28 weeks!!

Well, finally at 7 months! And 3rd trimester! 😀 Again, my mind is kind of torn – I feel like I’ve been pregnant for quite a while and that the end (and babet) is near – only about 12 weeks to go! At the same time, however, 12 weeks is still about  3 months, which is kinda a long time, and when I look at myself, I don’t quite feel I look like a 7 month pregnant woman. Maybe it’s just the fact that I haven’t experienced the dramatic shift in look that a woman who started off thin would. Plus, I only just got asked for the first time last week a question about my pregnancy from someone who didn’t know me, without me mentioning the pregnancy first – and I’ve had absolutely no people trying to touch my belly. Which I suppose is good – lots of pregnant woman complain about that and I can see how it would be off-putting, but I dunno – it’s just one of those things you hear about from like, everyone. But, whatever – I’m still feeling pretty good, which makes me happy.

We had another OB appointment this week where we met another new doctor (I think I still have 3 more to meet), Dr. Bull. She was definitely Chris’s favorite so far. She’s very blunt and matter-of-fact, just like him. I liked her, too. She was blunt, but never mean – I do still like a bit of coddling so I was kind of surprised I liked her, but the way Dr. Bull answered our questions actually made me feel more certain about things we asked about (maternity classes, hospital tour, pediatricians, vaccinations for baby, flu shots – stuff like that). Unfortunately, she appears to be around as pregnant as I am, so I’m guessing she won’t be on call when I give birth. But that’s ok. I’d still be happy with anyone else I’ve met so far and the 3 doctors I have yet to meet are the 3 I had read the most about prior to choosing this OB/Gyn, so I know we’ll be in good hands. I’d say at this point, I’d be hoping most for Dr. Little, but we’ll see how I feel after I meet the other 3. That part of the appointment went well, despite getting what I’m guessing was a new nurse – she was really slow and precise in weighing me, tightened the blood pressure cuff a bit tight, and then took forever with the fetal doppler. I don’t even know why. She found the heartbeat right away, despite practically hovering the wand over my belly rather than the slight amount of pressure they normally apply, but for some reason, she just kept moving the wand, getting the heartbeat again, and then moving the wand again! How many places do you need to find it?! Anyway, after talking to the doctor, I got a flu shot (Chris is getting his this week sometime at CVS) and then moseyed back over to the lab waiting room for my repeat 3 hour glucose test (though I actually started it before seeing the doctor). They gave me the red drink this time, which I actually thought was better than the orange, but I think the combination of not sleeping well the night before, the glucose test, and the flu shot left me feeling kinda icky around hour 2.5. I was exhausted, kinda nauseous, and breaking a bit of a sweat. Luckily, a woman in the waiting room started talking to me and another pregnant lady about her pregnancy with the 2 year old she had with her and that distracted me. By the time I left I felt much better. In spite of the fact that part of the woman’s story involved her 3 DAY LABOR. Egads.

So, anyway, I’m still waiting on the results of the glucose test (I’m hoping for a similar result to last time – I’m not sure I can expect better, as in a completely normal result, but I really really hope I still don’t have gestational diabetes.). Also, unfortunately, I haven’t switched over to biweekly appointments yet (I do after the next appointment in a month), but we’ve got quite a few things lined up for us in the next month or 2. I signed us up for a hospital tour and several maternity classes: childbirth preparation (a 3 night class about childbirth), preparing to parent a baby (1 class on parenting styles and general prep for what to do with a baby), infant CPR and safety (1 class), and introduction to breastfeeding (1 class). I also found a pediatric group that will be accepting new patients in Dec. when the baby comes and was highly recommended by Dr. Bull (and several of her patients, she said), so I’ve got that lined up (though I don’t actually make an appointment till the baby’s here). We’ve also gotten one more piece of advice on the evil border in our nursery. Apparently, it seems whoever put it up glued it directly to the drywall rather than preparing the wall in any way, which is why we’re having so much trouble with it – our neighbors have a steamer they said they’ve used successfully in this sort of situation, so we’re going to try to borrow that and, if all else fails, they gave us a number for a professional painter who actually lives in the neighborhood. Speaking of paint, we’ve narrowed down our choices to 3 colors and got samples, so we’re going to try those out soon and choose one. And finally, USA Baby said that the remaining items from our order should ship to them on Oct. 9th, so I expect to schedule a delivery for our nursery furniture mid-Oct! It’ll be exciting to see the nursery finally come together!

