Disney Vacation – Day 3

We woke up day 3 pretty tired, but showers and cereal breakfast woke us up fairly well. Since today was our only MGM (DHS) day, we knew we needed to get there at rope drop since there’s a few rides that are pretty popular. Our bus ride was uneventful and got us there on time. After watching the little pre-rope drop show, they let us in and we power walked to Toy Story Mania since it’s actually probably the most popular ride in the park right now since it’s the newest and everyone can ride it. We got there with a bunch of other people and noticed that the fast pass machines had a line! After getting our fast passes (I think for around 10:30 am), I took this picture to show the line just to get fast passes:

So, really, if you want to ride this, and don’t want to wait in at least an hour standby line, get there at rope drop. I’ve heard fast passes completely run out around 11 am. And since we’ve never been there at night (we usually go to EPCOT or Magic Kingdom for dinner/parade/fireworks, though I’ve never seen Fantasmic, so maybe next time we’ll actually try it), I’d certainly hate to get a fast pass at 10:30 am for near closing time.  Anyway, after getting our fast pass for TSM, we power walked over to Rockin’ Rollercoaster, another ride that gets a big line quickly. We only waited about 10-15 minutes and then we were on it! I love Rock n’ Roller Coaster. It’s one of those 0-60 in 3 seconds roller coasters with loops, so it’s probably the most extreme ride at Disney World and it’s a lot of fun. Chris always does his silly face (not just the silly smile, it’s more of a not-quite-all-there look) for the camera, but I just can’t keep a straight face during the take-off. I do love looking at the picture though – often his face makes me laugh until I cry. Next, we went to Tower of Terror, which is another of my favorites. I just love the theme and all the details in the atmosphere of the line and ride. Plus, the ride itself is fun of course! I think I need to try this one at night – it would be nice to not have that sudden bright daylight in your eyes at the top of the ride. It always makes my eyes tear up, which makes me look like I hated the ride and cried the whole time! I’m not 100% sure where the picture is taken in this ride, so we sometimes make our face and sometimes don’t, since it’s kinda a pain to keep the same face during the whole ride.

Us on the road to Tower of Terror

Us on the road to Tower of Terror

We saw this on the way back to Toy Story Mania. Its the High School Musical parade. Chris got excited. lol

We saw this on the way back to Toy Story Mania. It's the High School Musical parade. Chris got excited. lol

By now, it was time for our FP for Toy Story Mania, so we headed back over there. It was much better to only wait about 10 minutes compared to the hour we waited last time. There’s lots to look at in the line, but my feet were really sore last year, so it felt really long. The ride was fun (though our arms were exhausted by the end from pulling the trigger on our game gun thing) and unfortunately, Chris beat my score on this ride. *pout* Oh well. Next we did Muppets 3D and Star Tours. Some idiot tried taking pictures during Star Tours, so the ride was interrupted a few times by a cast member telling us not to take pictures. I also made a few pennies, which was nice because I had very few pennies from DHS for some reason.

For lunch, we went to the ABC Commissary, where I had a burger, fries, a drink, and chocolate mousse and Chris had curry, a drink, and chocolate mousse. It was fine, nothing special, but definitely not bad. After lunch, we went on the Great Movie ride, which I hadn’t been on in a while and we saw the Cowboy scene (I remembered the Mobster scene, but not this one, so yay!). Then, we went to the Animation Studio and saw the show and looked around at the Up research and development stuff. We also got to meet Frozone from The Incredibles. Chris likes his “Where is my super suit” line, so he was happy to meet him and get our picture taken. Frozone’s a bit of a flirt – he kissed me, lol!

Us with Frozone, right before the kiss, lol

Us with Frozone, right before the kiss, lol

I think I’d like to try the animation class next time we go. I really like to draw, so I think it would be a lot of fun to learn to draw a Disney character. It was getting kinda late though, so we decided to skip it this time in favor of a short break back at the hotel. Unfortunately, this bus ride home was shared with POR and we were the last stop (the bus driver drove right past the entrance to POFQ, why not just stop!!??), so we had to sit through 4 stops before getting back to our hotel. So we had a bit of a shorter break today, but even I napped whereas I usually just write in my journal or relax or whatever. I was really tired.

