Little dude

Chris and I found this little guy (actually it may be a girl, based on the shape of the abdomen) on our back door the other day. We named him/her “little dude.” Now, normally, insects and spiders really creep me out (actually, I flat out hate spiders), but the mantis is pretty sleek and cool looking and I think the way it turns it’s head at you is pretty cute, so I was happy to have it stick around for a few days. I had hoped it would eat a spider or two while it was there, but the yucky big brown spider is still there, so no such luck.

*shudder* At least it’s not a black widow. Those do not get photographed. They die on sight. My hubby has convinced me to let everything else live – he’ll happily transfer them outside for me (that spider above is on the outside of our door, so I reluctantly let it stay, even though it stares at me, thinking of laying eggs in my hair or dancing on my tongue) – but I drew the line at the black widows.

Come on back, little dude. This guy will make a nice meal for you!


Ninja cat

I saw this video the other day in my Lolcats feed and Chris and I could not stop laughing. Just thought I’d share it:

Doing better, finally

I hope I’m not jinxing it by saying that, but I think my tooth may be doing better. As I mentioned before, I was supposed to call my dentist back this week with an update on my pain. It was still there, so we finally decided to move forward and do the root canal. Is it sad/disturbing that I was actually looking forward to this? Not that I like pain, of course. Actually quite the opposite – I so wanted to be rid of the pain that I definitely wanted to do whatever I needed to do, even if it involved possible pain and novocaine-induced heart racing that freaks me out. Really, if she had suggested more filing, I would have offered to do the root canal myself.

But anyway, I found out Tuesday that we’d be doing the root canal, my appointment was yesterday (very thankful my dentist got me in so quickly with the specialist), and today I seem to be doing better. A little soreness at the injection sites (no freak-outs or laughter in the dentist chair this time, though!), but I haven’t experienced the ache (yet – gah, I hope never do – *knocks on head*).

And! This weekend, Chris and I are having a couple’s massage! Very looking forward to that! 🙂

A confession

Ok…so I’m completely and utterly obsessed with the Twilight series. I’m midway through the 3rd book and I’ve just loved them so far. I was so resistant to even trying them, even though I didn’t really have anything against vampires – I loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer – I just hated how everyone compared it to Harry Potter and I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, so I took offense. For the record, I really don’t think Twilight is anything like Harry Potter – I guess you could say they’re both fantasy series, but it just isn’t similar at all otherwise.

They’re so good though. The first book has been my favorite so far. It’s just so…I don’t even know. It’s mysterious, suspenseful at times, really romantic and honestly, I spent half the time swooning. It’s a forbidden love story and because Edward, the vampire, has to be so careful around Bella, a human, it’s not smutty – it’s romantic and full of tension. It all just makes me want to keep reading – and I have, many times through the night (which is why I’m only halfway through the 3rd book despite starting the series about 2 weeks ago – I need to get some sleep.)

Anyway, as I mentioned yesterday, there was a certain movie I wanted to see in November (conveniently taking the release date of the pushed back Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – again, originally quite peeved at this, but now am just happy to have something (hopefully) good to look forward to! Though I still wish I could see HBP sooner.). Of course this is Twilight. I’m very much looking forward to it and I have high hopes. I’m not sure how I feel about the girl playing Bella; she seems a bit…off. She’s fairly plain, so that works, but her voice and personality is not quite what I pictured. Robert Pattinson is good, though, for Edward – I was kind of neutral on him as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (though he did make me cry, whereas I did not while reading the book), but he’s very interesting looking and he’s exactly what I picture when I read the Twilight books, so I approve. Too bad Edward’s not British (Robert Pattinson is), I love the accent! Anyway, you can check out the 2 teaser trailers (and a few extra videos) here – just click on Video Gallery. I think a longer trailer is coming out next month, too!

Filing my teeth into points

Another trip to the dentist today. She’s still mostly convinced my problem is an uneven bite, though I did seem to get through to her a bit about my concern that it might be something more, seeing as how the pain I’m having is reminiscent of the pain I had before my first root canal 4 years ago. But I agree that I want to rule out a simple problem like the bite before jumping into another root canal and the bite was definitely uneven – I could feel it and she showed me where my teeth were hitting too much using that blue bitey paper stuff – so she did some more filing.

After hearing about the filing from last week, Chris (who’s never had a cavity, lucky him, so didn’t know about the possible problems after getting a filling. Ok, maybe it’s not luck. Maybe it’s the 10 minutes he spends methodically brushing his teeth – you could compare it to something Monk would do.) joked that the dentist was trying to file my teeth into points. Unfortunately, I thought of this conversation and pictured my pointy teeth in my head mid-file and started laughing uncontrollably. Luckily there was no harm done to my teeth, but I think the dentist thinks I’m crazy. She thought she’d hit a tickley spot and I tried to explain why I was laughing, but could barely get it out I was laughing so much. I don’t know why I found it so funny. Actually one of my teeth is rather pointy now, but the bite is much more comfortable and even feeling and I’m sure the tiny spot will file down naturally.

So, now I wait another week to see if the pain subsides. If there’s no change or it gets worse, I call again. I don’t know what’s next. Unfortunately, I keep remembering that I’ve got another filling appointment in 3 weeks, so I’m worried this will just repeat every time until I’m done with the fillings. But I guess the root canal I had a couple months ago never gave me any problems, so maybe it’ll all be fine.

In other news, the release date of the new WoW expansion, Wrath of the Lich King was finally announced – November 13th! And I managed to preorder 2 copies of the Collector’s Edition! Yay! November’s going to be a busy month for us with that release (we’ll be attending the midnight release at our local GameStop, followed by playing for hours on end – yup, we’re dorks. Big ones.), the TSO concert, visiting my family for Thanksgiving, and a certain movie which I will talk about tomorrow (it requires a post all it’s own, teehee). Apparently Metallica, Chris’s favorite band, is playing in Houston, where Chris’s family lives, in November as well, but I don’t think we can afford to fly down to see it, so unfortunately we’ll have to give that a miss. But anyway, at least there’s some fun stuff on the horizon!

Get it out!

Why, oh why, do I have that wretched Jonas Brothers song in my head? I really don’t get their appeal. I mean, I guess I’m not really their target demographic, but they’re awful singers! Whiny and nasal! And seriously, what’s up with the tight pants? It is not cute.

Can I Move In?

With the dentist, that is. I was back there today, again. My teeth were feeling fine after my last adventure at the dentist until about Sunday night when they started to ache. It’s hard to pinpoint a tooth, but I know it’s the general area of where I had the fillings put in. It’s been a while since I had just a regular filling, so I wasn’t sure if it was normal post-drilling irritation or what.

I went in and the dentist did an X-ray, which showed nothing unusual, so she filed the fillings down some in hopes that it’s just an issue with the bite. It might have been, but any unevenness before was barely noticeable – can that be enough to cause a toothache? I don’t know. Maybe? It feels different now, and I can’t tell if it’s for the better or not. The pressure seems like it’s on different teeth now, I think. I guess we’ll see. She said that if it was just the bite, the pain would subside over the next few days (lovely, a few days). If it gets worse, we’re back in possible root canal territory. DO NOT WANT! *sigh* I guess for now, I’ll go back to popping Advil like candy (not really. I try to be very sparing with the Advil. It’s got potassium in it and that makes me nervous that I’d have a heart attack or something if I took too many.)

Tell me something happy so I can stop thinking about my teeth and how I want to just rip them all out.

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