Ok, so we’re nuts

So, as I mentioned before, we’re going to Disney World in Feb 2010 for our “last blowout vacation before kids”. That’s still very much on and I’m really looking forward to staying at the Polynesian. However, what the title of this post is referring to is that we’ve…um…added another Disney trip. 😀 Next week. Tee hee. (If you could only see the huge grin on my face as I type this. I’m such a dweeb.)

So, yeah, we’re going to Disney World in a week for our 2nd wedding anniversary! We were originally thinking of staying in a bed and breakfast in Savannah or Charleston, but upon pricing everything out and comparing Disney on a whim, doing Disney in a somewhat cheap style is actually about the same as what we were looking to spend at the other options. Plus I was having trouble finding stuff to do for 4-5 days in either city (the amount of time Chris wanted to take off) and I just wasn’t that excited about either, so we think we’ll just take a day trip or maybe stay one night in each of those places sometime. We both love Disney World, so we thought why not go someplace we know we love?

Now, we’re doing Disney a bit different than we’ve done it before. In the past we’ve stayed at mainly deluxe hotels, for about a week at a time (though his family has had shorter trips), flying from wherever we lived, eating at the best restaurants there regardless of price (and usually the same group of restaurants every time), etc.  But this time, we wanted to keep the cost down, so we’re staying at a moderate hotel, Port Orleans French Quarter, which looks really cute and I’ve read a lot of good stuff about on the DISBoards (I’ve been spending a lot of time there in the past few weeks – if you love Disney World, check it out! It’s helpful and funny and overall, a great community.). I got a great deal on the rooms – some sort of spring room deal – $104/ night, which is great for Disney (and quite a bit cheaper than what we were looking at in Savannah). We’re also only going for 4 nights, driving down (all 8.5 hours! eek!), and trying out the Disney Dining Plan, which seems to be a pretty good deal. We chose the mid-level option, which gives us one counter-service meal (fast, typical lunches), one table-service meal (our typical dinners – accepted at most places except the few most expensive, which take 2 table-service meal credits), and one snack per day. The next option up was a good deal more expensive and gave you 3 table-service meals and 2 snacks per day, which is kind of too much for us and table service is a bit time consuming for lunch there on a shorter trip, so I think the mid-range will be good. We’ll probably just pick up some breakfasty items on the drive down to last us the 4 mornings. Also, even though we could technically eat at some of our favorite restaurants that we go to every time (with the exception of Cinderella’s Royal Table since that’s one of the expensive places), we’re trying out some new places this time on all but one night, so I’ll let you know how those go!

As always, I’m really excited. We’ve already got our dinners reserved and days somewhat planned out (in terms of where we’re going which day). I’ve also printed out a list of pressed penny locations, which I collect! So far, the weather looks pretty good for our trip – high 80’s and typical Florida scattered showers (short afternoon showers usually), but it was supposedly rainy all day recently, so it’s an improvement. Only downfall so far is that Space Mountain and the Tomorrowland Transit Authority are closed for refurbishment for a good chunk of the year, so we won’t get to go on those :(. At least Haunted Mansion isn’t planned to be closed. I’d have to throw a tantrum if it were.

Ah, one other thing. Though I claimed I’d never wear Crocs, I’ve gone and purchased 2 pairs – a Disney pair (in pearl/pink with Mickey head holes) and some flip flops in black. I must say, I’ve been converted. I love them. I’ve been wearing them the past 2 weeks or so and they’re so comfortable.  They’re still not stylish at all (the flip flops aren’t too bad though), but they’re super lightweight and cushiony. I always thought it looked like the backs of the regular Crocs would totally rub, but they don’t. We’ll see how they do in Disney World. Lots of people on the DISBoards recommend them for walking around the parks, so I hope they work out well. If not, I’ll have a pair of sneakers just in case. If it goes well, I may even get that black and red Disney pair for the Feb trip.

Squeee!! So excited!


Mountain Dew Contest

Mountain Dew’s got a new contest related to World of Warcraft. There’s a bunch of prizes you can try to win – Razer computer accessories, an Alienware laptop, Jinx clothing items, an in-game WoW pet, and I think even a trip to the next BlizzCon (squee!). If you’re interested, just click on this:

and choose your faction! They’re still in the token-gathering phase – you use the tokens to enter the contest itself once the give-aways start on the 29th.

*As a side note, the code for this banner was a little wonky and I had to follow some weird instructions to get it posted, so if it doesn’t link you to the place to sign up for the contest, just let me know and I’ll see if I can fix it.