Who is this skunk-haired, harsh, old-looking woman (on the right) in this recent picture from the next Harry Potter movie? Certainly not Narcissa Malfoy!! Narcissa Malfoy has long blonde hair (clearly stated on pg. 22 of HBP)! Good Lord, WB, what are you doing to this movie?? Focusing too much time on the fluff parts of the book (the silly relationships), limiting the actual memories of Tom Riddle to 3, cutting out characters left and right, etc.  I understand the need to cut some subplots out of the movies (though cut out any more Snape and I’ll seriously be angry) – no one but the hard core fans would sit through an 8 hour movie. And honestly, I’m super psyched that they’re splitting the last book into 2 movies so they don’t have to cut too much out. But is it too much to ask that they at least get the details correct?


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