I also did this cute little project I saw here and made some closet dividers for babet’s clothing! Here’s how they came out:

Closet dividers

Also, my mom-in-law sent me some baby shower pictures, so here’s a few:

Cutting cakebinkies


my fam
Chris's fam

3 pals

And finally, although I only posted a picture 2 weeks ago (late for 6 months), here’s my 7 month picture:

7 months

Oh, hey, bonus! You can see the ugly border in this picture.

How Far Along: 28 weeks!! 3rd trimester!
Baby’s Size: Baby is the
size of a Chinese cabbage and weighs 2 and a quarter lbs! Yay! Over 2 lbs!
Maternity Clothes:
Best Moment this week:
Going to the Melting Pot with Chris for a nice dinner. Thanks Chris!
Yup, kicking and punching away in there! I think I may have felt some hiccups this week, too.
Food Craving: Nothing special this week. The chocolate fondue at the Melting Pot was soo good though.
What I miss:
Sleeping well. Still.
Belly Button: Still firmly an innie. It does seem a bit shallower, but still holding out hope that it’ll stay in!
What I am looking forward to: Starting maternity classes, oddly enough.


27 weeks!

Well, this week was pretty uneventful. I felt pretty good this week, though, and managed to get a good amount done – I ordered a bunch of stuff online that we needed for babet and it’s been arriving all week (the UPS man is a frequent visitor!), I got some errands outside the house done, and I decorated the house for fall (only a little early as opposed to my expected Nov. 1 Christmas decorating spree – if I don’t do it then, it won’t be done at all and then I’ll be sad. We were in between houses last Christmas, so I only got to decorate a little in our temporary apartment, so I’m determined to go all out this year, even if I do have to start ridiculously early and probably do little bits at a time. I love decorating for Christmas!). I’ve noticed that any time I go out or do a bunch of stuff around the house, I’m pretty much guaranteed to be really tired that night. I went to 3 stores yesterday and last night I felt like a 90 year old woman hobbling around the house. Sleep always helps, though, and I feel better in the morning.

As I’ve finally managed to get most of my thank you notes out, I also decided to start putting away baby stuff into the nursery closet, so now her room and our living room aren’t quite as messy as they were before, with stuff just piled up. I unfortunately can’t set up the nursery itself much yet still, since I’m still waiting to hear from the baby store that our hutch has arrived so I can have our furniture delivered. I think I’ll call Friday just to check on the status, but since I wasn’t expecting any of it to come in till late October, I don’t expect that it has come in yet. Which is fine. We still need to paint the room and that task has suffered a bit of a setback. The original plan was to have Chris remove the current border in the room and then paint the room light pink. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts (and he really has tried a lot of things), that border just isn’t coming down. So, I think we’re going to hire a professional painter to come in and do the work. I just need to pick a color. I went to Lowes yesterday, thinking “Oh, this’ll be easy.” and that maybe I’d come home with 3 choices or something, but no. I came home with a huge stack of colors. I just don’t know what to pick! I had one of the valances with me for color comparison and I just felt that all the lighter colors were too close to white, all the matching colors would obviously blend in with the bedding (and more importantly valances and blanket which would be right on the wall next to the paint), and as for the darker colors, I’m afraid it’ll either be too dark or look like Pepto Bismol tossed all over the walls. So, I dunno. I’ll have Chris look at them tonight with me, but I’m not sure that’ll help much. He’s not much help in the color matching department. It’s not really that big a deal, but I do want it to look good.

Anyway, that’s about it. I had that follow-up hematology appointment and the doctor decided that my blood is nothing to worry about – just pregnancy, so that’s good! And then I have my 28 week appointment Friday (I think – I’m hoping they’ll call as usual to confirm it today or tomorrow since my prego brain has forgotten and I don’t know what I did with the appointment card).

