Though I still have absolutely no idea how she’s oriented or which body parts are making which movements. She does seem to like to hang out on my right side when I’m in bed, though.
Food Craving: Now that I know I have GD, chocolate, naturally. I’ve been giving myself one Hershey Kiss per day (I found Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses and Caramel Apple Hershey Kisses at Target! Found them the same day I picked up my blood glucose supplies. Figures.). Maybe I’ll get lucky at my class on Friday and find out I can have 2.
What I miss: Not looking at sugar and carbs on nutrition labels.

Belly Button: Still firmly an innie. It does seem a bit shallower, but still holding out hope that it’ll stay in!
What I am looking forward to: 3 classes this week! Infant CPR and Safety on Thurs night, GD class on Friday morning, and Intro to Breastfeeding on Sat morning.

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  1. Marcie
    Oct 04, 2010 @ 20:16:12

    For whatever reason, my MFS decided that I probably had GD (I never did a single glucose drink test). I had to do the finger prick monitoring for two weeks before they believed that I was fine. The instructions I got took about 10min. The biggest thing is for you to find which part of which finger hurts the least when you prick it. For me, it’s the side of my left ring finger. That made all the difference.

    I’m no medical professional, but if the information you’re getting from doing the self-monitoring is helping, I wouldn’t stop and wait for your class. It’s not rocket science and as long as you don’t go crazy with it, I think you’d be fine. It’s not like you didn’t read about it already or anything.

    My doctor gave me a sheet that I had to fill out and turn into them. That made it a lot easier to keep track of what I was supposed to do.

    Good luck!!


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