20 weeks!!!

Woot!! 20 weeks!! Half way to babet! I can’t believe I’m already halfway through this pregnancy. Part of me remembers the earlier weeks going pretty slow, mostly because of feeling sick and tired and a bit worried.  But lately, the weeks have just been breezing by so fast. And now that I can feel baby moving, it just seems more real. Though at times, I sometimes think I can’t believe we’re going to have a baby in about 5 months. I will be holding an actual tiny human being in my arms that we made. That will come out of me some way or another (Chris maintains it will break out alien-style. I think I prefer to just not think about baby’s entry to the world too much because eek…though I know I should think about it at some point.). I’m super excited, but at the same time, nervous. I have no idea what to expect. As many baby blogs and books as I read, I don’t think we’ll ever be prepared. What if I’m terrible at being a mom? I desperately don’t want to be over-protective, but I know I will be. But I can’t wait to start getting to know my little boy or girl.

This week was pretty uneventful symptom-wise, but we did have a pretty major event – registering for baby! I was pretty excited about it and I’ve been doing research for weeks on what we need and what good choices are for different things. I mostly made up a wishlist myself before we went out with a lot of things chosen, but I had a few categories of items I couldn’t decide on, so I wrote down a few options and then we chose together at Babies R Us. Chris got to use the scan gun, so that made him happy, but it took much longer than I expected and we had a few indecisive moments, so I think we were both pretty exhausted by the end of it. When we got home, I went through the list of “baby needs” that the store gave us and added a few more things. So, the registry is done, though we don’t have bedding or furniture on it. The only thing I wasn’t sure whether or not we should add was books – do they fall under the clothing category, as in, people will want to buy that kind of thing anyway, so just take what you get or should I be adding a few? I don’t know that we have any strong preferences for certain books we absolutely must have because they were read to us as kids, so that argument is out.

We ordered the furniture today from USA Baby – from our original 2 choices, we went with the Majestic, but opted for the curved top style instead of the flat top – we figured that made it a good compromise between the more masculine detailing and the feminine curved top, so it works for a boy or girl. In the end, I just couldn’t get past the silly button feet on the Newport and we both decided we liked the Majestic more. So, we got the crib, a 6 drawer dresser, a hutch for on top of the dresser for books and things, conversion rails for the toddler and full bed, and a mattress – they should all arrive near the end of October/early November and we’re very happy with our choice! What’s even better is the store had a sale going on, plus we got to use 3 coupons, one of which was substantial!

This is the style. Unfortunately, not the color. I couldn't find a picture with the color we chose - espresso, which is the darkest brown color. Also, we got that dresser (again in espresso), but not with the mirror. We got a hutch instead.

Espresso color

As for bedding, I’m going with Marcie’s suggestion and picking out a full set for a boy and a full set for a girl. Though indecisive me has only managed to narrow it down, with Chris’s help, to 3 of each (I originally had like 15 of each, it was really overwhelming!)- but I think that’s ok. We may find out the gender sooner at the 3D ultrasound that I think we’ll do around 24 weeks, but even if we don’t find out till baby arrives, having 3 options for each gives us backups just in case something is discontinued by then, which with my luck, it will, but I do have the options ranked, so if nothing is discontinued, I guess I do have 1 choice for each. And again, I’m happy. I know we’ll both really like any of the sets we end up ordering.

Boy Options

This is our #1 boy option. This was probably the one set that Chris had the strongest reaction to, which is always a positive for me. I really enjoy when he really likes something.

Probably our #2 option, but it's by far the most expensive set out of all 6, so I'm not as sure. Plus, there's not as many "made to match perfectly" decor options, so I had to look for "close enough to match" options, which I hope actually do match. We both really like the sleek/simple nature of it though.

Close #3 option. Totally different from the first 2 options. I love animals though, so I like the idea of a zoo-ish theme for a boy. Plus, I like that this particular stlye wasn't quite as busy as most are. And the colors go perfectly with a couple other room decor items I had in mind for a zoo theme.