How Far Along: 27 weeks!
Baby’s Size: Baby is the
size of a head of cauliflower and weighs almost 2 lbs!
Maternity Clothes:
Best Moment this week:
Babet’s bedding arriving – I absolutely love it!
Yup, kicking and punching away in there! I had Chris lay his hand on my belly for a few minutes last night to show him how much stronger the movements are now and it totally weirded him out, haha. He said it felt like he was feeling extreme gas in my belly. Haha, such a guy response!
Food Craving: Still sandwiches. I keep seeing commercials for lunch meats! I want them.
What I miss: Being comfy in bed.
I’m up 2-3 times a night to pee, rolling over is a struggle, and hip pain continues to plague me.
See above.
Belly Button: Still firmly an innie. It does seem a bit shallower, but still holding out hope that it’ll stay in!
What I am looking forward to: Well, since I can’t seem to find a consensus on the start of the 3rd trimester, we’ll just call it 28 weeks since that was the latest I saw (I saw anywhere from 25-28 weeks and a simple calculation suggests 26.66, but whatever). So, 3rd trimester!

26 weeks!

I decided I’d just combine weeks 25 and 26 since I technically had a post last week and I just kept forgetting to put up an official 25 week post, so here it is. The last 2 weeks have been pretty exciting – we learned the gender of babet, as the last post shows, and we also had a baby shower!

The 3D ultrasound appointment was really cool. I called up a few weeks ago to schedule it and I signed up for the basic package, which includes 15 minutes of ultrasound plus a CD of pictures, several printed out pictures, and a DVD of your session. I was originally a bit nervous for 2 reasons – 1) I thought babet might still be a tad alienish looking and 2) I was convinced she’d be stubborn again and we might end up with some cool pictures (which would still make the session worth it of course), but no gender. Really, I had no reason to worry much about either. Chris did still think babet looked a tad alienish, but I think he just doesn’t love the 3D look, so he’d think that at 39 weeks as well. She looked very human to me. There were a few views that looked weird because of shadows and when babet had her mouth open, it was kinda weird looking, but overall, the ultrasound tech said she had some nice chub on her cheeks and I was just amazed at how much she looks like…well, a real baby. Which she is of course.  As for the gender, babet had her legs wide open and the tech was sure immediately that babet was a girl. She pointed out the parts to us. The tech was absolutely great – despite us paying for the 15 minute session, she gave us a good 45 minutes. She was determined to get some good shots (babet kept squirming away) and didn’t have another appointment after us. That was really nice of her. So, all in all, a great experience and here’s some of the pictures:

3D 1

3D 2

Babet and her hand (it was up near her face nearly the whole time!)

3D 3

Babet rubbing her eye

3D 4

Babet looking exasperated with us, haha.

3D 5

Babet's feet crossed at the ankles. We can't tell whether they're Chris's wide paddle-feet or my beautiful feet (lol, actually Chris calls them monkey feet since my toes are much longer than his).

After the appointment, I noticed I had a text from my sister asking if we found out, but we had decided that we were going to make the gender reveal at the shower, so I put up a Facebook status update saying “I have a secret.” A few minutes later, my sister called and demanded to know and I could hear my mom in the background also demanding to know. I felt bad, but I told them that we were going to keep it a secret till the shower because I wanted to see people’s reactions since I didn’t get to see anyone’s reactions to the pregnancy announcement. They were bummed, but they understood. Then I went out and bought a bunch of girl clothing!

Girl clothes 1

I love stuff with cute things on the feet or butt!

Girl clothes 2

A few dresses/tunics with pants, some ruffle-butt footed onesies, and more cute things on butts! I love that gray tunic with the owl (owls are so cute!) with the purple heart pants.

Girl clothes 3

Some clothing sets (I love those pants with Love on the butt and that onesie with the elephant!), socks, ruffly pants, a bib that says "Daddy's girl" (so cute!), some hats, and 2 pairs of booties. Those booties are so cute.

