A week of food and family

So, I’m still in NJ. Our flight tonight back home was cancelled because it’s Newark (flights are always delayed or cancelled here). I don’t so much mind since it’s nice to spend extra time with the family, but I do feel a bit bad about our kitty sitting at home waiting for us. I left her with more than enough food (there’s always some left when we get back) and she’s pretty independent, so I’m sure she’s fine, but it makes me sad to think of her by herself. Chris also has to get to work tomorrow, so that’s an issue as well, but we’re on the first flight out tomorrow morning, so he’ll just be a bit late and a bit tired. His boss is understanding, so I’m sure it won’t be a problem.

Anyway, it’s been a good visit. I haven’t seen my family since the Disney trip, so it was good to see them again. Thanksgiving was a good time. I got to see my cousin for the first time in a year. I’m used to seeing her much more often, so a year was a long time not seeing her. Oddly, the first thing she said to me after walking in was “Are you pregnant?” because apparently she’s been dreaming of me being pregnant, and I later found out my uncle had a dream about that as well. I’m not, and I know it wasn’t a “Boy you look rotund” sort of comment (despite my pudge), but it’s very weird to hear that people are dreaming that – as if the dreams will make it happen.  Eek. We definitely want kids, but not right now. Dinner was delicious as usual – my parents are very good cooks. We had turkey, ham, stuffing, yams (mmm, my favorite!), mashed potatoes, a cranberry concoction my dad put together, lima beans and oodles of appetizers (including the cheeseball, mmm!). My plate was quite full. We also had several pies for dessert.

We also took a trip into NYC to have dinner at Benjamin’s Steak House last night, which was really really good. My filet minion was the biggest steak I’ve ever seen and the sides were fantastic. Riding around in the city with my dad driving was nerve-wracking as always. I could never drive there myself. I can tailgate and cut people off in suburban areas (and often do. I have issues with road rage…but seriously, get out of the left lane if you’re doing 25 in a 45 zone and do not pull out in front of me unless you plan to go at least my speed. I drive a somewhat modified Celica – that should be an indication that I don’t drive slow!), but all those other cars in NYC would make me soo nervous. I do like to see the city near Christmas time. I love the decorations and everything, but I could never live there. All those people…ugh.

I also managed to take a tumble today on a skateboard in our basement. I’ve never been a skateboarder. I just happened to have this skateboard from my senior research experiment in college (it involved moving a stuffed fox around on a skateboard to compare the behavioral reaction of a goose to a simulated predator vs its reaction to another goose invading it’s territory during the mating season – I got lots of weird looks around campus with that fox/skateboard combo). Anyway, I was just rolling back and forth in a small area of the basement, not doing terribly bad, when I leaned back too far, and toppled onto my butt. This all happened just as Chris was coming downstairs, so all he saw was me on the floor as he came around the corner of the stairs. I didn’t hurt anything, so it was just pretty funny.

I’ve been very cold here. The temperature isn’t too much colder from where we live, but for some reason, at night, I just turn into an ice cube. I get into bed and immediately stick my hands and feet onto Chris’s warm body to sap all his heat. He’s not a fan of that. But he’s a good husband, so he lets me steal his heat. 🙂

Anyway, we’ve had a good time visiting NJ and we’re headed back home tomorrow morning, bright and early at 6:45 am. I probably will end up with my typical “early morning flight” stomachache, but I’ll just have to suck it up. I hate flying. Next trip: Hall family Christmas in TX! 🙂


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