19 weeks!

Well, another week gone by! I got my results for the 3-hour glucose test and overall, I’m not classified as having gestational diabetes! Yay! Basically, I got another borderline result on the first blood draw, but the second and third were normal, so they’ll test me again at 28 weeks (I think this is when they test most other women) to make sure I still haven’t developed gestational diabetes. As far as I can figure, my body goes a little nuts with sugar at first (but not too nuts, or they’d still say I had gestational diabetes) and then figures out what it needs to do like normal people. In addition to retesting at 28 weeks (which, ugh. I mean, I know it’s for our own good, but still, doing it again will suck!), I’m just supposed to keep an eye on what I eat – not eat too much carbs and sugar and try to increase my protein. It hasn’t been too hard so far. I did love candy and other sweet things, but they make sugar-free versions which don’t taste too bad. And really, for the most part, during this pregnancy, I’ve been craving a good amount of healthy stuff.

In gender determination news, Chris and I decided that we probably will try out the 3D/4D place, but I think we’re going to wait a little while till we do – let things develop a little more. I don’t want to wait too long, though. I’m impatient! Unfortunately, I called the place and they don’t offer any kind of guarantee that they’ll determine the gender (even if you pick the “Gender Determination” package, which is basically the same as their basic package), but I think it might be neat to see the pictures anyway, even if they are alienish. I also have a monthly doctor’s appointment coming up next week, so I may try to beg for another shot at an ultrasound, but a) I’m meeting a different doctor from the practice, so I don’t know what his personality will be and b) I’m pretty sure the answer will be no, regardless of who I beg, simply because they don’t just toss around ultrasounds, presumably because of insurance purposes. But I’ll try anyway.

In terms of decorating, <sigh> I just don’t know. I know everyone says it’s not a big deal, it’s just a place for baby to sleep and he/she won’t know the difference between an adorable planned out room and a cardboard box, but I dunno. And I know the bumper and the quilt are useless because they’re not safe, but I could still maybe put it on the wall or something, not near the crib. And I like the idea of a themed room, with themed decor items! Basically, this was kinda something I wanted to do. I don’t work, so I think making the home look nice is part of my job. It’s important to me and I really enjoy it. Plus, it’s the one time in the kiddo’s life that I have complete say over how they’re dressed and what their room looks like. Why not make it something I love? I’ve been looking for gender neutral room ideas, and I have found a few I like, but it just seems that everything labeled “gender neutral” is either too boy to really work for a girl or too girly to really work for a boy. Or just a solid color. Zzzzzzz. But, I still want to show Chris the things I’ve found and see whether he thinks they’re gender neutral or not and if he likes them. If so, we may have a few good choices. If not, babet will not have decor till after he/she arrives. Unless we actually see the gender at some point between now and then (*crosses fingers*).

Anyway, this week has been…interesting. Obviously, the glucose results were good news, but since returning from Hawaii, Chris has been working 14-18 hour shifts at work for a plant shutdown/restart/project planning thing, so I’ve missed having him around. I also feel really bad for him – he leaves at like 5:30 am and doesn’t get home till after 7 pm most nights. One night he even got back at 11:30 pm after a particularly hard day. He walks in the door at night, exhausted and then gets up early the next morning, exhausted. It just doesn’t seem safe to me. But, he assures me it should be done by Thursday. I hope so.

How Far Along: 19 weeks!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I’ve stopped weighing myself. The ultrasound showed that babet was growing just fine, so maybe I’ll take notice of my weight at doctor’s appointments, but otherwise, as long as babet’s good, I don’t care how much I haven’t gained.

Maternity Clothes:
Best Moment this week: Getting the good news about my glucose results. Anything that lets me not worry is great!

Babet is shy like Mommy. Or thinks he/she is funny like Daddy. Either way, we don’t know.
Yup! Definitely more noticeable this week. I definitely feel movement repeatedly, several times a day (though I’m not at the point of kick counts yet) and I’m positive it’s the baby moving (and not just gas or muscle twitches). I can’t wait till Chris can feel it too! Though, something tells me he might find it weird, lol.
Food Craving:
Nothing specific again.
What I miss: Sleeping on my back and stomach. Man, do I miss it…

Meh. Weird dreams this week…scary tornadoes and living in a gang-infested neighborhood.
Belly Button: Still firmly an innie.
What I am looking forward to: Maybe ordering a crib/registering this weekend, if Chris isn’t too tired (though I do have a pretty good coupon for the store where we’re getting the crib, sooo….we should really go.). I love looking at baby stuff!


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  1. Marcie
    Jul 27, 2010 @ 22:22:06

    I think you should just completely pick out two sets of nursery decor. That way you’ll have everything planned at least. The fun part is in the picking out, anyways. I’m big on decorating kids’ rooms, so I’d say go for it. I’m really looking forward to when the boys can tell me what theme they want and we can go hog wild on it together. 😀

    I used the quilt on the wall as decoration. You can buy these decorative screw clamp things (they’re much prettier than I just described) to hang them. With the bumper, I was at a loss. You could probably convert it into cute wall picture things, too. I just never did since what I picked out came with fabric wall hangings.

    Oh, the back and stomach sleeping… For me, so much time passed where I had to sleep on my side, it feels weird not to now. I end up that way most nights even though I used to be a hardcore back sleeper.


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