Ski Trip

Chris and I just got back from our annual ski trip. Every year, we get together with friends from college and some family to go skiing/snowboarding. So far, we’ve kept it to the poconos since most of our friends live near there. We’ve thought of branching out to Vermont or Colorado, but I think it would be more expensive for everyone and I’m a bit nervous it would be a lot harder than what I’m used to (bunny hills there being like blue squares here or something). Anyway, this was our biggest group yet, with 9 of us going to Elk Mountain near Scranton, PA.

It was a lot of fun, despite the non-ideal weather. We typically go for a noon to close ticket (though I’m not sure we’ve ever stayed the full time) and most of us ski, except for Chris and Trapper, who snowboard. I’ve tried snowboarding and I just can’t quite get the hang of it. I can make it down a bunny hill, but not much else. I just feel very unstable with both of my feet locked into one board. The weather was warm (duh, it’s March, I guess) and it rained part of the time, but it didn’t seem to be too much of a hassle. My neck got kinda wet and cold, but otherwise I was pretty hot in my ski attire, depite wearing fewer layers than usual. My hair also looked like crap pretty soon after getting there and I forgot my hair ties. I did find one at the bottom of my purse, but it was all stretched out, so I had to keep fixing my ponytail. The weather also lead to pretty slushy conditions, with a few fairly deep puddles here and there. Surprisingy, under some of the slush was a good amount of ice, too, so that was a bit difficult to deal with. Mostly, though, we had a lot of fun. I took some pictures on my phone (sorry for the quality, I wasn’t about to bring my camera, since I knew there was a good chance I’d fall – which I did.  Dropping my phone in the snow during one fall. It’s ok.) :

So, you may notice that this picture looks a bit odd. I couldn't get everyone into the one shot, so I had to resort to some copying and pasting. They really all were there though! Joe G was elsewhere at the time this was taken, so he's the only one missing.

Me after I fell trying to get everyone into that first picture. For the record, I fell 2 other times that day, once standing at the bottom of the mountain (just lost my balance) and the other was pretty spectacular, with me sliding and spinning around down the mountain for a good distance.

Chris getting ready to go down the hill. Notice the huge slushy area behind him.

Chris getting ready to go down the hill. Notice the huge slushy area behind him.

The view from the mountain. Not the top, but still a nice view.

The view from the mountain. Not the top, but still a nice view. I didn't dare take a shot from the top (we all see what trying to get a better shot did for me with that group shot - with my luck I would have ended up falling down a black diamond)

Anyway, we headed back to the hotel once it got dark and, after everyone showered, we headed off to Coopers, a seafood restaurant in Scranton with a large beer selection. I had a Paulaner Hefe-Weizen, which was pretty good, along with my seafood crepes, which were really tasty, but super-rich, so I only got through about half of it.  After dinner, we were all thoroughly pooped, so instead of our typical stay-up-and-chat for hours, we went back to the hotel and fell asleep immediately. We finished out the weekend with breakfast together at Waffle House on Sunday. It was a fun time. A few of us are thinking of possibly adding/substituting a different sort of trip next year, maybe a beach trip or an amusement park trip, but we’ll see.

Next trip is in 2 days! This is a busy month!


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