My Hair

I’ve been thinking of changing my hair for, I don’t know, 6-7 years now. Every time I think of making a change, I chicken out once I get to the salon and end up with the same style I’ve had for years and years.

A little history:

-I’ve had reddish highlights and they always faded way too fast (like within 2 weeks).

-I’ve had sideswept bangs, but they never cooperated. I don’t know if it’s a cowlick (or whatever it’s called) or what, but even with a blow drier and hairspray, they never actually swept across my forehead as they should. Here’s a picture of the reddish highlights (freshly done) and sort of sideswept bangs (the bangs have also been a bit shorter than this):

-I’ve had very very dark brown (almost black with a reddish-brown sheen in the sunlight) overall color which I really liked, but that also faded into my natural color.

-When I was little, my hair was about chin length. In all of the pictures I’ve looked at, my hair looked very fine and limp (unless I crimped it, and sorry, I won’t be returning to crimping!).

-In elementary and middle school, I had bangs. I grew to become quite a perfectionist over how they looked, and unfortunately, they became almost like clip-on bangs, they were so hairsprayed. I think they’d be easier to handle now, having a straightener, but I fear the perfectionism and the helmet-look…

Here’s what I’ve got now:

-Color is dark brown. I haven’t colored it in over a year. The last color I had was the very dark brown I mentioned above, so I don’t think there’s any noticeable distinction between my natural color and what’s left of that.

-Length is just past my shoulders. It WILL NOT grow much longer than this. I don’t really know why. I used to think it was damage from straightening, but I don’t straighten much anymore and it still doesn’t grow.

-Wavy texture – if I let it air dry with no product, I end up with frizz and pouf out the wazoo.

-I’ve always straightened it (up to this year). I like how it looks straight (it’s even pretty shiny), but it takes more effort and is more damaging to my hair.

-I’ve started wearing my hair curly this year, simply because it’s quick and easy. With a curling mousse (I’ve tried all sorts of gels and sprays and cremes – the mousse gives me the best, longest lasting result), I can get it to curl decently. I don’t know how to use a diffuser on my blow drier (or if I even should) so unfortunately, when I use product, it looks fairly crispy and wet until at least midday. By the end of the day, I have soft curls which look pretty nice. Also unfortunately, the longest part of the back of my hair doesn’t hold the curl well, so I end up with curls all around my face and in the shorter layers around my head, but a straight chunk in the base of the back. It’s infuriating. Here’s a few picture of it curly:

From the front, near the end of the day

From the front, near the end of the day

From the back. Notice the straight bits at the bottom.

From the back. Notice the straight bits at the bottom.

-I also have no idea how to use curlers or a curling iron. Every time I try, the curls on my right side are gone by the time I get to the left side with the curling iron. I’ve also had a professional use a curling iron on my hair for my wedding and this is me, a few hours later – still somewhat curled, but this is much looser than right after it was done:

Picture by Gina Frederick of Allan Reider Studio

Picture by Gina Frederick of Allan Reider Studio

As for changes, I’m fairly open. I just want something that looks good on me – doesn’t emphasize my chub, make me look stuffy, or make me look too much older. I prefer to keep the color at least somewhat close to what I have now, just because I can’t afford to maintain touch-ups right now. Also, as I stated above, my hair won’t grow too much longer than it is now, so longer than present is out. Anyway, I need ideas!

As a side note, I really dig this hair, but 1. I’m not sure I could pull it off with my face and bone structure and whatnot, 2. I’m not sure if it’s really a look for a suburban, southern, everyday life, and 3. I would definitely be restricted to straightening it (this isn’t a deal breaker, especially if it looks awesome, just slightly less convenient).

Crush from American Gladiators

Crush from American Gladiators

Yes, American Gladiators, I know. This is why I’m a bit hesitant. But, doing my search for good pictures of her hair, I’m finding that a lot of people seem to like it! It’s kind of just a longer version of the Posh haircut. As a little experiment, I found a few pictures of Crush online (before I found the ones above from a video), and inserted my head! I mostly just thought these were funny, so I thought I’d share them:


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nicki
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 17:30:18

    I know a lot of people who have this haircut and I think it’s adorable. I think you could pull it off…let me know what you decide to do 🙂
    Somehow over the years, you have gotten my hair and I got yours. My hair has tamed down A LOT and I can now let it air dry with it turning out fairly straight…no more poof.

    p.s. I want to visit 😦


  2. sleepymel
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 17:38:38

    Haha, yeah, I remember your hair being very difficult. I’m glad to hear it’s easier for you now!
    I do really like this haircut. It’s pretty fun. I’m just so nervous because even though from the front, it doesn’t look much different from my current hair when it’s straight, it’s soo different in the back. What if I get it done and it looks ridiculous!? My only option then would be to chop off the rest to make it even, and that would be very short…*sigh*

    Also, you should come visit!! Now!!


  3. Nicki
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 22:57:20

    If it looks ridiculous, which I don’t think it would, then you get it cut….it’ll grow back. Plus maybe it would be good to get a lot of your hair cut off to get the damaged stuff off. I think you should do it!


  4. Kellie
    Aug 11, 2008 @ 11:59:05

    You’re a beautiful girl!! I think any hair style would look great on you.

    I have curly hair. But, I also have an issue with one section, in the back, underneath, that is ALWAYS straight. I use a gel. Mousse didn’t work for me. I put the gel in, srunch my hair up to shape the curls, use the diffuser with my hairdryer on a cool, low setting and as I move the dryer around, I use my other hand to scrunch the curls more. When I’m done, my hair is slightly damp (mostly dry) and the curls are set. A few shots of hairspray and tra-la….done. I suck with a curling iron.



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