14 weeks!


Well, again this week, I don’t have a whole lot to report. It’s been a pretty good week, symptom-wise and I guess the main issue of the week has just been feeling overwhelmed at the choices of baby stuff (mentioned in a separate post). Also, I’d like to formally request my glow. I was promised a pregnancy glow. I’m not glowing. My nails are stronger than they used to be, but they don’t seem to be growing any faster anymore (they seemed as if they were early on). And I guess my hair looks pretty good – it’s gotten pretty long and when I straighten it, I think it looks pretty great; nice and shiny! But I’m usually too lazy to straighten it, so…not really getting the benefit of that. But my face and my skin? Ick. I’ve always been lucky to have pretty clear skin, but now it seems to be breaking out more and so I always look blotchy or pimply! I don’t like it! And the skin everywhere else seems drier. My hands right now are like sandpaper! I need some lotion. I want my pregnancy glow. <pout>

In other news, despite not really showing, my lower belly is starting to feel heavier and firm. Which is weird – I’m so used to it being more like “squish”. But the heaviness is a bit uncomfortable at times. My doctor told me to expect pinching sensations or a slight ache sometimes as my uterus gets heavier and the ligaments stretch to support it and that’s pretty much what I’m feeling. It just feels a bit like my insides are straining to hold everything up. Nothing terrible of course, just a tad uncomfortable every once in a while. I feel it mostly when I’m walking or climbing stairs (especially the abnormally steep stairs in our house). When I sit, I’m pretty much fine. When I sleep, it depends on my position – I haven’t been able to lay on my belly for a few weeks now, but my back is about to be phased out as well. My stomach just feels heavier and it kinda makes my hips hurt. On my side, I’m using a pillow to prop up my stomach a bit since that seems to help relieve the slight straining sensation. It’s also a pain to have to turn over and readjust pillows and everything (gosh, I’m complaining now – imagine how I’ll be when I actually have a hefty baby bump!), but if I stay on one side too long, my hips start to hurt. My pregnancy pillow is supposed to come this week, so I’m excited about that. It’s basically a full body cocoon.

How Far Along: 14 weeks!!
Total Weight Gain/Loss:
Still down about 10 pounds…is this ever going to go up??
Maternity Clothes:
Still enjoying maternity pants, even though I’m still not sure I need them.
Best Moment this week:
Hmm, nothing terribly exciting this week..I guess going to another baby store was kinda fun when I wasn’t feeling overwhelmed by choice.
Gender: I’ve had a couple moments when thinking about the baby, I’ve used the word “she” without thinking.
I’m not sure it means anything though.
I’m sure baby is moving in there, but I don’t feel it. I thought I might’ve once, but it was probably just a muscle twitch. It seemed too high.
Food Craving:
Caprese salad.
What I miss:
Sleeping better.
So so this week. As I mentioned above, I’m finding it more difficult to lay on my back when I first get into bed without my hips really hurting and stomach sleeping is long gone, so I’m pretty much stuck with side sleeping now. Unfortunately, I’m waking up with my hips hurting and having to switch sides, so I finally bit the bullet and ordered a pregnancy pillow! Hopefully it’ll help.
Belly Button: Still firmly an innie.
What I am looking forward to: Again, finding it hard to wait to find out who baby is! I almost bought one of those IntelliGender kits today at the store, but it was like $30 and it’s probably not even accurate, so I passed. I’ll just wait…only 4 more weeks…


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  1. Marcie
    Jul 02, 2010 @ 21:15:25

    I had terrible, awful hip pain. I tried pillows and just about anything I could find. The only thing that helped was the 2 inch memory foam mattress topper from BB&B. It was pricy but well worth it.

    For me and other moms I know, it seemed like one day you have just a little belly, and then the next you “pop” and suddenly look pregnant. For me, it was at 18wks when everyone stopped looking at me like I needed to get to the gym, and instead started asking when I was due.


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