A Mishmash of Things

It’s been a long week. My tooth is finally feeling mostly better and I’m able to eat most food on that side, although somewhat ginergly. I hope to have it fully functional by the time I need the permanent filling put in in a week or so.

While I was healing up, my hubby had to travel for business. It was only 3 days, which is nothing compared to the 2 years we spent apart while I was finishing up graduate school, but I still missed him a lot. A king size bed is awfully lonely with just me in it (even the cat only spent part of the nights with me! I think she missed him too). While he was gone, I was able to watch a few movies that he wouldn’t be into – 27 Dresses, Definitely, Maybe, and Fool’s Gold.  I really liked 27 Dresses, but the others were only ok. Definitely, Maybe had a cute premise, but it seemed a bit cheesy at times and Fool’s Gold was funny and somewhat action-y but nothing special.

I also got in some reading time. I finished up The Hound of Rowan: Book One of the Tapestry, which was pretty good. I’d been looking for a new series to get into after finishing up the Harry Potter books, and this is one of a few series that I like so far. While I definitely got into the book and had a few nights where I didn’t want to put it down, I did find a few problems with the book. First, some of the chapter transitions could have been clearer. There were some points where I found myself thinking, “Wait, is this the same day or is this weeks, even months later? What happened with x? When is this??”  I also found far too many similarities with Harry Potter. I don’t know whether or not it was intentional (I know the whole “kid discovers he can do magic” thing is pretty popular now), but I noticed it a lot, some of which just seemed like blatant rip-offs (instead of Quiddich, there’s a soccer-like game with magical obsticles, and of course, the main character, who has some sort of special magic about him, is surprisingly good at it for his age.) I will read the next one when it comes out in the fall, but I really hope it starts to take on more its own story.

The hubby got back around 11 am on Saturday morning (he had been working a mix of days and nights while gone, sometimes both in one day) and we decided to go see The Dark Knight with some friends. As expected, it was really good. I really like Christian Bale as Batman. And Heath Ledger was good as well; very creepy and quite scary at times – I had started to wonder if the Oscar nomination rumors were based solely on his untimely death, but I do actually believe he did a great job and deserves the nomination if he gets it. The plot was interesting, the action was good, and it packed a few surpises. All in all, a great movie. I won’t say anymore, to avoid spoilers, but I definitely recommend it. Once again, the hubby and I are in search of the original movies, which we don’t remember. Anyone know where to get them cheap?

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