Disney Vacation part 1

Since I have so many pictures, I think I may split up our vacation into several posts. Today’s post: the hotel! We stayed at Port Orleans: French Quarter, which apparently used to be Dixie Landings. It’s the first moderate that we’ve tried and we absolutely loved it. It was so cute and the room was quite comfortable. Also, of the two Port Orleans hotel options (the other is Riverside), I think we definitely made the right choice. Riverside is HUGE. From what I could see of it, it looked pretty and there were 4 themes to it, which is cute, but I like the more intimate size of French Quarter and I LOVED the little tree and street-lamp lined mini-roads that were laid out between the buildings. Here’s my photo tour of the hotel:

POFQ lobby

POFQ lobby

Jazz lounge looking into the lobby looking into the registration area

Jazz lounge looking into the lobby looking into the registration area. Though not in use at this moment, there was, in fact, a jazz band that played here periodically.

We had a small issue getting into the hotel parking lot – apparently at some point our reservation was made under the last set of names we gave them when we booked ourselves (when Chris booked the honeymoon), which was correct for Chris, but completely incorrect for me. Not only was my last name listed as my maiden name, but my first name was misspelled (is it really that hard to spell Melissa? Who spells it Melesa??). But anywhoo, we got in once I mentioned my maiden name (I’m glad at least they’re strict about who gets in – go security!). Check-in was quick and easy. We got a really nice CM (cast member, which is what Disney employees are called) named Matt, who recognized our WoW shirts and joked around with us, even trying to get us room 1337 (leet in leetspeek). We politely requested a room upgrade, which they’ll sometimes give you if you ask nicely (and sometimes surprise you with), but they were totally booked in the nicer rooms, but it didn’t matter at all because we got a great standard room, which I’ll talk about in my next post.

Sassagoula food court

Sassagoula food court

We didn’t actually eat in the food court, but it seemed fine. The decorations were a bit wilder here than anywhere else (other than the pool area) – there were some really creepy large Mardi Gras masks hanging from the corners of the room. The food selection is one of the main complaints I read about regarding POFQ, since they don’t have a table-service restaurant (you can walk to Riverside and find one though), but we never ate at the hotel (other than the breakfast we brought ourselves, which we ate in the room), so it really didn’t bother us at all.

Walkway out of the lobby

Walkway out of the lobby, which is straight ahead. Food court is to the right, gift shop to the left, pool is down a walkway behind us.

We also didn’t check out the pool much since we were only there for 5 days, but it looks pretty fun, especially for kids. There’s a big dragon slide and the pathway leading down to the pool has big cartoony alligator statues.

Beautiful tree-lined street

Beautiful tree-lined street

This kind of landscaping was all over the resort. It was absolutely beautiful. I loved it. Very romantic and cozy. This was the main “street” that ran parallel to the main lobby building and lead to many of the room buildings. There were also lots of pretty courtyards, some with lots of trees, some with pristine grass and fountains, which can be seen in the next couple of pictures.

Our building!

Our building!

Pretty pathway from the bus stop

Pretty pathway from the bus stop

Speaking of the bus stop, the buses were probably the only slight negative in my view. It definitely wasn’t enough to convince me not to stay there again (I would in a heartbeat!), but the buses were a bit slow. POFQ has one stop and on average we waited about 10-15 minutes for a bus going TO a park. Depending on when we left to come home, it could be a similar 10-15 minutes (leaving middle of the day) or 20+ minutes in a long line (at park closing). That, in itself, wasn’t really that bad. I can wait in lines – it’s a big part of Disney. The thing I didn’t like was that it was somewhat unpredictable when the bus would be stopping at both POFQ and POR (which involves 4 stops throughout the hugeness of Riverside and squeezing lots of people into the bus). It often seemed that when we were in a bit of a hurry to get somewhere (either to a park rope drop or home for a much needed nap) the bus decided to make all 5 stops. But it didn’t happen every ride or only to/from certain parks. I’m sure there’s a monetary reason for not getting separate buses for each resort, but it would sure be nice.

Courtyard and our building

Courtyard and our building. There's also a fountain at the other end of this courtyard.

Street sign and our building (thats our room on the 2nd floor corner!)

Street sign and our building (that's our room on the 2nd floor corner!)

River path

River path

This was another really pretty area. Across the river was simply forest. You could take this path to get to either Port Orleans Riverside or the boat dock, where a small boat takes you to Downtown Disney.

Night time entrance

Night time entrance

My last picture isn’t posting right, so I’m thinking there may be some sort of data limit per post, so I’ll go ahead and put that last picture at the beginning of the next post. Also, the main focus of tomorrow’s post: our room!


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