12 weeks!!


Oh boy!! 3 months!! Though, I’m not really sure when the trimester cutoff is. I originally figured it was 3 months, but then I realized pregnancy is 40 weeks, which is actually 10 months, so 10/3 is like 13.5, so maybe it’s 13 or 14. At any rate, as of this coming Thursday, I’ll be 13 weeks and we’re going to make an announcement! Yay! I’m excited. And then I can actually start posting these posts, instead of just writing up drafts and hoping there isn’t a glitch that publishes them too soon!

Anyway, this week, I had my 12 week appointment, which was pretty much just a normal ob/gyn appointment plus some bloodwork (6 vials!! Egads, how do I have blood left?), and hearing the heartbeat! I was so excited to hear the heartbeat again. I knew I wouldn’t have an ultrasound (the next one isn’t till 18 weeks – that’s the big one!!), but I also wasn’t sure if I’d get any real confirmation that babet’s ok in there other than a “well, since you have no negative symptoms, we’ll just assume everything’s ok”. But, my mom told me that she always had a fetal heartbeat test at every appointment, so that made me feel better. With my symptoms (morning sickness/tiredness) fading away as I enter the second trimester and with me not showing yet, I just really wanted to hear the heartbeat so I knew it was still real. Especially right before we tell everyone. But, yeah, the appointment went well! The heartbeat was 169 beats/min and sounded good and the doctor said that everything looks and feels good to her, so I’m happy! I also really liked the doctor I met today. Hopefully, I’ll like all the doctors at this practice as much (I don’t get to pick who delivers, it’s whoever’s on call at the time).

So, now I think I might venture out tomorrow and check out maternity clothing, though I’m still doing ok in my normal clothing. I’m really not sure when or what to buy. The doctor said that I could expect to start showing around 18-20 weeks, which seems like forever away, but I guess it’s not really. Do I get a little bit of summer stuff for the end of the summer or will I be ok till fall? How fast am I going to grow? I guess I just can’t imagine getting much bigger soon. I mean, I’m plus sized to begin with, so I don’t know if that means there’s more space for the baby to grow into before I need maternity clothing or what. Not to mention the fact that I’ve actually lost 10 pounds so far (which my doctor said is ok – basically the baby is growing and getting the nutrients and my body is probably using up a bit of my fat for itself). But it’s weird. I’ve lost weight, but my waistline has definitely grown a bit (I guess that’s what tells me babet is doing just fine in there despite my weight loss) – I do oddly have one pair of pre-pregnancy pants that fits perfectly (I guess they were big to begin with), but for the most part I’m still using that belt extender on the first or second notch (depending on the pants) and I’m very much enjoying the yoga capris I got from Walmart. I just don’t know. I’d hate to waste money on summery stuff and then never need it, but at the same time, I don’t really want to wait till I’m absolutely busting out of my clothing before I go out and buy anything. Not to mention the fact that it seems that a lot of places don’t carry their plus size maternity stuff in stores, so I’d be stuck ordering and waiting.

Also, though I’m a bit nervous about the whole “showing” thing, with me being larger to begin with (basically, I’m afraid I’ll never look pregnant, just extra fat!), I thought I might start taking monthly pictures of myself. So, here goes:

3 months!

3 months! (Please excuse the lack of makeup, bad hair, and gross mosquito bite on my arm...)

How Far Along: 12 weeks!!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: No change from last week.

Maternity Clothes:
Still rocking the belt extender and yoga pants (like I do yoga, haa)!
Best Moment this week:
Hearing babet’s heartbeat again!
Gender: No idea.

Nope, too early.
Food Craving:
McDonalds. After smelling french fries on the plane back from Disney, I had to have some.
What I miss:
Having choices in clothing…I guess that means I should get some maternity stuff…
A bit better again in our comfy bed, but I’m considering a pregnancy pillow. Unfortunately, I can’t decide between about 5 models.
Belly Button: Still firmly an innie.
What I am looking forward to: Telling everyone on Thursday!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mama
    Jun 22, 2010 @ 21:02:15

    OMG, there are actually pregnancy pillows? I used to shove any old pillow under my tummy just to get comfortable. I actually thought “Gee, I wish I could market a special pillow just for pregnant moms” Too little, too late.


  2. sleepymel
    Jun 22, 2010 @ 22:12:49

    There are! There’s actually a lot of choices, so it took a while to decide, but they look pretty good! The one I got is like a full body cocoon! You can hug the top part so you’re not slouched over, it supports your belly and back, and you can position it between your knees to support your hips. And then later, you can fold it up kind of like a husband pillow and use it for nursing or just reading in bed. I also got a cheap little wedge to bring to Hawaii. I think the bigger one’s actually supposed to come tomorrow! I’m excited. 🙂


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