Odd Searches

We need to have a chat, people. I’ve been noticing an odd trend over the past few weeks. A while ago, I saw a funny post on someone’s blog (sorry, I don’t remember whose) about search terms leading people to their blog. I thought that was pretty interesting because you see some weird and funny terms that lead to your blog, so I decided to check mine out. Most of them are pretty mundane – I get some WoW searches (for my whole 2 or 3 posts about WoW), some searches for the Crush haircut from American Gladiators (I do think I’ve got a pretty good picture of it from different angles, so you’re welcome people! Hopefully someone searching for it actually had the courage to get it done, unlike me), some Trans-Siberian Orchestra searches, and lately a bunch that are looking for nighttime streetlamp photos for some reason.

But what’s really weird to me is one search in particular. There are an awful lot of searches for “big forehead”, “fivehead”, “big forehead girl”, and “big forehead baby”. I first noticed this search term come up a few months ago and I’ve checked every now and then since for new funny searches and it’s there at least once a week (not that I get tons of traffic, obviously, but still)! Geez people! Why the heck do you keep looking for that?? Are that many people really interested in big foreheads? Are you worried your kids’ foreheads are too big? Is it some sort of weird attraction? I dunno. I’m not even sure why it leads here, really. The best I can tell, I mentioned the word fivehead once (well, twice now – gosh, this post is gonna bring even more of you fivehead-lovers here isn’t it? LOL). So…I guess I’m sorry to disappoint you if you were looking for the blog, Mel’s World of Fivehead, where you can read all about fiveheads and people who have them. Though I am sort of tempted to rename my blog that now, hehe. Maybe it’ll give me more readers! Though I guess I’d have to actually post now and then for that, huh?