6 weeks


So, I’ve known for about a week and a half, and according to the websites, I’m 6 weeks today! It’s still kind of hard for me to believe, especially since I’m barely feeling any different. According to Baby Center, I should count myself as lucky for not having bad symptoms yet or sometimes it sets in around 7 weeks, but all I can think is that I only have 2 pregnancy tests to tell me I’m pregnant. No symptoms. I mean, I guess that’s not entirely true. I do feel a bit off, but that’s about it. I find that if I don’t eat soon after getting up, my stomach gets a little upset, which is definitely different because I used to be able to get all the way to dinner sometimes without realizing I forgot to eat (not like you could tell by looking at me though, lol). On the other hand, I don’t have much of an appetite. I’ve been eating pretty small meals and I get full easily. After I eat, I sometimes get a bit nauseous. And at night, I sometimes feel pretty bloated and find it hard to get comfortable to sleep. Which, I guess when I write it out, sounds like a good amount of symptoms, but the thing is they’re pretty mild. I almost don’t notice most of the day. Maybe I shouldn’t complain. I haven’t had any worrisome symptoms at all, so that’s certainly a positive.

I also haven’t told anyone other than Chris yet. For the most part, that makes sense. I don’t plan to announce anything till the second trimester, but I’m wondering if I should tell our parents and siblings at least. Does the rule apply to them? I would doubt it. I certainly don’t want them to be upset if I don’t tell them now. I had trouble last weekend not blurting it out over the phone. Which brings up another thing –  how I can tell them. I kinda hate to just do it over the phone, but I won’t see my family in person till July (I saw my parents a few weeks ago, but didn’t know yet) and we’ll see Chris’s family in about a week, but I won’t be ready to tell them yet. Plus, I want to try to tell everyone together or near the same time. As is stands, I plan to tell both sets of parents after the first ultrasound (which isn’t till May 10! Argh!), so that I at least have a doctor confirming that I’m pregnant. And it would be great if we saw the heartbeat then, too. That would make me feel even more confident and happy. Basically though, I guess I’m just worried about something bad happening. The less people who know, the less people who feel sorry for us. That probably sounds crazy – most people would want the support, but I think in that case, it might just make me feel worse. On the other hand, in an uneventful, good pregnancy, I would really love to have the extra support right now. As great as Chris is, he has never been a pregnant woman. It would be nice to be able to talk to someone I know who has been there. Baby Center seems like it could be kind of nice in terms of community, but I don’t know them and other people tend to bring up extra worries that I don’t need to worry about (boy, I really don’t! I’m a worry wort as it is.).

So yeah, this week has been fairly uneventful. Just me waiting for sypmtoms. And waiting ages till May 10.

Edit (4/23/10): Well, so much for waiting. I felt pretty crappy today. Chris and I went to get our new title/registration/license plates today and getting up earlier didn’t agree with me. I even had to pass on lunch, which I felt bad about because I like getting to go out for lunch with Chris. But, I just came home, plopped myself on the sofa with some dry cheerios and watched movies – all or most of Bottle Shock (love me my Alan Rickman), Breakfast Club, Weird Science, and Princess Diaries. If Chris hadn’t gotten home at 6, Twilight would’ve been next. But, instead, he vegged out as well, and we watched The Invention of Lying and Boondock Saints 2. I did end up eating some soup and some fruit, but I’m still feeling iffy. Blah.


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