13 weeks!


Well, this week has been pretty uneventful. I’m still feeling pretty good, though some mornings I still wake up feeling a bit nauseous. Otherwise, I’ve been able to get out a few times this week, so that was fun. Chris’s work had a company picnic on Saturday which we went to, which was fun. I finally got to meet a bunch of his coworkers and I really liked them! We were supposed to take part in an Eco-Trek activity, but I wasn’t feeling quite up to it, and I’m glad we didn’t do it because it sounded like it was a lot of walking and it was really, really hot out. The picnic was at a local whitewater center (man-made, but still really cool looking) Chris and I did take a short, slow stroll down to the area where the people were boating around, and by the time we got back, I was exhausted and quite sweaty, so I can only imagine how a timed hike would have affected me!

I also decided to make 2 baby-related outings this week also – looking at maternity clothing and a quick trip just to look around at Babies R Us (more on that in at least one separate post). The maternity shopping was kinda fun. I was a bit nervous that I was the least pregnant person in the store and so maybe I was shopping way too early, but I figure a) I’m already in stretchy pants and my belt extender is not looking so hot on the setting I was wearing it, so why not, and b) I really didn’t want to wait till the last minute and find out local stores didn’t carry my size, making me have to order stuff and wait while I bust out of my clothing later on. But! The lady who helped me at the store was really nice and helpful in picking stuff out (and assured me I wasn’t crazy for starting so soon), and the store provides a “7 month” belly to try on with clothing, so I got to see how stuff will fit later on! I have no idea if my belly will look like that strap on belly, but I was surprised at how cute I felt with it on. I really liked how stuff looked with it on. With my luck, I’ll just gain weight everywhere and as I’ve worried thus far, just look extra fat. But we’ll see I guess. It’s funny – I find myself wondering when I’ll start showing (my ob said 18-20 weeks) and impatient for it to happen, but I’m sure that 4 months from now, I’ll be laughing that I ever worried because I’ll be huge. I know that things will progress as they should and I should just enjoy each month as it is. But, bah! I want a cute belly! Anyway, I got myself some stuff that I’m sure will take me through the summer and I probably won’t have to go back till I need jeans for fall.

How Far Along: 13 weeks!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: <sigh> Still down about 10 lbs.
I guess at least it isn’t going down more.
Maternity Clothes:
Finally got some! I still fit just fine in non-maternity shirts, but I like empire waist, so I’m not sure that counts. And I’m sure I totally don’t need to be wearing the pants, but they’re comfy!
Best Moment this week: I guess trying on maternity clothing with the strap-on bump – seeing what I’ll look like later!

Gender: No idea, but according to one website (though it’s based on heart rate, which isn’t actually correlated with sex), it’s a girl. I actually repeated it with last week’s heart rate info even though that wasn’t an ultrasound and it still said girl. According to another website that just quizzes me on a bunch of old wives’ tales, there’s a 67% chance I’m having a girl.

Movement: Nope, too early.
Food Craving:
Sour cream and onion potato chips.
What I miss:
Eh, I don’t really have any complaints this week.
Not so bad this week. Though I am noticing that even despite getting up early all during the Disney trip and then again on Saturday, my body always goes right back to wanting to sleep in. That’s going to have to change….
Belly Button: Still firmly an innie.
What I am looking forward to: Finding out who baby is! Even though that’s weeks away…


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