Labor Day weekend, we flew up to NJ where they threw a baby shower for us! The flight wasn’t bad (it’s a short flight) and it was great to spend time with both of our families while we were there. I really wish we could see them all much more often. The shower was great! We had a party at Maggiano’s and the food was delicious. Mostly, it was just good to see our relatives again since we don’t get to see them too often. After everyone ate, we finally made the announcement of babet’s gender (I don’t know how much longer we could’ve held it in! Nicki told me she knew it was a girl when I mentioned on the phone that I was going to go clothing shopping (though technically, I had planned on doing that either way!) and Chris’s dad mentioned that he noticed that Chris slipped the day before and said “her” once (which I noticed and hoped no one else did!)) and then opened some gifts for babet! We’re so appreciative of the help everyone gave us in preparing for her arrival and of the love everyone showed us at the shower. I unfortunately don’t have any pictures from the event, but I know both moms took pictures, so I’ll work on getting a few from them.

The return flight was a bit tougher on me – my back and hips were hurting and I think I may have not had enough water throughout the visit because that night I had a few more Braxton Hicks than normal (I normally only have a couple a day). I drank a ton of water that night and the next day (and actually everyday since then) and stayed in bed all day and I’ve been doing better since. I did kind of overexert again this past weekend, though, and my back and hips were really sore again – we only went to a few stores one day and then attempted to start the garage cleanup the next day – but today I feel good again. So lesson learned – don’t push it. Spend lots of time drinking water and relaxing. I still feel like sometimes my belly is firmer than I’m used to, particularly when I get up from sitting for a while, but I think that may just be the growing baby and uterus. The only time it’s annoying is at night when I roll over in bed. The best way I can describe it is by saying that when I roll over, it feels like I have a bowling ball reluctant to comply with gravity in my belly. I think babet gets comfy in one spot and then when I roll, she’s like, “nooo!” and tries to stay put, making part of my belly feel firm – I think the firm spot is actually just her. It definitely doesn’t feel like a Braxton Hicks, which makes me kinda nauseous and makes my heart race. I mentioned it to my doctor last week and she wasn’t really concerned; she just reminded me to keep up the fluids and call if I get too many actual Braxton Hicks.

Speaking of the doctor, I went back this past week for a size check ultrasound since I still haven’t gained weight. It went pretty well – basically, babet is on the petite side of things, but is firmly within normal range for her gestational age, so again I was reminded to eat as often as possible, but the doctor’s not really concerned since she’s in normal range and all of her ratios (like head to belly and something (head or belly, I don’t remember which) to femur) were all completely normal. She wants to check again in a month or so, so yay, another look at babet! This ultrasound tech also confirmed babet is a girl, without me telling her beforehand that we learned she was a girl, so that’s good! I also learned I have a low-lying placenta, but the doctor said the distance from the cervix was fine and that she still thinks I’ll be able to have a vaginal birth. She didn’t seem concerned about it at all. I guess we’ll check that next time, too, but I think the tech said that the uterus grows upward, so I’m guessing that means it shouldn’t change. Next OB appointment, though, is in a week and a half – my regular monthly appointment (is 28 weeks the last monthly one before switching to bi-weekly?) plus a repeat 3-hr glucose test (blargh!!).

26 week ultrasound

26 week ultrasound! This one isn't too bad, but for some reason, we've never gotten a great profile shot. The video we got from the 3D place has a bunch of places where I can freeze-frame and see a clearer shot, but for some reason, I'm having trouble doing the "Print Screen/Paste into Paint" thing to save it.

So, having gotten 2 separate confirmations that babet is a girl, I decided to order her bedding and a few decorative items! I got the 4 piece set of bedding, an extra blanket to put over the back of the chair we have in the room (though the chair is blue…I really need to figure out some way to make it not blue. Maybe I’ll get a bed sheet for a make-shift chair cover in either brown or pink.), 2 window valances, a mobile, a hamper, a vinyl for the wall, and a set of painted letters spelling out her name made by someone on Etsy that matches the bedding exactly! Plus! I got a call from USA Baby to tell me that her crib and dresser are in! I couldn’t believe it! They told me late Oct to early Nov! But, we’re still waiting on the hutch, so they’re holding the furniture for us till that comes in.


