10 weeks!


Well, not a whole lot to report this week. I’m in the double digits now, which is exciting! But, I’m still nauseous and tired, spending my time between the bed and the couch. And my weight is still down from pre-pregnancy (and not going up at all). Our weekends are pretty dull, too – we used to go out to eat or see movies on weekends, but I just haven’t been up to it, so we’ve been watching movies on the couch together. Which is nice. I just feel bad because Chris really wants to go see Iron Man 2. And Shrek and Prince of Persia…

I’ve also been working on drinking more water. Chris has been calling the baby a raisin (or this week, a prune, according to The Bump). I just hate water. But I know we need it.
Basically, that’s about it. I’m desperately hoping I start to feel better next week for the trip, but I’m a bit worried. I want us to have fun. I know it will be a different Disney trip, much slower and less to go on and that’s ok, but I don’t want to not even want to leave the room!

Sorry, not much of a post this week. Next week will be better! (I hope)

How Far Along: 10 weeks!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: About the same as last week.

Maternity Clothes:
Still none, but still wearing the belt extender on the smallest setting.
Best Moment this week: Reaching double digit weeks!

Gender: Still no idea.

Nope, too early.
Food Craving:
What I miss: Still not being nauseous.

Still meh.
Belly Button: Still firmly an innie.
What I am looking forward to: Trip next week!


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