Little dude

Chris and I found this little guy (actually it may be a girl, based on the shape of the abdomen) on our back door the other day. We named him/her “little dude.” Now, normally, insects and spiders really creep me out (actually, I flat out hate spiders), but the mantis is pretty sleek and cool looking and I think the way it turns it’s head at you is pretty cute, so I was happy to have it stick around for a few days. I had hoped it would eat a spider or two while it was there, but the yucky big brown spider is still there, so no such luck.

*shudder* At least it’s not a black widow. Those do not get photographed. They die on sight. My hubby has convinced me to let everything else live – he’ll happily transfer them outside for me (that spider above is on the outside of our door, so I reluctantly let it stay, even though it stares at me, thinking of laying eggs in my hair or dancing on my tongue) – but I drew the line at the black widows.

Come on back, little dude. This guy will make a nice meal for you!


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