I found this website linked on A Girl and A Boy. It’s called MakeMeBabies and it uses a picture of you and your spouse (or you and a celebrity or whatever) to spits out a picture of what your kids will look like. Here’s a few examples of what I got:

A little creepy, no? And these were among the better results. Some of the results had HUGE foreheads! Of course, I blame this on my fivehead. 

It also doesn’t seem to take hair color into account – some of our kids were blonde or redheaded.

I decided to get a bit creative to see how accurate this thing actually was – here is the baby of Chris and the Alien:

Still a fivehead (I guess the Alien does have a pretty big forehead there), but come on! Is this thing trying to tell me that I look sufficiently like THE ALIEN to get a not-too-diffferent child result??


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