Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone had fun tonight! Our Halloween was pretty good – we just stayed in, played video games, and handed out candy to kids. We went through about 5 bags of candy – still have a big one left, which will last until next Halloween, I’m sure. We saw a very adorable little boy in a giraffe costume, who Chris decided to let pick as much candy as he wanted. We also saw a few kids who didn’t even bother dressing up. That annoys me a bit. I mean, we’re giving out free candy, can’t they at least put in a little effort?

We also carved a pumpkin last night and baked some seeds. They both came out quite well, I think! We made the seeds last year too, but only with salt, so we decided to make a batch of garlic seeds and a batch of Jalepeño seeds in addition to the plain salted seeds. I think the Jalepeño ones came out the best. For the pumpkin, we decided on a design we saw online of a Jack ‘o lantern eating a little jack ‘o lantern and here’s what we made:

We used an LED light thingy to make the inside glow red

We used an LED light thingy to make the inside glow red

His name is Georg (pronounced gay-org, which is fun to say). We had to improvise a little with the baby pumpkin because it was too big to fit without chopping off the top, but that allowed for guts popping out, so I think it works. We did get a few compliments on it during the night, so that makes me happy! (Oddly enough, we also got a “Your house smells nice” and a “nice shirt” to Chris, who was wearing his RockBand 2 shirt) Also notice the second baby pumpkin, who was stolen by some punk kid at some point during the night. You shall be missed baby pumpkin #2.


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  1. Mom
    Nov 05, 2008 @ 20:16:31

    Your pumpkins look great; sorry about the punk. Personally, I’m getting tired of the costumeless jerks, too. I think we’ve thinned out a little – maybe about 100 or so.


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