Ok, I’ve officially had it with snow. According to people who have lived in this area for a long time, it has never snowed here in March. And yet, we got a few inches over the weekend. At first it was kind of pretty, but around 8 pm, our power went out. And stayed out until around noon the next day, at which point we noticed that our bedroom had gotten down to a chilly 49 degrees. Which we had to sleep in the night before. Ugh, it was awful. Falling asleep wasn’t too bad, but I woke up around 5 am, I think, freezing. We both had on our warmest clothes (I think Chris also slept in his slippers) and the two of us, plus Buffy, huddled close all night. Also, Chris and I had been running a dungeon in World of Warcraft when the power went out, which was kind of annoying to have been interrupted (it was reset the next day when we got back on, with the two of us deposited at the entrance).

But that’s not all! The roads aren’t salted or cleared here, presumably because the state of South Carolina probably owns one snowplow, so despite some guy driving back and forth on our street Sunday night in an effort to clear out the snow, the roads were really icy on Monday, so Chris decided to stay home. He later found out quite a lot of people from his work did the same. By Tuesday, the roads were fine, since the temperatures were back up, and on my way out to go grocery shopping, I noticed the state of our front garden. <sigh> It was bad. We had a few flowers coming up prior to the storm, which are now dead, but the worst was the big bushes. We have 4 large bushes in our front garden which are pretty much the only consistent growth up there (we have some things that grow and have to be cut back seasonally also) and the only things that make it look like we are purposely trying to grow anything up there. Only one was completely undamaged. The two largest hedges in the back row were nearly flattened with the weight of the snow and the more fragile bush between the two hedges had a sizeable back branch crack. I brushed off the snow and today the hedges look slightly better, so maybe they just need a few days to regain their shape (I hope), but I think I still need to cut off any broken branches, which may make them look holey or sparse. Does anyone have any tips on how to tend to them? I’ve read mixed things ranging from waiting to see if it fixes itself  to completely pruning branches back (but only certain hedges and bushes can have this done because some won’t grow back at all if you prune them back too much apparently. And I don’t know what we have. All I know is that the bush that isn’t damaged is an azalea, which doesn’t help.). As a side note, should evergreen hedges be brownish on the inside layers or is that a sign of something wrong with them?


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