Finally we were off to EPCOT! We had decided that today would be World Showcase day, but Spaceship Earth had a typical short line, and it’s right at the front of the park, so we rode that first. I love the new ending, where you get to input your choices into a little computer in your car and see your version of the future. It’s so cute.And of course, we did our silly faces:

A scene from our future (sorry for the angle, it was hard to get a picture of it)

A scene from our future (sorry for the angle, it was hard to get a picture of it)

Next, we stopped at Club Cool, the drink station with samples of foreign drinks. We’ve tried them before, but it’s fun to go back and try them again and see other people’s reactions to some of the bad ones. I won’t give away which one is the really bad one, in case anyone reading hasn’t gone yet – you’ll just have to figure it out yourself (and then turn around and see who was waiting to see your reaction to it!), but here’s a picture of Chris’s reaction:

We also watched as the father of a family grabbed a cup of the really bad soda and guzzled it down quickly. After his reaction, he noticed us staring with our mouths open (we couldn’t believe he gulped it down!) and laughed and asked why we didn’t warn him, lol.

Finally, it was time for World Showcase. We had a late dinner, so we had plenty of time to mosey through the countries, which I love to do. We started with Mexico, the first country on the left. We decided to get churros and drinks (a margarita for Chris and a sprite for me – I didn’t feel like a margarita) at the outdoor CS restaurant. I love churros. Mmm, so good. We sat and enjoyed our snack, while looking at birds and the World Showcase all around us. Before dinner, we managed to tour all the countries except England, Canada, and Morocco, so we figured we’d fit them in the next day, which was a full EPCOT day. We got a huge bag of candy in Japan (I love their candy! Pocky, Pucca, several sorts of gummies and hard candies and chocolate, yum). The big store in Japan is always a lot of fun. We also got to see Miyuki, the woman who makes candy by hand. She made a few different candies for people as we watched. It was pretty cool, they’re so ornate. Unfortunately, around the point of Africa (which isn’t very far into World Showcase, maybe a quarter of the way through (also, why is Africa a stop here? First off, World Showcase has individual countries, not continents. Second, all of Africa only gets a small stand and not a full location with buildings and stuff?? Third, doesn’t Animal Kingdom kind of take care of Africa? Why not put Greece there instead! Ok, too many parentheses here, time to end it)), my ankle really started to hurt, so I sort of gimped around slowly from that point on for the rest of the night. It was ok, though, I still enjoyed the World Showcase. 🙂

Chris with the troll in Norway, notice the enthusiasm.

Chris with the troll in Norway, notice the enthusiasm.

Around 8 we decided to head back to the Seas, where dinner was (Coral Reef). Once we got there, we had a little time to spare before our 8:50 pm dinner reservation, so we rode The Seas with Nemo and Friends, which was kinda dumb. It was a little clam shell that you ride while looking at screens of video with a little story about finding Nemo, who has again gone missing. I think they could’ve made it a lot better if it wasn’t just a series of videos. But, I guess kids probably like it, so whatever. The ride deposited us out into the aquarium, so we looked around there briefly (we saw some surprisingly playful manatees) before looking for the exit to head over to dinner. This was our actual anniversary, so this was the one restaurant we had eaten at before together and knew we liked. We got seated right next to the tank, where we had lots of fish and sharks to look at. We even named a few that stuck around and did cute things. Miguel was a shy fish who liked to look at us stealthily, Samuel was a laid back fish who stared at us and occasionally swam backwards, and there was another unnamed fish who swam by really quickly with his mouth opening and closing rapidly as if screaming, right after a shark swam by. It was pretty funny. Our waitress, was unfortunately, the same waitress we had on the family trip last year, who was awkward, slow, and kind of annoying, but the food was good. I got salmon and butterscotch creme brulee while Chris got Ahi tuna and a chocolate wave. We also shared the Land and Sea appetizer, which is grilled shrimp with cucumber salad and barbecued beef skewer with polenta. I was a bit disappointed that they’d taken the seafood pasta (I’m not sure exactly what it was called) off the menu, since it was really, really good, but my salmon was quite tasty.

After dinner, the park was still technically open for EMH, but I was hobbling pretty bad and we were both pretty tired, so we called it a night. Next up: day 4, full EPCOT day!


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  1. Christopher
    Jul 08, 2009 @ 11:17:55

    “…often his face makes me laugh until I cry.”

    I’m afraid for how badly this can be taken out of context.


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