It’s a…..

Longer weekly post coming a bit later, but I wanted to have a dedicated post for the gender reveal! So, without further ado, it’s a…..






Looks like the majority of those who voted in the poll were correct (final tally was 11 boy to 18 girl)! Our families had mixed guesses, but my sister and brother in law were correct!

We’ve decided not to post the ultrasound pictures that prove that, since it seemed a bit weird to post pictures of our baby’s girly bits online, but I definitely will post a few of the 3D ultrasound pictures in the next post!  Also, even though this was a non-medical ultrasound where we figured this out (we went to one of those 3D ultrasound places), the tech used to work for a hospital and has 18 years of experience. She also said she was 100% sure babet’s a girl and joked that if she’s wrong, she’ll come repaint the nursery for us (but added again that she’s positive it’s a girl). So, I’ve already gone and picked up some new girly clothing, which was so exciting! We’re having another ultrasound this Friday at the ob/gyn just to check on the size of babet (though to my completely untrained eye, babet looked good to me at the 3D ultrasound (and certainly bigger than at the 18.5 week ultrasound) and the tech even mentioned that her cheeks are already getting some good chub), so hopefully that tech will confirm the gender, too. I guess I don’t really need it confirmed by someone else, since the other tech was so sure and I do trust her, but I’m still waiting till this weekend to order the bedding (it’ll be that first girl option from this post – I love that set!).

Anyway, we’re really excited that it’s a girl. We would have been excited either way, of course – we had plenty of reasons for wanting both. I’m just happy to finally know and to be able to start saying “she” and “her” regarding babet. When we found out, I immediately started crying and then soon after, pictured a Disney princess! Of course it’s completely up to our daughter (squee! “our daughter”!) if she’s into that kind of thing and I certainly won’t force her into anything – for all we know, she’ll be a tomboy and that’s totally fine – but I’ve always thought the little girls wearing the princess dresses at Disney World are so adorable. Chris said his first reaction was “Oh boy” (said like Scott Bakula in every episode of Quantum Leap; he loves that show) – he’s very excited too of course, but it’s unknown territory to him. He grew up with a brother, so doesn’t know a whole lot about little girls, but is excited to embark on this adventure. He’s also mentioned that he imagines that our daughter will get anything she wants just by batting her eyelashes at him – he’ll be a softie, haha – and that he now needs to get a shotgun to ward off boys.


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  1. chii-wey
    Sep 08, 2010 @ 20:56:59

    eeeeeee!!!! so excited!! we totally want to see you guys again!!! now i can shop for a girl baby gift for ya!!! 😀


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