23 weeks!

Another late-ish post (notice the ticker!) – sorry! Anyway, I think I’m mostly feeling better finally. I think most of what I’m experiencing now is just normal pregnancy stuff – a little bit of tiredness, still having the slightly achey body towards the end of the day (which I think is just the added weight of the baby and uterus plus some bloating), stuff like that. But I’m eating and drinking normally, and doing so much better than before whatever this all was in the past 2 weeks. TMI alert (stop reading now for a moment if you don’t want to know): I am still having a bit of looseish bowel movements on and off, and although the Imodium certainly helps, the doctor just wants to figure out the root cause since it’s been going on for a bit longer than a bug would typically cause. So, lucky me got to pick up a stool sample kit containing 4 vials (ick) that I got to fill and return to them to test. That was disgusting. (TMI basically over now, you can resume reading) And then next week, I have an appointment with a gastroenterologist. I’m hoping it’s just something simple like I’m eating too much oily/greasy/fatty food for my gall-bladderless body to handle properly (I had this problem prior to getting pregnant ever since having my gall bladder out in 2005, though pregnancy actually seemed to help it, possibly till now) or maybe just a sudden onset of a food aversion in my body (like dairy or something). I don’t have any other symptoms like nausea or fever and that WBC thing I went to the hematologist for last week has been fairly stable since early pregnancy (and I also think not a high enough value), so I’m hoping that means I don’t have an infection of any kind, and I really don’t know what else it could be, but as always, I’m a bit worried about it. I just want to make sure the baby is safe. He/she is still moving around completely normally, and the movement has been getting stronger, so it seems he/she is doing just fine, but I’m a worrier. On the upside, I think this will add to the case of having an ultrasound at my appointment next week to make sure everything looks good with babet (and getting another peek at the gender)!

No other news really, pregnancy-wise. Chris’s birthday is this weekend, so we’re looking forward to that. He’ll be 29. I’m not sure if we’ll really do much, but we’ll probably go out to dinner somewhere of his choosing and of course, I’ve got gifts for him. Maybe we’ll see a movie, too – he’s been wanting to see Scott Pilgrim vs the World.

Well, since I don’t have much else to write about this week, how about some pictures of baby stuff? We still don’t have a whole lot, since it’ll be a while till the nursery furniture comes and we’ve got our shower on Sept. 5, so I’ll just show you the clothing I’ve picked up so far.

Everything in half of the closet

Everything in half of the closet. The other side of the closet has the new cubby organizer, but nothing in it yet. That box in the very bottom is full of Thumpers - I'm not sure if we'll bring some of them out or not.

Clothes pt 1

A couple pieces of clothing (2 from Maui and several packaged onesies), socks, a hat, pants, and a pair of shoes from my Grandmom!

Thumper set!

I found this at the Disney store! It's blue, but I figure the blue one was more gender neutral than the pink one. It comes with a onesie, pants, hat, bib, cardigan, and baby's first Thumper! I figured it was fitting given Chris's Thumper obsession! πŸ™‚

Clothing pt 2

Some footie clothing! I love the outfits that have cute feet or something on the butt! They're just so cute!!

Clothing pt 3

More clothing. That white outfit on top is one of my favorites. It's so soft and the hood has ears and a bear face plus the feet have bear faces and ears! When I showed it to Chris, even he smiled and said it was "ridiculously adorable". The green onesie next to it is from Disney World and has the Finding Nemo seagulls saying "Mine, Mine, Mine". πŸ™‚

Gender specific stuff

This is my small collection of gender specific stuff. There's so much cute gender specific stuff (and not a whole lot of gender neutral to be found - the stuff in the other pictures is pretty much everything available at Target and Carter's) and I couldn't resist, so I let myself pick up a few of each. No more though till we actually know what we're having (hopefully next week!!). The Mickey and Minnie ones are my favorites - the Mickey onesie has Mickey's yellow buttons on the butt and the Minnie one has a bow on the butt. So cute!

Most of what I have so far is newborn size, which I know the baby will be out of in no time, but I’ve got so little of it, I think it’s ok. I do have a couple 3-6 month things (particularly if it’s short sleeved or Gerber). Once we know whether babet’s a boy or a girl, I’ll probably have a shopping spree in which I’ll get a better mix of sizes (at least the first 2 sizes, I’m sure I can wait for bigger stuff, right?) in actual gender specific stuff (squee!). Any recommendations on how many things I actually need, and how many things per size? I’m sure I’ll go over because I just love how cute it all is, but I figure I should have some sort of guidelines…Also, anything I’m completely missing? I know they make gowns, but they confused me a bit – are they useful? I probably also need a few more hats since babet is due in the winter – maybe a coat or something, too? I do have a variety of materials – mostly cotton, but a couple fleece outfits, a couple outfits that feel like towel material, and that thick wooly bear outfit that’s labeled a “pram”.