Girl Options

This is my favorite set of all 6. It's exactly what I've envisioned for a girl's nursery. I love cherry-blossom sorts of things, so this is perfect with the branches/blossoms/birds. It's so cute. I really love it.

This is pretty similar to the previous option, but has a bit more cream color in it and multi-colored leaves. My only concern with it is that I saw another link with the same style name at JC Penny that has much more green in it where the cream is. I'm not sure if this is an older style or if it's just not an accurate picture. One of the reviews mentions ivory though, so I'm hoping it's just a slightly different variation and that this is what you get if you order it. I don't like the version with green as much, but I do still like the pattern, so maybe I'd still love it.

Option #3. Again, pretty different from the theme of the first 2 choices, but I still think it's super cute.

And finally, here’s my 5 month picture. I really need to start doing my hair and makeup for these. I look like a slob, lol.

5 months!

How Far Along: 20 weeks!! Half way there!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I’ve stopped weighing myself.

Maternity Clothes:
Best Moment this week: Choosing things for babet and feeling a bit more prepared.

Don’t know.
Yup! Babet’s a night owl like mommy and kicks up a storm at night! <Boot, boot> “Hey, whatcha doin’ out there? Trying to sleep? But I wanna play!” <Boot, boot>
Food Craving:
What I miss: Sleeping on my back and stomach. Man, do I miss it…

Meh. More weird dreams this week.
Belly Button: Still firmly an innie.
What I am looking forward to: This week’s monthly appointment. I don’t expect a whole lot to happen this time, but I’m meeting a different doctor from the practice and of course, I’ll hear the heartbeat again!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kathleen
    Jul 31, 2010 @ 19:55:29

    You’ve grown!! How exciting! 🙂 Ok, LOVE the boys bedding with the animals on it. If I could I’d force you to get that one!! Sam (husband) and I love animals too. We’re renovating our dining room at the moment and are planning to hang some pretty awesome (and huge, 20×24) animal photos on the wall. Plus…I see in that one there is a picture of a lion on the wall, and they are my favorite! I also love your choice for the girls bedding, with the cherry blossoms on it. The little birdie one under it is cute, but the cherry blossom one is beautiful. And you don’t look like a slob, you look great without makeup. I’m sure your hubby agrees.


    • sleepymel
      Aug 01, 2010 @ 16:02:59

      It is going to be difficult to decide…especially with the animal choice being so different from the other 2. I’m terribly indecisive! I do love that first girl bedding, though – I think I’ll be a little heartbroken if it gets discontinued before I order something. And thank you for your kind comments about how I look – I’m so glad I’m starting to look pregnant! 😀


  2. Marcie
    Jul 31, 2010 @ 20:42:11

    I don’t think you can really mentally prepare for a baby until it’s in your arms. I can remember laying in bed the night before my c-section and I still couldn’t get my mind around it.

    I didn’t spend much time dwelling on how the boys were going to arrive and I’m glad I didn’t. Ignorance is bliss since most of what you’ll read on the internet is the really terrible stuff. It also wasn’t nearly as bad as I was afraid it would be.

    I really like your first option for a boy. Those patterns would be SO great for a newborn. They love light/dark contrasts and can’t see in full color until later. I’m not planning to have any more anytime soon, but I’ve mentally already begun constructing a girl’s nursery in my head. With our track record, though, it’s probably only going to ever exist there!


  3. chii-wey
    Aug 03, 2010 @ 21:15:11

    we have to come visit you! or you come to greenville!! do u feel like the penguin drive in anytime soon? we are likely coming to charlotte on oct 2 for so you think you can dance tour haha … maybe we can meet up? giving birth scares me – i have pretty low tolerance for pain. eeek! i always felt like decorating the baby’s room is more for the mother (nesting) than for the baby itself, so go all out!!! 😀


    • sleepymel
      Aug 03, 2010 @ 22:46:11

      We should definitely get together soon! I can’t think of any reason we won’t be here Oct. 2, so that should work great, and we’re totally up for Penguin!
      And yeah, I’m pretty sure the baby won’t care what I do with the room, lol. Definitely mostly for me to coo at.


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