Ok, ok. I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted. Things are just kind of slow, and does anyone really want to read “Well, today I did approximately the same thing I do everyday” or “Today I cleaned the toilets!”? Yeah, not so much. But anyway, I have something to talk about today, so here goes.

I got a haircut. Not the haircut I was talking about a few months ago, because I was too scared to do it, and it’s not quite fashionable anymore, what with Posh chopping all her hair off and even Crush (who the haircut idea came from) growing her hair out, which leaves me just with a potentially “weird” haircut. I still wanted a change since I’ve had basically the same length hair since 6th grade or so, so I did end up chopping off a good amount of length. I found a picture of Tyra Banks that looked really cute and still has a bit of an angle from front to back, but so minor it was pretty normal looking while being kind of chic (I think it’s best seen in that last shot with the weird lipstick).

…it didn’t quite turn out like I expected. From the front, I don’t mind it. It’s only a bit shorter than I had it before, so not too shocking. The back, though, refuses to do what I want it to do. It WILL NOT straighten. So rather than a cute, sleek haircut, I have this flip in the back that reminds me of some 50’s housewife mixed with Snape:

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge Snape fan. He was one of my favorite characters from Harry Potter – certainly my favorite to theorize about before the last book. And I love Alan Rickman. He’s one of my favorite actors. That doesn’t mean I want to look like him though. And I don’t live in the 50’s, so the flip isn’t quite working out for me. I’m not even sure you can tell there’s an angle – and if you can, it looks like it was an accident. Anyway, here it is:

Front, not so scary.

Front, not so scary.

Side, the infuriating flip...

Side, the infuriating flip...

Dun dun! Ugh, why??

Dun dun! Ugh, why?? *

So, what do I do? I’m not sure I want to go much shorter in the back, so do I just wait for it to grow out a bit? Are there any products I could use to weigh it down or force it to be straight? I’m pretty good with my straigntening iron (I’ve always been picky about having no bumps, even in the back), so I’m not sure there’s anything more I can do with that. Chris says he likes it, as did a few friends, but I’m just not sure. I just want it to be straight! Any ideas or comments?

*Gosh, that last shot really shows how mousy brown my hair has gotten. I prefer it a bit darker, but getting it colored at a salon is a bit expensive and we’re trying to save as much as possible right now. Anyone know of a good dye I can buy from the store? Something in the very dark brown/black family that won’t look really unnatural or kill my hair?


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