New hobby!

My mother- and father-in law came to visit this past week, which was lots of fun. We mostly relaxed and had some very good meals (and some meals I cooked that I was told were good – I’m a terrible judge of my own cooking). We took them to Smoke on the Water (one of our favorite places to eat in town – it’s a great place for pulled pork with their signature 4 BBQ sauces), High Cotton (another cute place in town with a really nice view, killer espresso martinis, and very good food), and The Melting Pot (OMG, so good!). As for my cooking, we had taco night (really easy, I almost felt cheap just making tacos, rice, and beans) and Easter dinner. Despite a few easy-cook portions of the meal (easy stuffing and mashed potatoes), we did cook a turkey (our first ever…in a cake pan…it came out fine!) and I made a few other things from recipes. Also, we got our first chance to break out the china we got for our wedding! It was nice to be able to use it!

I was going to cook one other night, but I was a tad busy with the new hobby my mother in law has introduced me to! She has just gotten a new sewing machine, so she decided to pass her older one down to me and we spent a good portion of their visit playing on the machine and on the software that goes along with it. It’s a really nice machine and it does a lot of stuff, so I’m really excited to start making stuff with it!

New sewing machine!

New sewing machine!

We started out with a few embroidery items, like a monogram on a towel and some practice grapes that I may, at some point embroider onto a towel for the kitchen (with a few swaps in colors to make it match the kitchen better). It’s amazing that this machine can take a pattern and pretty much do everything itself.  Basically all I had to do was place the pattern in a grid in the software, make sure I liked the pattern (and make any changes in colors or size if not), put it on the machine, and start it up. From there, I just switched threads.



After I had the hang of that, we worked on a purse project that we picked out from the local Bernina store. It was a really cute pattern and the fabric selection was really cute. After about 2 days of working on it together, I had a finished purse:

My first project!

My first project!

I think it came out pretty well, especially for my first try! It has pockets inside, too! I’ve got a few things lined up to work on, including a wallet, an apron, and another bag. I also have lots of tutorials and printed out lessons to work on. Thank you, Teri!

It was really nice to have Tom and Teri come visit. Hopefully we’ll see you guys again soon!


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