Disney World again!

You may have noticed I’ve added 2 small tickers to my sidebar (I couldn’t decide which I liked, so I put them both up, lol). Chris and I finally decided on our “last vacation before kids”! That’s not necessarily to say that I’ll come back from that vacation pregnant (though, part of me kinda wants that…). We’ll have kids when we’re ready, whether that’s sooner or later. It’s mostly just that we realize we can’t afford to save for kids and take big vacations every year, but we decided to take one last big one to celebrate our relationship. In the meantime, and afterwards, we’re tightening our budget and really going into savings mode for our future family. We’re already doing pretty well – we don’t have any debt (just normal monthly bills like the mortgage) and we’re saving a good amount of money each month, while spending very little (Chris totally de-princessed me).

So, our last vacation is another Disney World vacation, since we both love it there so much. We debated a bit on where to stay. At first we thought we might try to go really low-budget and stay in a hotel off-site, but then we’d need to rent a car and that really affects the ease of getting places around Disney. You just can’t beat the monorail and bus system. Then we looked into the hotels near Downtown Disney, which we thought would be cheaper than the main resort hotels, but they weren’t. There’s no reason to spend lots of money on a Hilton or something when you can spend a similar amount and get cute theming and better transportation. So, upon deciding to stay in a real Disney hotel, we narrowed it down to the Contemporary (cheapest, while being on the monorail line), the Beach Club/Yacht Club (walking distance to EPCOT, perhaps more geared to adults), and the Polynesian (a tad more expensive than Contemporary, but really cute AND on the monorail line). In the end, Chris didn’t really care where we stayed and I decided that the Contemporary might have a bit of a cold, sterile feeling and while I would still like to possibly stay at the BC/YC at some point, I’ve never stayed off the monorail line and really enjoy being able to see Cinderella Castle from the hotel and I’ve always wanted to try the Polynesian, so the Polynesian was our final choice (boy, total run-on sentence there..oh well). I’m really looking forward to staying there. 🙂

It’ll also be interesting to visit in February. I’ve always gone in the middle of the summer, which is really hot and pretty crowded. It’s always a blast and the heat means a trip to a water park while we’re there, but I think it’ll be nice to go when it’s cooler and hopefully not as crowded, too. The hours, I believe are slightly shorter (maybe an hour or 2), but I think that’ll be fine. I think Downtown Disney is still open fairly late if we need something to do. We’re usually pretty happy to just go back to the hotel at the end of the day, though.

Anyway, it’s nice to have Disney World to look forward to. In the meantime, we probably won’t be doing much travelling. Chris’s parents are coming here for Easter (egads, that means I have to cook… 😐 I get very nervous cooking for others. I’m always sure they’ll think it’s terrible) and we’re probably staying home for Christmas this year (I’m not sure about Thanksgiving yet). We do have a few small trips coming up though. Next weekend we have our annual ski trip – we’re meeting some friends and family at Elk Mountain in PA where there will hopefully be some snow – and the week after that, we’re going to visit my parents in Florida for a few days. We might do a short trip to Atlanta with some local friends at the end of March and we may go to Savannah for our 2-year anniversary in June, but all in all, these upcomping trips are short and fairly inexpensive. We also just learned of 2 upcoming weddings in the family, and we’re pretty sure we can make it to one of them, since it’ll be in the Atlanta area, which we can drive to, but we’ll have to see about the other one. We’d like to go, but we would need to fly and Chris would have to take a day or 2 off work since the wedding is on a Friday.

Well, that’s all for now. 🙂


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