17 weeks!

The trip to Hawaii was a lot of fun. I’m kinda sad to be back. It was really nice to spend time with my family again. We spent time at the beach and the pool, and we made trips to the top of Haleakala, Hana, and quite a few trips to Lahaina. I think my favorite thing we did was to go snorkeling at Molokini and Turtle City. It was relaxing and interesting and pretty! And being in the water felt really good with the growing weight of my stomach! Getting out, though, was always like, “ugh, where did all of that weight come from??” We also had lots of really good meals – I think my favorite was at Mama’s Fish House up near Paia on Maui. It was my one fish meal of the trip (I was advised to keep my intake under 12 oz for the week, sadly) and it was definitely a good one. The hotel was also amazing. My parents rented a 3 bedroom condo/townhome style place connected to the Grand Wailea, which was just fantastic. Really nice. Oh, and I have no tan. I pretty much just burn, and while it sometimes turns into tan, I decided to slather on the sunscreen regularly anyway. My shoulder’s still got a bit burnt, but oh well.

Family room of hotel room

Family room of hotel room, Where's Waldo?

Us under the big banyan tree in Lahaina

Us under the big banyan tree in Lahaina

Family at the peak of Haleakala

Family at the peak of Haleakala

Us at the Old Lahaina Luau

Us at the Old Lahaina Luau

Family at the Old Lahaina Luau

Family at the Old Lahaina Luau

There’s more pictures here if you’re interested!

Anyway, pregnancy-wise, things have been pretty good. I was a bit concerned about the trip up to Haleakala, with the elevation and all, but we pretty much only drove up, took pictures, and then drove down, so I don’t think it was a problem. I think elevation only really matters if you’re staying at high elevations for a longer period of time (assuming you don’t already live there). Also, the drive to Hana was quite curvy, so I felt a little like a shaken egg (it wasn’t really bumpy, just lots of back and forth), but again, I think I’m fine. But, ooh, that reminds me – I think I’m feeling the baby now! It kinda just feels like a light flick in my lower belly, or popcorn popping. Sometimes, I only feel one or 2 for a while, but other times, I’ve felt several almost evenly spaced. I’m not sure if it’s possible to feel hiccups yet, but my weekly email said that the baby would be practicing breathing now and would occasionally hiccup, so maybe that’s what the evenly spaced ones are.  Also new this week, or newly noticed, is that I think I’m finally starting to show. My parents, who haven’t seen me since right before we found out I was pregnant, said I looked like I am and I think I notice it too, though it really depends on the top I’m wearing. Most empire waist shirts seem to emphasize it a bit more than regular shirts.

In other news, as I might’ve mentioned before, the big ultrasound is tomorrow! But…so is my 3 hour glucose test…which, yes, means I failed the first. Well, I came back borderline. Which is why I need the 3 hour test to see for sure. I’m a bit nervous about it. I’m not so nervous about the rest of the pregnancy, although there were a few scary things I saw about uncontrolled gestational diabetes – basically, if I have it, I fully intend to do whatever is necessary to control it, and if managed properly, there shouldn’t be too much to worry about. And maybe I’ll even get a few more ultrasounds near the end to check the size of the baby, so I’ll get to see him or her more often. It’s more the early pregnancy stuff I read about that scared me. Basically, if you test positive early on (earlier than 20 weeks), there’s a chance you had undiagnosed diabetes prior to the pregnancy. Now, I was tested about a year ago (which would’ve only been about 8 months prior to getting pregnant) and my results were normal and they’ve never been anything but normal, but you never know what could happen in 8 months. And the scary thing I read was that if your blood sugar is out of control in the first 8 weeks of pregnancy, your baby has a higher risk of certain birth defects, particularly heart defects. I’m hoping a) that the 3 hour test comes back negative (which there’s apparently a fair chance it could), or b) even if it comes back positive, the fact that my blood sugar was only borderline when taxed with lots of sugar at the first test means that my blood sugar doesn’t regularly get ridiculously high so that maybe it was not too bad in those first 8 weeks of pregnancy. I suppose the good thing is that we have the ultrasound tomorrow, so that should identify anything big and hopefully put my mind at ease (assuming everything looks good), mostly regardless of the results of the glucose test. The negative is just that I’m not really excited about the ultrasound anymore. I’m just nervous. I just want to know that the baby’s healthy. I’m also not really looking forward to drinking more of that gross drink and then sitting there for 3 hours, being pricked every hour. On an otherwise empty stomach. At least I have the ultrasound right after I drink the stuff, so I don’t have to sit, bored, for all of the wait. Anyway, please think happy thoughts for us that everything will be ok. And, if you haven’t already, get your vote in on the poll for the gender on the sidebar!

How Far Along: 17 weeks!
Total Weight Gain/Loss:
Still down despite eating well this past week.
Maternity Clothes:
Best Moment this week: Spending time
with my family in Hawaii!
Gender: Well, I have no final guess, but we find out tomorrow hopefully!

I finally believe I am!
Food Craving:
Nothing specific this week, though I was eating better, so I’m hopeful my appetite is back.
What I miss:
Sleep: Good this week. I was sufficiently exhausted every night on vacation to sleep pretty well.

Belly Button: Still firmly an innie.
What I am looking forward to: Finding out whether babet is a boy or girl tomorrow (and desperately hoping for everything to look healthy!!)!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kathleen
    Jul 20, 2010 @ 18:39:00

    Loved the Hawaii pics!! I don’t know why it’s so exciting to look at photos….they can belong to complete strangers and I enjoy them as if they were my own!


  2. Maria Leon
    Jul 31, 2010 @ 04:01:18


    Love the pics, and the blog. You look amazing. Hawaii looked so beautiful and you were glowing in every pic.


  3. Alexis
    Aug 29, 2010 @ 12:18:14

    You look beautiful in that pink top. It really suits you.


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