9 weeks!


So, this week was exciting! We had our first ultrasound on Monday. I’m so happy Chris got to come and see the ultrasound with me. The ultrasound lady found the baby really quickly and it was just amazing to see our little babet. I started crying immediately. I sort of knew what to expect to see with the weekly email updates I get from Babycenter, but seeing mine was amazing. It made it feel real. I mean I know I’ve been having symptoms, but part of me worried it was all in my head. Plus, we got to see and hear the heartbeat! Which made me cry again, lol. Nice strong, steady heartbeat at 182 beats/min (old wives tale says over 140 means girl, but we’ll see! I also tried the pendant tale, but it didn’t move – so much for that one, lol.).

So, it was great to see that everything looks good and where it’s supposed to be and I’m measuring exactly where I thought I was, so the due date is officially December 15! I’m a bit worried about the baby coming much later, since I’m already a bit concerned about having a baby so close to Christmas (my birthday is Jan 5, so I know about having a birthday close to Christmas), but whenever he or she decides to come, I’ll just be happy he or she is really here.

After our appointment, we decided to tell our parents and siblings, which was a lot of fun. We called each set and asked them to check their email, where the ultrasound picture was waiting. Both moms shrieked and everyone was happy for us. It was great to be able to tell them after holding it in for weeks!

And of course, since we have the picture, here it is for everyone to see!

Our babet! (head pointing down)

Our babet! (head pointing down)

How Far Along: 9 weeks!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: About the same as last week.

Maternity Clothes:
None yet, still wearing the belt extender on the smallest extension, though.
Best Moment this week: Seeing babet on the ultrasound! So amazing.
Also, telling our families. 🙂
Gender: No idea and still no personal feeling, but mom-in-law and brother-in-law think girl. Heart rate also predicts girl, but there’s not actually a link, so that doesn’t really mean much.

Nope, too early.
Food Craving:
Still not much of an appetite, but the few cravings I’ve had this week were cut up veggies with ranch, grapes, and pizza (we’re on our second delivery of the week!)
What I miss: Still not being nauseous.

Still meh.
Belly Button: Still firmly an innie.
What I am looking forward to: Second trimester? It’s still a few weeks away, but I’m looking forward to going totally public and not worrying quite as much about bad things (I can’t even type what that means – I’m sure you can figure it out though.)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marcie
    Jun 16, 2010 @ 20:27:48

    Ahhh, the heartbeat gender identification. Our both of our babies were in the 150-160 range and you know what happened there… FYI, their heartbeats will get lower the older they get (since they get more efficient at it). I didn’t realize this and when I noticed, I got worried. 🙂


    • sleepymel
      Jun 16, 2010 @ 20:54:15

      Haha, yeah. I’m putting no faith in old wives tales! Otherwise, I’m pretty sure I’d be having a mixed gender kid, eek!

      I was actually surprised at how high the rate was at that first ultrasound. I knew it would be high, but it seemed super high compared to what I’d been seeing in my birth club on Babycenter. Last week (a month after the first ultrasound), though, it was down to 169, which the doctor was still happy with. And I was just happy to hear it again, lol.


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