Some Updates

Well, my sister has informed me that I’m going too slow with the posting (which I am…what can I say, things are slow around here), so here’s some updates on things that are going on:

-No, I have not gotten up the courage to get that haircut yet. I do feel that I’m getting closer. I really just need to find a salon around here that I trust to do it, since it’s a big change. I’ve just been getting my trims at MasterCuts, which is fine for trims (how can you screw that up?), but they’re a bit cut-quickly-and-get-you-out-fast for a big change that I’m nervous about. I also need to find a happy medium between walking in and saying, “Well, this is what I want and if it ends up looking bad I guess its ok…” (said in a progressively quieter voice) and “If you mess it up I will protest outside your salon and sue you all!!” …Ahem. I’m not crazy… Really.

-We’ve got a friend coming to visit in September or October, so that’s exciting! I’m also hoping to have some family visit (you hear me!?). I really like when people come visit.

-I got a new pair of shoes last week for $12! They were on clearance for $24 and the cashier gave me 50% off just for the hell of it (I asked to make sure he hadn’t made a mistake, aren’t I a good girl?)! They’re different and fun, which is why I like them.

-Chris is away till tomorrow evening for more trial work on his project (more long, long hours) in Charlotte. I miss him.

-Women’s team gymnastics is tonight at 10:30! Yay!

-The worst of my dental work is done. This is not to say I don’t have a lot left, but at least the root canal and subsequent permanent filling is done. I should only need 3-4 more visits to finish the rest. This will be done over 3-4 months though. I’m not looking forward to getting more novocaine, especially if it makes me freak out like last time.

This seems appropriate here.

This seems appropriate here.

-I currently have 16 application requests on Facebook. Just from today. You wonder why I have so many, Nicki?

-Ooh, we found out Trans-Siberian Orchestra is coming back to town this November!! I’m so excited! We got ourselves put on the fan list to be informed as soon as tickets get put on presale so we can get some actually good seats this year. We had a blast last year. If you like Christmas music and orchestras and rock, totally check them out if they’re going to play near you this year! It’s an amazing show. Added bonus – they actually stick around after the show to meet anyone who wants to meet them (this may not be every location, but they said they do it regularly).  The tour of gymnastics superstars is also coming to town in October, so I’m hoping we can get tickets to that too. I’ve never seen that level of gymnastics in person, so it would be really cool to go.

Well, that is all for now. I’ll post again if I think of anything I forgot here. What is everyone else up to?


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  1. Kellie
    Aug 12, 2008 @ 21:26:35

    The shoes? LOVE them. No, for real. LOVE THEM!!

    The haircut? Go to a couple of different salons. Get a vibe of how they are with their clients. If they seem to take their time and LISTEN to their clients, you’ll pick up on that. Stalk the people as they come out of the salon 🙂 Ask them how they like their stylist, how long they’ve been going there.

    I had something else to say, but it has escaped me. I’m totally blaming it on the cupcake that’s bellowing my name from the kitchen.



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