What’s in your bag?

I saw this meme a few weeks ago on someone’s blog. I can’t remember who anymore, unfortunately, but it looks like it’s been done by a few other bloggers that I read occasionally as well, so you can get a comparison if you’d like.

Now, this would have included much more stuff a few months ago, when I was carrying a bigger bag, but here’s the new bag and it’s contents:

From Target

From Target

Lots of stuff

Lots of stuff

So, since this picture is somewhat small, here’s a list of what I found in the great abyss of my purse:

  1. My wallet, also from Target
  2. My D&G sunglasses
  3. A comb (a bit big to be portable, but I can’t find a smaller one in the house)
  4. A super-duper nail file
  5. A mirror from The Body Shop
  6. A packaged hand wipe from TGIFridays
  7. Mickey and Minnie key chains (not attached to the main key chain yet for some reason)
  8. Chapstick (I actually prefer Natural Ice brand lip balm, it’s all tingly!)
  9. Advil and Tylenol Cold and Sinus (just getting over a cold)
  10. Eye drops (I have contacts, there is always something bothering my eye)
  11. 2 hair ties
  12. 2 bobby-pins
  13. My keys
  14. Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer in Sweet Pea
  15. A notepad-pen combo from Barnes & Noble
  16. Another pen (with fairies on it)
  17. Ticket stub from The Dark Knight
  18. Shopping list
  19. Receipt from Off Broadway Shoes
  20. Receipt from Bloom
  21. My Zune
  22. iPod sock case (show me a cute Zune case and I’ll buy it)
  23. 2 reusable bags (I’ve switched to greenbags from Whole Foods for groceries and use these for other shopping. They’re Envirosax – they’re very cute and roll up nice and tiny!)
  24. Aveda coupon
  25. Bath and Body Works coupon
  26. Bloom coupons
  27. Bed Bath and Beyond coupon
  28. Lane Bryant coupon
  29. Wrigley’s 5 gum in Rain (I love this gum. I also really like Lush, a tropical flavor)

Obviously this was taken without any pre-decluttering to make me look good. I did take out all the trash after taking the picture, but seriously, coupons need to get smaller. On the plus side, having all this junk in my purse made me quite the team asset in a recent bridal shower game!

So, what’s in your bag?


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Mom
    Sep 06, 2008 @ 12:30:13

    One word – wow.


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