Ick. It’s a rainy day here in SC. We’ve got the remnants of Tropical Storm Fay coming through. I hate rain. I mean, I know we need it badly here since we’re in a drought, but it’s just so depressing. We have a lot of big windows, so the house is normally really bright and airy feeling, but today it’s just dark. It’s the kind of weather that really makes you not want to do anything all day. Even the cat is spending her day huddled under the covers of the bed in the guest bedroom.

Buffy under the covers

That lump under the covers is Buffy (Yes, that's a lot of Thumper stuffed animals. I'm actually cutting out quite a few. They belong to Chris. He's collected them since he was little.)

I had planned on checking out a few local used book stores and looking for a good library today (I found one library yesterday, but it was the size of a closet), but I ended up staying in instead. I hate driving in the rain (though at least I don’t have to drive in the snow here – that is way worse, particularly in my car) and I really don’t like to have to walk through it to get somewhere.  If the bottoms of my jeans get wet, I feel gross. My hair is just up in a ponytail today, but typically my hair and rain don’t get along either. Rainy days in college were spent walking around huddled under an umbrella, while I clutched a hood closely around my face to try to avoid frizz.

Chris, on the other hand, is loving the weather. He spent about 10 years in Indonesia as a kid growing up, so he’s used to heavy rain and loves it. In fact, the only time he’ll open the blinds in our computer room is when it’s raining. So, he’s happy today. Well, at least that makes one of us.


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