How Far Along: 23 weeks!
Baby’s Size: Baby is the
size of a large mango and weighs just over a pound! (Woohoo! Finally over a pound!)
Maternity Clothes:
Best Moment this week:
Chris finally felt the baby!! I was so excited! He said it felt weird and I think he still imagines the baby busting through my skin Alien-style, but I think he was happy to feel it. I also tried to show him how the stronger movements make my stomach jump (I don’t quite see movement across my skin or anything, I think I may have too much “padding” for that, lol), but following with how the baby has always been with regards to an audience, the baby stops when he looks.
Don’t know.
Yup! Getting stronger, too. I like to put a remote control on my belly and watch it bounce a bit. πŸ™‚
Food Craving: Nothing strong, but I’ve been eating a bit more cheese and yogurt this week.
What I miss: Having more energy.

My hips are getting more sore in bed, despite the body pillow cocoon, and I have to switch sides often, which is a pain (and an effort). Once I’m asleep though, I’m good. Unless the cat wakes me by either sitting next to my head and poking me or knocking all the books off our bookshelf till I feed her. So much for that automatic feeder – apparently it doesn’t feed her often enough. But I’m already giving her more than the vet told me to give her, so I can’t give her more! I suppose at least it’s sort of practice for getting up for a hungry baby, if only in the waking up repeatedly aspect.
Belly Button: Still firmly an innie.
What I am looking forward to: An ultrasound next week! Whether it’s in the office or at the 3D place, we’re getting one! Please babet, don’t be shy this time! And of course, be healthy!


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  1. Marcie
    Aug 26, 2010 @ 20:23:42

    Seeing those cute clothes brings back memories. We own duplicates of a few of them and I, too, love the ones with the cute feet. One thing to keep in mind is that all Gerber clothes run a size small, so if you have 3-6mo onesies, you’ll really be wearing them in the 0-3mo range.

    For the first 6mo (until they were really good at sitting up) all our boys wore was the one piece sleepers with feet, both at night and during the day. Messing with onsies and pants every two hours for a diaper change was too much trouble. Even in the summer, I felt like just a onesie wasn’t warm enough in the air conditioning. And if you do pants in the winter, you’ll also need socks (another thing to remove then replace every 2hrs). Also, when a diaper leaks, it’ll skip the onesie and end up on whatever they’re on.

    Our boys followed the 3mo range of clothing (like 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, etc.) pretty much to the letter until 9mo, which makes sense since they’re at the 50th percentile for weight and height. They kind of skipped the 9-12mo clothes and went straight to 12-18mo. They’ve been a size ahead since then.

    We bought enough clothes so we would only have to do laundry every 3rd day. I want to say early on they went through 3-4 outfits per day, due to diaper leaks, spitting up, and I always changed them into a new sleeper for bed. If you say 5 outfits, then you’ll want like 15 to get you through 3 days.

    We had summer babies, so I’m not an expert on dressing a baby in winter. I do know that you should not get him/her a coat. You can’t safely wear one in a car seat because they add space between the baby and the straps. I think most moms put a blanket or elastic cover over the car seat when outdoors. You don’t want to leave it on indoors, though, due to rebreathing and it being a SIDS risk.

    What we did during winter was put the boys in hats, stick soft fluffy socks over their hands (stayed on way better than mittens), and put a fleece blanket over their car seat straps and tucked it in around them. Another blanket to drape over their sunshade for the brief car-to-store-to-car trips and we were all set.

    We never used the gowns (seemed like there’d be a draft), so I can’t say much about them. We tried the little t-shirts that wrap around and snap, thinking they would be best for their healing belly buttons, but they were too thin, and required all of the pants related stuff. The full body with feet sleepers didn’t bother their bellies at all.

    I’d probably wait before buying beyond 6mo clothes until you have a feel for how your baby grows. We were right in the middle, but I know plenty that stayed in the 3-6mo range for a long time, and some that totally skipped it all together!


  2. Kathleen
    Aug 27, 2010 @ 09:41:07

    Our hubbys are the same age! Sam turns 29 in November. That’s pretty funny, I thought you were the one who loved thumper. All the clothes are so adorable. And now you’ve made me think about Disney again! We’ve got 104 days to go..come on!! It’s killing me.


    • sleepymel
      Aug 27, 2010 @ 14:30:03

      Haha, it would make a bit more sense for me to be the Thumper fan! But no, he actually picks up a Thumper each and every time we visit Disney World or Disneyland, and has since he was little. I think it’s pretty cute. πŸ™‚

      And now I want to go again too, haha!


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