Her bedding. You can also see the mobile, extra blanket (on the chair to the side), and window valance (I got 2, since her room has a double window). I so wish they still sold that lamp. I've searched, though, with no luck. Her crib will be dark brown, not white, though. Also a much different style. We're also going to just paint the wall a light pink - no elaborate moulding or anything like in the picture.


This actually matches one of the other bedding choices I was deciding between, but it's close enough and so cute!

Wall vinyl


This ISN'T her name, it's just the example to show the letters. We do have a name picked out though! Actually, it's been picked out since before she was conceived along with a boy name, which we'll save for a potential future son.

I can’t wait to see it all come together! And also, since I forgot to post one at 24 weeks, and although this is technically not strictly a “6 month” picture, here’s me at 26 weeks:

26 weeks

How Far Along: 26 weeks!
Baby’s Size: Baby is the
size of an eggplant/english hothouse cucumber and weighs about 1 lb 10.5 oz.
Maternity Clothes:
Yup. Discovered the wonders of dresses this week! Comfy!
Best Moment this week:
Since I skipped 25 weeks, we’ll have 2 here – 25 weeks: learning babet’s gender! 26 weeks: baby shower with family!
Yup, kicking and punching away in there!
Food Craving: Sandwiches…how I miss lunch meats. I could kill for a hoagie right now.
What I miss: Being comfy in bed.

Still not great because of hip pain and babet being stubborn to switch position when I do.
Belly Button: Still firmly an innie. It does seem a bit shallower, but still holding out hope that it’ll stay in!
What I am looking forward to: Babet’s nursery stuff arriving!

It’s a…..

Longer weekly post coming a bit later, but I wanted to have a dedicated post for the gender reveal! So, without further ado, it’s a…..






Looks like the majority of those who voted in the poll were correct (final tally was 11 boy to 18 girl)! Our families had mixed guesses, but my sister and brother in law were correct!

We’ve decided not to post the ultrasound pictures that prove that, since it seemed a bit weird to post pictures of our baby’s girly bits online, but I definitely will post a few of the 3D ultrasound pictures in the next post!  Also, even though this was a non-medical ultrasound where we figured this out (we went to one of those 3D ultrasound places), the tech used to work for a hospital and has 18 years of experience. She also said she was 100% sure babet’s a girl and joked that if she’s wrong, she’ll come repaint the nursery for us (but added again that she’s positive it’s a girl). So, I’ve already gone and picked up some new girly clothing, which was so exciting! We’re having another ultrasound this Friday at the ob/gyn just to check on the size of babet (though to my completely untrained eye, babet looked good to me at the 3D ultrasound (and certainly bigger than at the 18.5 week ultrasound) and the tech even mentioned that her cheeks are already getting some good chub), so hopefully that tech will confirm the gender, too. I guess I don’t really need it confirmed by someone else, since the other tech was so sure and I do trust her, but I’m still waiting till this weekend to order the bedding (it’ll be that first girl option from this post – I love that set!).

Anyway, we’re really excited that it’s a girl. We would have been excited either way, of course – we had plenty of reasons for wanting both. I’m just happy to finally know and to be able to start saying “she” and “her” regarding babet. When we found out, I immediately started crying and then soon after, pictured a Disney princess! Of course it’s completely up to our daughter (squee! “our daughter”!) if she’s into that kind of thing and I certainly won’t force her into anything – for all we know, she’ll be a tomboy and that’s totally fine – but I’ve always thought the little girls wearing the princess dresses at Disney World are so adorable. Chris said his first reaction was “Oh boy” (said like Scott Bakula in every episode of Quantum Leap; he loves that show) – he’s very excited too of course, but it’s unknown territory to him. He grew up with a brother, so doesn’t know a whole lot about little girls, but is excited to embark on this adventure. He’s also mentioned that he imagines that our daughter will get anything she wants just by batting her eyelashes at him – he’ll be a softie, haha – and that he now needs to get a shotgun to ward off boys.

24 weeks!!

