Doing better, finally

I hope I’m not jinxing it by saying that, but I think my tooth may be doing better. As I mentioned before, I was supposed to call my dentist back this week with an update on my pain. It was still there, so we finally decided to move forward and do the root canal. Is it sad/disturbing that I was actually looking forward to this? Not that I like pain, of course. Actually quite the opposite – I so wanted to be rid of the pain that I definitely wanted to do whatever I needed to do, even if it involved possible pain and novocaine-induced heart racing that freaks me out. Really, if she had suggested more filing, I would have offered to do the root canal myself.

But anyway, I found out Tuesday that we’d be doing the root canal, my appointment was yesterday (very thankful my dentist got me in so quickly with the specialist), and today I seem to be doing better. A little soreness at the injection sites (no freak-outs or laughter in the dentist chair this time, though!), but I haven’t experienced the ache (yet – gah, I hope never do – *knocks on head*).

And! This weekend, Chris and I are having a couple’s massage! Very looking forward to that! šŸ™‚

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