Disney Meme

I found this question at That’s My Answer:

If you had to be one of the costumed greeters at Walt Disney World for a day, what character would you be and why? What do you anticipate your day would be like?

I think I’d choose to be Snow White. As much as I like the no-talking aspect (I’m shy) of the full costume with head of things like Minnie, I definitely wouldn’t want to be in that hot suit all day, so of all the princesses, I think I’d choose Snow White, since I’m pretty pale and have dark hair to begin with. I also like that she’s supposed to be friendly with all the animals. I also love animals. I’ve always liked Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) also, because I like to sleep, but I’m not sure I’d make a good blonde.

I think I’d have fun being a character at Disney World, apart from my shyness, which I’m sure I’d get over. The past 2 visits, I really enjoyed seeing all the little girls in their adorable princess costumes, looking forward to possibly having one of my own one day – ask the hubby, every time I pointed one out, he’d just roll his eyes jokingly and say I can’t have her (one day…assuming I don’t have all boys. They probably wouldn’t enjoy being dressed up like a princess…). I’m sure they’d be super-excited to see me, which would be a lot of fun. I’m not sure how I’d handle the crying or bratty children though (this is one reason why I’m not quite ready for my own children yet).

For the record, my hubby says he’d be Mickey because everyone loves Mickey, though he thinks he may be too tall. He can do a pretty convincing Mickey laugh though!


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