Argh, these seem to be getting later and later in the week, haha. I’m sorry. Anyway, this is 6 months!! Very exciting! This week I had 3 appointments, 2 of which I’ll mention this time, and one I’ll mention next week.

Tuesday, I had my GI appointment for my icky bowel stuff – I still haven’t heard on the stool sample I gave to the ob/gyn, but the GI told me he assumed it would come back normal and that he thinks my issue is a combination of my lack of gall bladder plus all of the sugar-free stuff I’ve been eating lately to cut back on sugar. Unfortunately that stuff has artificial sweeteners in it and those tend to have a laxative effect if you eat enough of it (fantastic!). So, he gave me a list of stuff to avoid (more foods to avoid, despite everyone telling me, “Oh, but make sure you eat lots! More calories!!”) and told me to just use Imodium as needed, but otherwise he’s not worried since there was never any fever (infection) or blood (any kind of digestive disease). So that’s good. I’m happy enough with that. Plus, I’m pretty much better (just in time for the appointment, naturally).

I also had my 24 week appointment with the ob/gyn and that went pretty well. We met another new doctor, Dr. Miles. He’s a guy, but he’s friendly and I feel fairly comfortable with him (the first ob/gyn I ever went to was a guy and I hated him), but Chris didn’t like him as much as the other doctors we’ve met so far. He said he doesn’t seem as experienced, but I don’t know. He was able to answer my questions and when he said he joined the practice a month ago, I’m not sure that he actually meant he just started working as an ob/gyn a month ago – I took it to mean that he just started with this practice a month ago. I was told 2 months ago they had just hired 2 doctors, Dr. Miles and Dr. Clark, and Dr. Clark had worked somewhere else previously, so maybe Dr. Miles did too. But I did have a brief internal exam, so maybe Chris just didn’t like a guy performing that on me. Anyway, the heart rate was 152 and the internal exam showed that my cervix is quite closed and thick, which is exactly as it should be, so for the most part everything looks good. I did mention the little deal Dr. Clark suggested last month, leaving out the whole “can we just see the gender” thing, but instead focusing on my lack of weight gain, which was the proposed “fudge” reason for having an ultrasound, and actually Dr. Miles agreed that it’s probably a good idea to just check on the baby’s size. Unfortunately, they couldn’t fit me in that day because the ultrasound tech had already left for the day (I had a late appointment), so I was bummed, but I’m going in next Friday. Honestly, I’m expecting everything to look right on track – baby’s kicks have been getting stronger and my belly’s getting a bit bigger, so I’m fairly certain babet is growing just fine. But, it’ll be nice to verify anyway.

Plus it’ll give us a chance to verify the baby’s gender. Yup, that’s right. We now know. I will give no hints right now, but I’ll just briefly mention today’s appointment – we went to a 3D ultrasound place and got some cool pictures of babet’s face and the tech was 100% sure of the gender. So, I’ll reveal that next week – I’m saving it as a surprise to reveal at the shower this weekend. 🙂 I’ll talk more about the session in detail next time (and post some pictures), but another plus was that we definitely saw chubby cheeks, so that supports my suspicion that babet is growing just fine.

Gah, I totally forgot to take a picture this week. Since we’re traveling tomorrow, and I want to get this posted before we leave, I’ll just take a picture next week. Sorry!

How Far Along: 24 weeks!
Baby’s Size: Baby is the
size of an ear of corn and weighs about 1 lb, 4 oz.
Maternity Clothes:
Best Moment this week:
Since the 3d ultrasound was technically 25 weeks, that doesn’t count. My favorite moment of this week was Chris’s birthday and the sweet conversation we had at dinner where he told me how excited he is. 🙂 It totally made me cry. I’m tearing up now, haha.
We didn’t know during week 24, and I’ll leave it at that for now.
Yup! Getting stronger, too.
Food Craving: Pizza.
What I miss: My hips not hurting.

Same old issues as last week.
Belly Button: Still firmly an innie. I’m starting to have a bit of hope that it may not pop, but that’s probably misguided. With my luck, I’ll suddenly put on 80 pounds in the last trimester.
What I am looking forward to: Baby shower this weekend with our families!