15 weeks!


Well, again, not a whole lot to report this week. I did have a mini-freak out on Friday, though. Which actually, I’ve been doing so well worry-wise (I’m not counting the baby stuff overload, that was just a feeling of being overwhelmed with choice – I knew I would or will eventually choose things) with this pregnancy, so I guess I was kinda overdue for a little bit of freaking out. But luckily it was short lived. Basically, I just got concerned about this weird place in pregnancy where my symptoms are pretty much gone (minus a little morning sickness here and there that goes away fairly quickly and my continuing lack of appetite) and I don’t have the new symptoms of showing or feeling the baby yet. It just makes me feel normal, as in, how do I know that everything’s ok in there?? At least the morning sickness early on was somewhat comforting in that regard! So, I called up the ob/gyn, without any real complaint, I really just wanted to talk to a nurse and be reassured that everything is most likely ok. And that’s what I got. I talked to a really nice nurse who made me feel better. She reaffirmed what the doctor told me that most first time moms don’t start showing or feeling the baby till at least 18 weeks, more likely 20. And reaffirmed that so long as I’m not bleeding or crampy, which I’m not, we just have to assume everything is ok. I do kinda hate having to just have faith. I want proof. But I guess I just need to work on that. She also told me to call back next week if I’m still feeling anxious and she’d try to fit me in for a quick heartbeat monitor to make me feel better, but my next appointment is on July 6th, so I think I can wait.

I guess the only thing I’m still slightly concerned about is my weight (though I do think I can tell that my uterus is growing, so I guess the baby must be as well). I’m still not gaining any. The nurse wasn’t too concerned – they would like me to put on some weight, but she just told me that a) it’ll happen eventually and it may actually be for the best to keep my weight gain at bay early on and b) she recommended trying to eat 6 small meals a day rather than 3 bigger meals, which sounds more doable for me. I just fill up so quickly. We went out for lunch today and I ordered a cup of soup and side salad and I could only eat half of each before I was really full. So, I’m trying to snack on smallish things throughout the day now and I’ve added in some Ensure drinks to boost my healthy calories in an easy way. I also found this article on Baby Center which made be feel better too. I think I’ll just feel much better a) after my next appointment assuming the doctor tells me that everything feels normal to her and we hear the heartbeat again, and b) once I DO actually start showing and start feeling the baby move.

How Far Along: 15 weeks!!
Total Weight Gain/Loss:
Still down about 10 pounds.
Maternity Clothes:
Still enjoying maternity pants, even though I’m still not sure I need them.
Best Moment this week: Ummm, I’m not really sure…it was a pretty ordinary week.
We had some gyros that were pretty good…wow, that’s a pretty lame best moment…
Dunno. After last week’s inadvertent uses of “she”, this week, I’ve used “he” a couple times. I seem to be confused.
I’m sure baby is moving in there, but I don’t feel it yet.
Food Craving:
Eh, not much. Hence the eating problem.
What I miss: Enjoying food more.

Sleep: Eh, the pillow helps a bit, but I’m still a bit uncomfortable while I’m awake, trying to get to sleep.

Belly Button: Still firmly an innie.
What I am looking forward to: Next week’s appointment. And possibly seeing Eclipse!! 😀


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