Dental sigh

For the record, crown fittings are not pleasant. At all. I do not like having wire jammed into my gums and then several trays of goo crammed into my mouth. This was a 3 hour appointment! And I have 2 more. <blargh>

On the upside, I had my last scheduled filling today. <cheer!> And, most of my cold sensitivity seems to have faded mostly away! <double cheer!> I do still have one spot that still bugs me, though. After some cold tests (really cold stuff sprayed on a cotton ball and then stuck on my tooth – I had normal results – and blasts of air onto the tops and sides of my teeth – the side seems to bug me most), the dentist seems fairly sure I won’t need a root canal on that tooth and is optimistic that I just need some bite readjustment because my teeth may be hitting weird and causing some minor trauma that makes the tooth sensitive. I was very hesitant the last time this came up to believe that excuse, but at that time, I was having throbbing pain throughout most of the day and was popping Advil like candy, which is definitely not the case now, so I’m pretty open to the possibility this time. She said that typically air bothering the side of my tooth is indicative of gum recession, but she says she doesn’t see any recession, so she made some small adjustments to my bite and we’re going to see what happens. I may have to go back for more small adjustments, but hopefully that will be all it takes to fix it rather than real dental work (like fillings or root canals). I’m hopeful, but still a bit nervous. I really just want to be done with all the dental work. Physically and mentally (worrying about problems after fillings and worrying about costs), it’s been pretty exhausting.

So, the current plan, assuming that sensitivity fades away, is to go back in about 3 weeks for my permanent crown, schedule my last 2 crowns (might be as few as 2 appointments if I do them together or as much as 4 if not), and that should be it for the year. I’ve found out that my dental plan has a max coverage, so it’s not looking like I’ll be able to get the wisdom teeth taken out this year without going over it, so that will be scheduled for early 2010. I hate to think that it won’t be “over” till then, but I guess it’s really only a few more procedures, fairly spread out, so at least I shouldn’t feel like I live at the dentist this year.


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